BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — It was an emotional day in court Tuesday.  Residents of an apartment building and a firefighter relived the day they almost died in a fire that was set on purpose. 

Adam May has more on the arsonist’s sentence. 

Firefighter Jeffrey Novack got a hug from a woman who called him a guardian angel.

“I love him and nothing I wouldn’t do for him, nothing.  He’s always in my prayers,” said 86-year-old Lucille Ziglier.

Ziglier was one of two people rescued by Novack in a Northwest Baltimore apartment fire last April.  It was set on purpose by Britanny Garcia, 19, upset when she caught her boyfriend cheating.

Glenette Blakeney almost lost her daughter and two grandchildren.

“She didn’t know how to get out of the building so she covers them up, put her hands over their nose and runs through the fire door,” Blakeney said.

Now in court, Garcia got a 15-year prison sentence, pleasing the victims—especially Novack.

“That night was pretty scary for myself.  I almost lost my life,” he said.

He fell three stories in the burning building, breaking his hip and suffering severe burns to his back and torso.  He was left physically scarred for life but he’s looking forward to his future.

“I’m proud to be a survivor and be back at work and provide our service to citizens across Baltimore,” Novack said.

The judge recommends Garcia serve her sentence in a youth offender program.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake gave Novack the Medal of Valor and the Red Cross has named him a hometown hero.

Comments (2)
  1. what a dummy says:

    you almost killed innocent people cuz you found your boyfriend cheating, f*ckem, move on, now you in jail and he still doing him smdh

    1. Ellie Mae says:

      That sums it up! She’s 19 and her life is over. She’ll be 34 when she gets out and all over some guy. I was married longer than she’s been alive. When I caught my man cheating, I tossed his ass out, changed the locks, and moved on with my life.

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