By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Marylanders in danger of losing their homes may get help if they act quickly.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains the state is prepared to come to the rescue of residents facing foreclosure.

Debra Goldring got a reassuring hug after a long, complicated battle to save her home from foreclosure.

“Many a night did I cry,” Goldring said.  “When I talk about it, I get emotional with it.  I’m sorry.”

After years of comfortably living together, her husband suffered a long illness that led to his death and left a pile of medical bills.  Then she lost her job.

“I never had to use my paycheck in the home.  I mean, that’s how good things were for us and then to go from that to where things ended up, it was just really hard for me,” she said.

“It’s tough to make the mortgage when you don’t have the paycheck.  It’s tough to make the mortgage when you have competing demands on that checkbook, such as illness or injury,” said Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.

Cut to the happy ending: an emergency mortgage assistance loan.

“And she is now available to stay in the place she has called home for 25 years,” said Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Cummings is urging Marylanders in trouble to follow Goldring’s example and take steps to avoid foreclosure.

“The people that are the most difficult to help are the people that waited too long.  Usually, if they come in early like Ms. Goldring did, they can get the help that they need,” Cummings said.

Goldring hopes her story encourages others.

“I didn’t think there was going to be any out there for me, but there really was, so here I am,” she said.

If additional incentive is needed, homeowners should know that the emergency mortgage assistance money runs out Sept. 1.

For more information on the loan program and foreclosure assistance workshops, click here.

Comments (9)
  1. Doug says:

    If you can’t afford your home,
    get a tent and live in a park.
    You should get nothing.
    Why should I help a fool with his overspending on a house,
    in truth he can’t pay for ?
    Want us to pay your bar tap as well?
    I’ve always lived well within my means ,that’s why I’m not in trouble.
    Shame on you idiots living a life style ,you obviously can’t afford.

    1. All ME says:

      I tried this program and they wouldn’t help me….
      but then again when I bought my house 10 years ago newly married with an employed husband and working 2 jobs I could afford the house that I purchased. Now after raising 3 children and sent 2 of them to the Army…. my 20 year old just got home from Afghanistan and is spending his last night in the only real home that he knew – we leave to take him back to post tomorrow. My youngest child is 17 and assist the handicap man next door that doesn’t have anyone else to depend on. My husband no longer lives here. My income has been reduced 3 times in the last 6 months due to state budget cuts…. but it was my overspending and the truth that I could afford my purchase back then and yes I would like to run up a bar tab on your account cuz I could really use I drink right now but I can’t afford to go out and get one. Thanks for the pep talk some of us really appreciate your advice and support for the problems that I caused for myself!!!!! But like I said – I tried this program and they told me they couldn’t help me anyway so I filed bankruptcy and cant afford to buy the tent so I’m glad it’s getting warm outside….

  2. Joe says:

    I agree. Why is it the responsibility of their neighbor to keep them living in a home they can’t afford? The neighbor continues to pay their mortgage and then has his taxes raised to cover these loans. Is their a clause in this loan that says that by accepting this loan they can not sell their home for a profit until this money is reimbursed to the state? This stre sucks and is heading down a quick path towards the mess California finds itself in with this type of liberal thinking.

  3. andy says:

    More government interference into our private lives. A lot of a…..holes bought more home than they could afford, Blacks & minorities all giving basically the keys to the house with no real ownership experience etc. This is the kind of nonsense that goes on & now you the taxpayer is ponying up again to bail out the dic heads. I had to move out of two homes in my life because of job layoffs & I never asked for a cent or probably would have received one because I am white. Today it’s all about the “New Americans” & blacks who are to lazy to help themselves. Their too busy gaming the system living three families to a rented house with a convicted felon as a boyfriend.

  4. Get The Facts In Order says:

    If you scratch a little deeper into the matter, you will find that the federal government forced the mortgage companies to hand out loans to many who could not qualify otherwise. The idea was to help make housing affordable to the lower class. (More the communist way of thinking, rather than free enterprise; lets make everyone equal, regardless of their willingness to work.) Of course, the mortgage institutions cried loudly, but complied with the mandates. They wrote the loans, and waited for the “lessee” to default. Record high foreclosures followed.
    The real question is: “Why do we let the feds make decisions like this?” Obviously they are incompetent. We continue to foot the bill every time they fail. Last time I checked, we don’t live in a communist commune. In this country, we all are supposed to reap what we sow. How can this be true, when our government does not reap what it sows; it is not accountable for its actions.

  5. sheriff says:

    They are accountable in name only. Like children they say: I’m sorry & take full responsibility & that’s supposed to make it alright. Horse s…..t!

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