Hey everyone!!!  I know it’s been a while since I last wrote.  Things in Baghdad remain pretty much the status quo.  And sometimes as they say, no news is good news.  Although I do have some sad news.  We lost two Soldiers last week after their vehicle got hit with an improvised explosive device.  On Sunday, May 22, we held a “Fallen Heroes Run” here on our base.  It was a 6-mile race where each participant ran with the name of a fallen soldier on their chest.  We spent that morning honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Little did any of us know that before the day was through, we would be mourning the loss of our own.  It reminded us all how fleeting life is and that none of us are promised tomorrow … or even later that afternoon.  We held a memorial service for those who died … and it really hits hard when you stand in front of those boots, with the rifle, the helmet and the dog tags.  We all lean on each other for support and continue on as brothers and sisters in arms.

We also celebrated Memorial Day here with a ceremony to honor the fallen.  For those of you who haven’t seen my video on You Tube, they played the video at the ceremony.  I am attaching a copy of it here.  Please pass it on to everyone!! If I can get 1,000,000 hits on You Tube, I will personally donate $1,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Please help me out!

Other than that, keeping busy here.  I have taken up boxing … it is amazing.  What a workout!  My grandfather was a boxer in the military during WWII, so it kind of comes full circle for my family.  Well … sort of … I have no plans on stepping in the ring any time soon!! I ain’t pretty … but I sure don’t want to get any uglier!!! That’s for damn sure!!!  I am also including some photos of Baghdad … the old Baghdad.  Some of the buildings were destroyed by the US during the initial invasion.  They were Baath Party houses during the Saddam Hussein regime … you will see the awesome power of America!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!  Summer is here … go out and enjoy every second of it!!! By the way … it was 114 degrees here today!!! God Bless America!  Enjoy the pics!

Coming home with a “W” …

All the best,


img00336 20110426 1309 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

Apparently someone took these down from Eutaw Street!!! Pretty awesome to see them in one of our chow halls!

img 0127 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

One of the toughest sports I have ever tried ... I'm like the Iraq-version of the "Italian Stallion!"

img 0094 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

This the "Victory over America" palace ... Saddam never finished it ... basically because we kicked his ass!

img 0103 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

This was the old "Baath Party House" ... it was also the military HQ for Saddam. It didn't stand much of a chance against us.

img 0106 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

An up-close view of that same Baath Party house. Done-zo!

img 0098 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

Another palace that succumbed to American military power ... this is the backside where I found these two ornate murals.

img 0117 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

The famous "crossed swords" on the Tigris River in Baghdad. It is a landmark of Baghdad's "Green Zone."

img 0126 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

Me and a couple of Soldiers in my unit with the "Al Faw" palace in the background.

Comments (5)
  1. Bart Wan says:

    The Fan 105.7 obviously sucks and no one listens thanks to big market radio. However, Zinno is one of the only real men from that station that has really made a difference. Sports talk = nothing but boring entertainment which does nothing positive for us all.
    Thank you Zinno for sticking to your word and manning up and doing what no other sports radio “talent” has done (minus Ed Norris) by Making a Difference for all of us! You have chosen a greater calling and may God Bless You! You have experiences which will truly enlighten your life.

  2. JM says:

    Hey Cinderella – Loved the shot of you and Katie Couric!!!!!!

  3. MAJ Zinno, I breathe a silent prayer for all of you. Thank You. Thank them all. BTW, Sir, when you post, don’t forget OPSEC!!! Hooah.

  4. Mom says:

    The entire country can’t stop thanking you enough for doing what you do. Not many would make the sacrifce you have made and for that we are all so proud. Especially me for this and for so many other things. You are the best. Love you and miss you very much. Please stay safe.
    Love you, Mom

  5. Kurt says:

    Excellent blog!

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