BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the 11th time, the sound of thunder rolled in from all parts of Maryland.  Motorcycle riders answered the call to raise money for breast cancer research and other causes.  

Mike Schuh was there as former WJZ newsman Dick Gelfman gathered those participating in the Ride Across Maryland.

They roll in by the hundreds but by the time they leave, they will be a thousand strong.  Most come as a team and each rider raised a minimum of $100.  Some teams donated more than $25,000.  The colors today are green, black and pink.  The pink is for breast cancer research, the primary recipient.

“What family has not, in some way, been affected by breast cancer?” Gelfman said.

“If it’s something worth riding for, we’ll ride,” said Jerome Thompson.  “For breast cancer, of course.”

“It makes me feel really good that I’ll be helping other women,” said Debbie McGuigan.

Now there are so many riders that traffic on the Bay Bridge was halted to allow them all to pass.

“And to see people on the overpasses with signs, it literally brings tears to [my] eyes to see how people support this cause,” said Steve Imhoff, part of Team Carpe Diem.

“One thousand [people participated],” Gelfman said.  “Last year, we made $300,000 which brought our grand total to over $2 million.”

“It gives us a chance to socialize and do it in a good way to produce something for society,” said Jim Brown.

They were led out by motormen from area police agencies, an honor guard saying thanks for turning a good time into money for a great cause.

Gelfman says no one in his immediate family has suffered from breast cancer.  He says he raises money for the cause when there is a need. Some life-giving research has already been done.

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  1. Joann Fuller says:

    I support this, I know someone who died of this three years ago. She was a member of Ravens Roost 88. She started Ribbon of Comfort. they do a lot of thiings for this cause. Every year they have a benifit dance in Novermber.Last year they had the Pat Kelly Band and they where great. Ribbons of Comfort will be having another dance this Noverber at Knights of Columbus in Catonsville.

  2. williejoe says:

    It’s a big lie! Most of the moneys raised go for CEO’s salaries & CELEBRITIES appearances. The actual amounts for the stricken is less than 10%….If all the money we have raised over the years actually went towards research & a cure, we would have had one by now…….A cancer survivor & volunteer UNPAID. I know better.

    1. wtrrrtt says:

      No williejoe…you totally don’t know better! The RAM organization has only 2 paid employees It is a full time job to put this fundraiser together. Everyone else involved are purely volunteer, There is overhead of an office space , internet & phone which without them, this event would not be able to happen. The TV and radio personalities that appear do not get paid. Believe it or not, people really do do things out of the kindness of their hearts. If you visit the Komen website, you can view their financial report and see how the money is distributed. I happen to know a few people who do billing in Oncology offices who have to call on Komen for funds. I research what organizations receive grants to provide screening for those who cannot afford it. I have personally at one time been a recipient of a mammogram at no cost when the need was there. Maybe you should consider taking the time to do a little research yourself before you make deposits that your mouth can’t cash.

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