Speed Cameras Coming To Capital Beltway

SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) — Speed cameras are coming to the Capital Beltway for the first time as part of a long-term construction project on an already congested stretch of the highway.

Maryland highway officials say the cameras will be set up within weeks between University Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring. Major repairs need to be made to a bridge in that section of Interstate 495. The project is expected to last several years.

Officials haven’t announced exactly when speed camera enforcement will start, but once it does, there will be a three-week warning period before any $40 tickets are issued.

The speed limit will remain 55 mph, and State Highway Administration spokeswoman Valerie Edgar says drivers would have to be going 12 or more miles over the limit to get ticketed.

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  • williejoe

    In addition to speed cameras which should lower our insurance premiums eventually because of the drop off in accidents & the insurance co’s wanted them, how about an I.Q. test for some of these cell phone texting nitwits?

  • sheriff

    Next thing coming your way will be TOLLS on the beltway…..O’Malley is out of control.

  • tylerjake

    From the book “1984”

    Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.- George Orwell.

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