BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City officials are collaborating to keep teens off the streets and out of trouble this summer.

Jessica Kartalija reports they’re announcing the opening of the City’s Curfew Center.

The center will stay open through the night and teens will be given something to eat while they wait for their parents.  Counselors will be on-hand to talk with families.

Police spent hours trying to control a mob of teenagers at the Inner Harbor.  As they worked to disperse the crowd, one teen was stabbed near the intersection of Gay and Fayette Streets.

“I don’t think kids should be outside at night.  There’s no telling what could happen to them,” said Kayla Ivy.

Now the city of Baltimore is imposing a curfew, hoping situations like that one don’t happen again.

“Children under the age of 17 are not allowed out without an adult after midnight on weekends and after 11 p.m. on weeknights,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

City schools, law enforcement and juvenile justice departments are all on board. 

Teens caught violating the law will come to the Curfew Center on North Avenue.

“Last summer, over 1,000 were brought to the Curfew Center.  Seventeen percent were under the age of 13,” Rawlings-Blake said.

The center aims to end violence, make parents accountable for their children and provide supervision.

“You guys have to step up in your community and step up for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities the mayor has laid out for you,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

Teens we spoke with think the center is a good idea.

“They are not out doing anything they are not supposed to be doing,” said one.

“At night, they could be hanging with the wrong crowd and end up in a lot of trouble,” said another.

The City Curfew Center is open June 16 through Aug. 27.

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  1. Regulas says:

    “The center will stay open through the night and teens will be given something to eat while they wait for their parents.”
    Just when you thought the libs couldn’t figure a new way to spend taxpayer money.

    1. Niles Simmons says:

      It’s a start. I don’t mine my tax money going to toward this. Keep young kids off the streets at night and stopping violence is good.

      “The center will stay open through the night and teens will be given something to eat while they wait for their parents.” I see you don’t look at the big picture.

      1. Sickofitall says:

        Lame liberal ninny! This will do NOTHING. No a damn thing. It will merey provide free sodas and snacks on tax payer dime

      2. TonyWeiner says:

        Why dont you invite the THUGS over your house and let them spend the night?
        Just remember to give them bunches of hugs!…Oh and keep a eye on them so they don’t knock you in the head and Steal you Blind!…Idiots like you is whats wrong with this country!…Put the pipe down Moron.

      3. Scott says:

        Niles is exactly why we have the spending problem in the USA. His kind support these follies. How about take control of your kids, you know like we use to do.

        silly fools.

      4. tylerjake says:

        Hey Niles, if people actually PARENTED, there wouldn’t be a need for these types of programs. Besides, do you honestly think most Bmore problem teenagers will go to this place?

      5. Armed Texan says:

        Niles, I’d bet a dollar you’ve never paid a dime in income tax in your life.

      6. common_sense says:

        yes, it is PARENTING that is the issue… there are no parents to pick them up…

        or they will pick them up and just not be there the next night, yup, free food is all it is. When will people learn, the Government isnt here to take care of you! WE take care of ourselves!

        Lets have REAL change in 2012 !

      7. sheriff says:

        Niles, You speak like a man with a paper A$$ hole.

      8. BillyBob117 says:

        Ha—–what if the parent (s) never show up—-now that is the big picture—-

      9. Mario says:

        Nice thought, but look how midnight basketball worked out! Very little impact on urban crime. Why can’t these people just go to bed instead of having the taxpayer foot the bill for their wandering the streets? If they’re waiting for their parents, give them a bill when they get there. Hey Baltimore…at the very least…FREE BABYSITTING!!!!!

      10. mmercier says:

        If you think the government can or will stop violence, you are a fool.

        Those running this current cesspool of what was once a civilized society have spent decades and trillions bringing this situation to life.

        This is just the beginning.

      11. Ravens1 says:

        I agree with Niles. Kids aren’t coming to the curfew center because they want to. These are places that kids are BROUGHT to by the police to wait until their parents come pick them up.

        The other alternitive is jail. Why treat someone like a criminal when all they did was stay out too late. You treat a non-criminal like a criminal – they will become one. Kind of like the Terps vs Duke basketball riot. They brought out the riot gear and then because they were treating it like a riot – a riot started. The snacks are to make the kids feel less interrogated.

        As for the parenting remarks, I have two things to say. One, none of you have had kids or you are completly dumb and oblivious. Kids can sneak out, say they’re going to a friends, and come up with so many ways to get out of the house. I’m not going to follow my 15 year son around every where he goes and I’m not attaching a tracking device – he is a teenager, teenagers will be teenagers. Two, some kids on the streets have drug addict parents who don’t care about them.

        What a bunch of nieve people…

      12. balt-tee-moe says:

        ummm big picture would be parents being responsible for their offspring not the taxpayers, THATS THE BIG PICTURE!

      13. Captain Incredulous says:

        Welll….at least they will have a nice, full stomach before they leave the center to go out an commit mayhem…..

      14. Icabud says:

        Exactly. Some dimwits in these thread will put you down…but know that not all people around you are dimwits.

      15. Anon E. Mous says:

        Ravens1 is so fos I can hardly breathe I am laughing so hard. Please Ravens you are killing me with your naivety. You are the epitome of a stupid liberal. What we need to do is cull the herd.

    2. me says:

      I give it less than two weeks before the first gang related shooting.

      1. Renee Warren Carroll says:

        EXACTLY RIGHT!!!

      2. Anon E. Mous says:

        You are truly an optimist!

    3. Sick of stupid says:

      AMEN to that. What is the world is wrong with their parents? Why would any normal person allow their child who is under 17 to be out after 11 O’Clock anyhow? I cant understand it. When my kids ask to go hang out at the mall, they are ask what business they need to take care of at the mall and if they have money to spend, then they are promptly told NO! It all comes back to the fact that people are not willing to control their children and expect everyone else to do it for them! Guess what people, start being responsible for what you create!!!!!

      1. Sheri says:

        What is wrong with the parents is that the government has taken away their rights as parents. When kids can call the cops on their parents when the parents are disciplining them and the government sides with the kids, the parents are caught in the middle and just give up. We have allowed the government to interfere in every area of our lives. Now they are raising our kids too. When there is no parent in the home – mothers out working – no dads – kids bond with their peer and not with their families – can you say daycare centers. Homes should be daycare centers and children should be taught there. I fear it is now a little to late. The genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in. Parenting is a four letter word called WORK. It is easier for women to go to the office than to say home with their kids. After all they are liberated now – and they don’t even need men. Kids (if they live after they are conceived and are not aborted) don’t seem to need dads? Ha! But again, it shows how messed up our society has become. We are pleasure seekers and heaven forbid that we should take responsibility for anything….

    4. Bawlamer Merlin says:

      Shouldn’t that be “while they wait for their parent or grandmother”?

    5. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher —

    6. Fran says:

      Where is the ACLU? Isn’t this a violation of the fourth amendment? Probable cause?

    7. jason davis says:

      Regulas you are right. This is another mindnaight basketball program. More taxpayer money spent which solves nothing.

      Let liberals fund this with their own money and see how long it stays funded.


      wow…..everyone is COMMENDING this?the GOVERNMENT issuing a curfew? getting the youth ready for the ntotal nanny state-socialist dictatorship when they are adults. Dont get me wrong…im all about kids havig constructive things to do. parents just eed to be parents. Granted…some parents are working two jobs to keep their kids clothed, ect. but not all parents are, some just flat out dont care. long story short,,,,government has NO BUSINESS dictating who stays out…..PERIOD

      1. ha ha says:

        TP-NM: I’ll tell you what, why don’t you walk into a Baltimore City section-8 housing development and tell the 17-year old mother of 4 that she needs to step up and be a real parent. HA HA HA HA!!!! Oh, that would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that you wouldn’t survive. LOLOLOL!!! aaaah..*sigh*

    9. Evan Hicks says:

      Leave the blacks alone! They are in dire straights because of the white man! Yeah, i said it No one says it anymore because the right wing attack squad will come after you, but i am NOT AFRAID. Black people need help! We also need more blacks in hockey! It is waaaaay to white!

      1. Amanda Kluver says:

        you are a moron.

      2. ha ha says:

        That is hilarious.

    10. sven says:

      The next thing you know those libs will want to open Parks and Rec Centers for kids.

      Damm Socialists!

      I can’t believe we would want to waste taxpayer on stuff like this, that money needs to saved for embezzlement and misuse by our elected officials.

    11. Mikey says:

      What is cheaper, moron– this, or jail?

      You on the right have no clue, do you?

  2. Niles Simmons says:


    1. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

      Major General Paul Vallely: Retired CIA Agents Say Obama Birth Certificate Fraudulent –

      1. ha ha says:

        What kind of stupid losers must the republicans be for letting something so obvious slip through the cracks…. hmmmm… smart guy became PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES using a fake birth certificate and STUPID PEOPLE let it fall through the cracks….I know who I’d side with.

  3. loyd says:

    do you think teens are stupid they find a way to make he libs use taxpayers money to fund a job for another neiborhhod activist sound familar

  4. Sickofitall says:

    “Teens”=Young Black Thugs


      Yes We Can Build a

      YES WE CAN!
      YES WE CAN!

      1. sheriff says:

        You bet you can!….Destroy cities that Whites built.

    2. ~AV~ says:

      Feral people…

      Grape Drank and Pork Rinds…

      welcome to BRA…

  5. Goldilocks says:

    Parents? Ahahahahahaha. These kids don’t have parents, that’s why they’re running the streets all hours of the night in the first place. Dummies.

    1. Reaper says:

      Great policy the bolshivic trash implemented in this nation!

      The same people who “block busted,” “bussed,” and court ordered “integration” have destroyed black families so effectively. Those money grubbing slavers have run decent black men out families because they can’t compete against a gov-ment check that pays better.
      Only problem, the DESTROYERS didn’t estimate the black Man’s anger at the system. His gut insticts that something is wrong The destroyers were accustom to docile Slavs and Germans.

      Minister Farrakhan lays it all out. This is an agenda.

      1. mmercier says:

        It is not an agenda. It is a quite sucessful execution of a calculated control mechanism.

        The beauty of the program is the reality that those who such is being executed on are incapable of understanding what is occuring.

        Every last mother loving survivor will dutifly reelect those who have done this to them., or kick the spit out of anyone who dares to try explain otherwise.

        The Klan of the 20’s never dreamed such a control method possible.

      2. ed109 says:

        “minister” farrakhan(if he can be called that with a straight face) is a loon and racist and so is anyone who follows him. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

      3. Mikey says:

        The word “bussed” means kissed. Are you so stoooopid that you cannot even make the plural of the word “bus”? Wow. You are as dumb as you think the underclass is!

  6. Hoops Gulch says:

    Why not call it what is, a detention center.

    1. common_sense says:

      well thats the only option when 8 and 10 year olds should be in bed at 1am !

      Drive through a suburban neighborhood, you dont find babies out on the street at 2 am…. no parenting, no love for these kids leads to this continued violence.

      Its starts at home folks, act like a POS and your kids will follow happily in your foot steps.

  7. Yep says:

    Racists all in full force for a positive change in Baltimore

    Get rid of Dundalk/Essex children and perhaps the schools would improve.. how bout that trashys?

    1. common_sense says:

      Have you ever been in baltimore slums at night? why dont you go down there at 1 am, you may get robbed by a 10 yr old or killed by a 14yr old… i dont see that happening in Essex. Its not racisim, its life.

      if the poor inner city would pull itself up by the bootstraps maybe they have a fighting chance. they dont respect themselves, there parents (because they dont have any half the time) and therefore only continue a cycle of violence and poverty.

    2. Jan says:

      Essex and Dundalk used to be fairly safe (and great schools too!), but not since the “demographic” changed. “Getting rid” of these children (whites) as you imply, will make it completely ghetto just like North Ave. I’ve driven through the city, coming home from Brewer’s or Pazo, and there is no reason for these young black women, in full make-up and heels pushing around strollers followed by little kids on bicycles at 1am. Now we have to give them a place to “hang and eat”???? What for?

      1. commom_sense says:

        Yes, i have friend who grew up in essex area, said it went down hill cause they built section 8 housing out there and moved some inner city out there, go figure. Then things changed.

  8. This is great news. Especially after that Omar Little character has been running around the city like a mad man for so long

  9. 1964 a bad year says:

    This is what ticks me off, black kids commit crimes and white kids get the curfew too, blacks commit murders and whites get gun control imposed on them too. The civil rights act 1964 has done nothing but destroy America and it’s citizens rights.

    1. Mike Alright says:

      Yes and who benefited the most from the civil rights laws? That’s right, women. S,o as the blacks continue to go downhill, women continue to rise . As, a young white male I am discriminated against daily in this feminized society….

      1. The LP 999 says:

        Awesome comment! Sad but true.

      2. mmercier says:

        Fondly held notions… Everyone has at least one or two or ten…

        It is bloody hell geting beat up by a pack of little girls.

        Unless you are a man.

        Then it is… fun..

      3. bigbiz2 says:

        Oh yeah job opportunities for our White sons and question.Look at Obamas cabinet..lots of women

      4. david says:

        Mike , …..FYI , Women benefitted most after title 9 creating equal opportunity for funding for both sexes in sports at all colleges in 1973. It took off from there & now many mens school programs are on the balls of there a$$ because the womesn’s programs which nobody goes to see, IE: Womens basketball, scooer, Lacrosse the stands are empty….They should be doing the dishes & giving head to their B/F’s.

    2. Black man didn't do this mess says:

      Who is behind those laws?

      Who founded the NAACP? Not a black person
      Who were the judges? Not any black
      Who instigated to pass the civil rights legislation? Not blacks
      Who works to end constitutionally guaranteed gun ownership? Not backs
      Who block busted? Not blacks
      Who bussed kids to different schools regardless of what parents wanted? Ditto

      Black people didn’t set the agenda. Guess which group did.
      Hint, they came here in droves from Eastern Europe late 1800’s. They were communist or Zionist.

      1. Irish traveler says:

        you are correct sir, if you had used the word Jew-online Jewish organizations troll for so-called anti-semetic comments and would be on you like white on rice

      2. bigbiz2 says:

        You are correct sir the mid 1800’s the Marxists fled Europe and headed for the Midwest..

    3. Alex says:

      Now you understand the con.

    4. bigbiz2 says:

      Civil rights act of 1964…UBER UNCONSTITUTIONAL

      1. 1964 a bad year says:

        will be a thing of the past-God willing

  10. fishhawk25 says:

    Baltimore city is dead! Dope dealing, robbery, assault, one can’t even walk thru the inner harbor without being in fear of your life. Boarded up house, rat infested neighborhoods, yea, keep electing Dems who keep you on the plantation, you deserve what you vote for idiots!


      “We Are The Thugs We’ve Been Waiting For” –

  11. Winston says:

    Liberals in full illiterate mode. Affirmative action is a failure. Redistribution of wealth is a failure. Baltimore is the new Detroit. A failed liberal experiment!

  12. mike says:

    This article says it will make the parents more accountable. Well i don’t know about y’all, but when i was a teenager i didn’t care what my parents said i was gonna do it anyway. I am sure there were many nights they thought i was in my room sleeping, but I had gone out through the window. You can only do so much as a parent, yes i am one now and my oldest will be a teen in a few years. all i can hope is that i have raised them to make the best decisions when I am not around.

  13. plagues says:

    Jim Crow laws seem quite sensible.

    1. James Crow says:

      Yes, i think even liberal whites are ready for Draconian measures to curb the black menace.

  14. david berman says:

    Jim Crow laws seem quite sensible.

    1. bigbiz2 says:

      Yeah it is amazing how the newer generations were “educated” over the past 50 years that all humans are equal in ability and social outcomes and “skin color” was the only thing that made us different. Jim Crow and George Wallace were right all along…

      1. Bob Smith says:

        It’s not just skin color. Blacks are the least-intelligent and most-violent race. They have shown themselves over the years to be unfit to live in a civilized society.

  15. oneeyed eagle says:

    So what happens when the parents don’t show up and when the “teems” find the centers are a repeated gathering place where they can cause even more chaos: more food costs, more cop/national guard costs, high rental costs for the centers, a need for activities for those at the centers, center staff costs, more cops to control the activities and protect the center staff, drinks for the “kids” to go with better food for them (the food gets boring night after night), then gang-like-food-fights, ala McDonalds, and a cry of “Where are the Parents?”. Administrative costs of trying to find the parents, then trying to determine what to do with the parents…. Is this when they yell: Parteee, parteee

  16. Tony Diaz says:

    Just what we need, another police state measure. Welcome to Amerika. If we really wanted to cut down on crime, we’d end the drug war and gun control. Get rid of the criminal monopoly on drugs and have a polite, armed society.

    1. common_sense says:

      hell yeah, agreed…

  17. Yep says:

    Should we post about 40 different examples of white kid crime? It’s a parenting issue, not a racial issue. Look at Dundalk/Essex.. all the white crash kids, overweight parents, poor schools.. it’s no different.. just fatties looking for a culture to blame to avoid their own problems.. don’t worry, they will always have the lottery

    1. jess says:

      It is definitely a parenting issue. And unfortunately, this problem is rampant in the black community. No, this does not mean there is no white crime. It simply means it is rampant in the black community and we should probably start there. I’m not sure why it started that way, but I do know it continues because each generation teaches it to the next.

      1. Sickofitall says:

        Silly Girl!

      2. RustbeltGramps says:

        Here’s a clue for you.


    2. Reaper says:

      Guess which group has helped destroy black and white society?
      They caused the wall street banking crisis and got their pals in DC to bail them out.
      And they peddle all that Hollywood violence and trash.
      Minister Farrakhan spells it out.

      1. JQP says:

        You keep saying that your minister spells it out…what, because you can’t think for yourself? Get an education, see the world, learn about different cultures and truly listen to different philosophies. See how peaceful communities work out their differences, then come back and tell me what YOU think. Until then, you are only regurgitating someone else’s opinions and ideals and you sound like a brain-washed nut.

  18. mark says:

    the first time i visited inner harbor i was approached by a nicely dressed black man who siad he had lost his wallet and needed bus fare to get home to his wife and two children. he said he would take my name and address and mail me the money once he got home. i gave him some money. now. right now all of you reading this are thinking i was a chump to give him the money! well, i’m not a chump! i’m a decent human being and i was truly trying to help out another human being. imagine my surprise when in the next four visits to inner harbor i was approached six times with the same story. the last time i was approached i was with my new bride and she began to reach into her purse for money. i said ‘no honey, he’s just trying to swindle us.’ he actually got offened by my accusation. imagine that. he’s trying to steal from me and gets offended.
    so my question is this. what am i supposed to do to stay safe BEFORE eleven o’clock from the large groups of intimidating ”yuts”?
    “i’m sorry. did you say yuts?”
    “what, your honor?”
    “yuts. did you say yuts? what is a yut?”
    “i’m sorry your honor. the large crowds of unsupervised, uncivilised, black yooooooths.”

    1. Sheriff says:

      Mark,…..You were right the first time, ….You’re a CHUMP!

    2. Omega says:

      I’m surprised he didn’t burgle you, now that he had your address.

      1. Jack Kennedy says:

        its gonna happen ….. cant believe anyone stooopid enough to give a yut your address

        mark must be an obama voter

  19. Rufus says:

    I love how they call night jail for blacks under 18 ‘Success Academy’. Next they will be calling prison ‘Success University’. Once again the blacks are the criminals and everyone else loses freedom for it.

  20. Xcommunicate says:

    As a generation X person I was taught that all people were the same in school. I believed it until they decided to bus the urban element into my school where all of a sudden a peaceful crime free school became instantly rampant with drugs, fights, and loud rude attention-getting behavior. I was brought up in a liberal household and had no negative stereo types and saw for myself what they did to a safe tranquil environment.

    1. Jim says:

      Many conservatives are ex-liberals who have had a dose of reality. Welcome to the light.

    2. Jack Kennedy says:

      x ………… welcome to reality and welcome to world of the real Americans/conservatives

  21. lynda says:

    Another form of midnight basketball that did absolutely nothing to help a generation of black youths who have no parental guidance. Women in this community make no demands of commitment from their men so the women are too tired to care for her out of wedlock kids and the fathers (if known) do not care to take care of a kid. Or the mom is a teen or drug addict or just absent!
    Over 70 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. Who will care for these kids whose mom may be a teenager or just a tired woman with many kids and no strength to round them up at night. Kids take work. It is a job. It is a daily job 24/7. If you cannot do this job please use a condom, birth control pill, IUD, – anything to keep from having babies. Please help yourself and stop making everyone else pay for your babies who grow up with nothing! These kids ought to sue their parents for not being a parent.!!!

    1. sheriff says:

      Lynda,…..You don’t understan. Black teens having babies is a reinforcement that they can actually create & do something. They have a sense of fulfillment. It also eventually means they can get another Flat screen t.v., more lotto, malt liquor for boyfriend & sell their independence card for cash & minutes for their state free cell phone.

      1. Captain Incredulous says:

        “Independence cards”…is that what they call them now??? That’s rich LOL!!!

        You have got to love the gooberment and their creative use of eumphemism.

        I think if anyone takes public assistance they should agree to have a Norplant device inserted into them. And…when their female spawn comes into season, they too get the stick as well!! Then they go ^%$# like bunnies if they want to.

  22. Sickofitall says:

    “Hey baby, go down to the curfew center and get you something to eat, I will be down there later to pick you up”

    1. Diane King says:

      Yep, they always find out how to exploit the system.

  23. jess says:

    This is not going to work. If your child is not an upstanding citizen by the age of 15, there is probably no help for them. This curfew center certainly doesn’t change that fact.

    We have to stop thinking that kids will grow up when they reach 18. Too many parents (I dare to say most) believe that you just hand the kid some keys at 18 and say “good luck”.

    Your child should be an adult by 15. If they do not act like one, they won’t on the first day of their 18th birthday either.

    One last point. Though there are a select few children with serious mental problems that have nothing to do with parenting, by far the grand majority are the way they are because of how their parents raised them.

    1. Captain Incredulous says:

      Well said……

  24. Hank Warren says:

    Curfews, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. jess says:

      Oh wow, I really wish these guys would get a job…

  25. meeester says:

    the new word is “urbans”

  26. watash60 says:

    We should sterilize all families (mother, father (if he can be found else cut the benefits in 1/2), children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

    1. Nomad says:


    2. Captain Incredulous says:

      Agreed. Given that these follks seem to reproduce a new generation of spawn every 15 years, we have had about 3 to 4 generations. each generation of non-producsers more than doubles each generation. We are now realizing that our society cannot sustain this type of exponential growth in non-productive citizens.

  27. Steve Roberts says:

    I think it is great show of compassion. The little dears need a place to rest and get a bite between the wildings, robberies and flash mobs. All that activity makes them hungry and we wouldn’t want them to suffer. Hopefully they will be serving organic, fat-free snacks that conform to federal guidelines to protect their sensitive little bodies.

  28. dan says:


  29. Doedra says:

    I don’t even know where to begin after reading all of these comments! Theres not just one person or race to point the finger at for this issue with what’s going on in our schools, neighborhoods and even churchs, it all begins AT HOME!!!! They’re babies raising babies. Society has it set up this way on purpose. It’s in the music, movies and school. ANYTHING GOES! I don’t blame the youth entirely for the problems they have created because the opportunities for them have been taken away and they’re given nothing to replace them. The recreation centers have been closed down, the after school programs have been canceled, physical education is no longer a requirement, and the list can go on and on. Why? Because us as parents, godparents, and leaders don’t play our role, LEAD! Stop trying to be your child’s best friend! They already have friends at school. Be their parent and LEAD them where they should go. As for the law, they do the best they can with what they have to work with. Because if I was a police woman I’d lock them up too! These children have no respect for authority. Why? Because they’re parents teach them to disrespect authority in any capacity. I’ve said all of this to say that the problem is not in our children, it”s in us! We don’t stay in our lane and conduct ourselves as the parents that we should be!

    1. theybecrazy says:

      just zookeepers for the monkeys – who my baby daddy is….

  30. John says:

    Dems have full control a Maryland, it’s a nanny state, it’s no wonder we have a high crime rate, lots of illegal aliens and it’s impossible for a regular citizen to obtain a permit to carry a handgun, but all the thugs have them, there is black on black murder on a daily basis here…..Thank you Democrats….I can’t wait to get out of this state.

  31. baltexpat says:

    Baltimore sucks.

  32. Robin says:

    Sitters for s#itters.

  33. baltexpat says:

    Got the f out of that area 2 years ago and moved to VA where it is somewhat civilized. You can’t go to Camden Yards or Inner Harbor without being accosted by panhandlers and thugs and the cops there are worthless. Cesspool and failed lib experiment. Ha Ha Ha Ha…gone.

  34. Jim says:

    “keep teens off ”

    ‘Teens’ is the new politically correct term for nig gers.

  35. Bill says:

    Was at inner harbor last summer after baseball game. This “guy” came up to my wife and wanted to give her a flower. I told him we don’t want it. He said he wanted to “give” it to her because she was beautiful..I said, no, you want to “give” it to her because you “expect” me to give you 3 bux for a half-dead rose. I know how the scam works. He took it back and began to curse at me loudly…typical vermin that has now overrun inner harbor. I won’t be going back anytime soon.

  36. NowSwimBack says:

    Blacks or hispanics no doubt. They are the troublemakers in America and as long as we keep giving them welfare they will keep reproducing and ruining everything.

    However I think it’s interesting that these govt officials are blaming the parents when the state has all but tied the parents’ hands in disciplining children.

    1. Reaper says:

      And which group is behind them agitating?
      Who has the money and the ADL SPLC CASA and other organizations?

      Hint, they came here in droves from Eastern Europe late 1880’s and just received banker bail outs.
      Not an African or a Hispanic or a Real European.

      The black man just gets all the blame.

      1. sheriff says:

        Reaper, You need to re-vist history coon lover. The Blacks were sold into slavery by Blacks….Can you deal with that? When they were set free in the civil war what did they do with their lives? Drink, f…..k drink some nore & f…..k some more. Lazy stupid N*GGERS then & now. Porch monkey’s walk through the life with their hands out or looking to scam the man. Too G.D. lazy to stay in school & learn something they just wanna all be LeBron James or Lil Wayne.

      2. Sheriff Willie Joe is funny says:

        oh sheriff, you’re so cute with your half-truths and almost intelligent rhetoric (I noticed you found the thesaurus…good girl!)…you’re almost there! People could nearly take you seriously….nearly…but not quite yet.

  37. Hazel Burke says:

    or what is “BALTIMORE OPENS A NEW ZOO”

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      urrp …………… just fell off my chair and spilled my coffee ………… laughing so hard

      hazel ……….hit nail on the head

  38. Voxhalyn Rakkasan says:

    Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta,…

    All once thriving, vibrant cities.

    Now decaying hulks.

    In 30-40 years when Hispanics are the majority in the U.S. things are going to to be VERY different.

    1. NowSwimBack says:

      Very different for the US, but very similar to Mexico, El Salvador, etc. The fall of civilization.

  39. Daniel Anderson says:

    Another liberal stuck on stupid. Stop and eat befor crime.

  40. Tony says:

    Welcome to Barbarian World.

  41. Gary says:

    When parents don’t parent, the state has to do the job. Thi s is the result.

  42. Mitch says:

    I just had a crazy thought. Why don’t we lock up criminals, even the young ones, and keep them there. I’ll bet a curfew would not be needed.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      judges will let them out to terrorize us, again ……….. see california

  43. Michael V says:

    Baltimore USED to be a fantastic city – where the Inner Harbor (near Camden Yards, M&T Bank/Ravens’ Stadium, Harbor Place and the Aquarium) was a family friendly destination. Now, I wouldn’t take my kids down there for anything.

    OH!, just so you Democrats know – it’s been getting worse for the past 60 years in Baltimore, with a brief up-tick while Schafer was in office – and what do you know – not one Republican dominated City Council, Mayor or other…

    Making parents accountable in Baltimore?? Good luck prying them out of the bar or away from the pipe/needle. And they must have made a typo – should be PARENT (singular) – over 70% of kids in Baltimore are born into single family homes. Government is the new Baby-Daddy.

  44. N37BU6 says:

    This is age discrimination, plain and simple. Why punish regular kids including honors students just because of a handful of their peers?

    This simply grows the nanny-state. You have to treat people as INDIVIDUALS.

    1. sheriff says:

      N37BU6, A handfull of kids???? What rock are you hiding under. 99% OF BLACKS are stupid & unruly troublemakers. The other 1% are arrogant wise a$$.

  45. Robert Kaetzel says:

    So basically the government is kidnapping children against their will.

    The Constitution doesn’t state you have to be 18 to have civil rights.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      rob …………. govt is trying to protect the rest of us and our civil rights from the urban yuts

  46. common_sense says:

    YES, It is PARENTING that is the issue!

    Are there even parents to pick them up? if they were around this wouldn’t be an issue. It starts at home folks, act like a POS and your kids will too. GO into a suburban middleclass neighborhood at 1 am and you dont’ find 7 or 12 year old babies (cause they are babies) outside. No there parents are actually caring for them and they dont have the inclination to go hang outside in the middle of the night. Children learn through EXAMPLE, they dont come up on these ideas on their own!

    Stop the cycle of STUPIDITY.

  47. Bal'Mir says:

    Love this quote:

    “You guys have to step up in your community and step up for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities the mayor has laid out for you,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

    Thank you Mayor of Baltimore!

  48. stop2think says:

    Seems like a retread of midnight basketball programs. And look how successful that was. Nothing succeeds like two parents (or at least one caring parent), morals, and discipline.

  49. niles is right says:

    Sounds reasonable. Under 17 should not be out after midnight w/out parents. These kids are obviously at high risk for future incarceration or whatever, why not identify them and give them some support. Why blame the kids for their f’d up parents?

  50. walter12 says:

    A person today would have to be crazy to go to Baltimore. This city has become a cesspool of black and Mexican youth gangs. Everyone in this nation knows all too well, despite the leftist main stream media, who causes all of the street crime in this nation.

  51. Sickofitall says:

    How brain washed some have become! A person witnesses with his/her own eyes black people acting uncivilized all over the country and well the world. South Africa/UK/etc…and then when a sane person points out the problem is the black people I see with my own eyes….that person is told by some that is has nothing to do with race! Thank you Lyndon Johnson.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      welcome to OBAMALAND

  52. Iraq War Vet OIF-4 says:

    I’m a social and political conservative. I appreciate the reasonableness of most of Rush’s, Hannity’s, and Mark Levine’s arguments. I think the Tea Party makes some important and critical points. However, I’m not a racist and I would like to invite all those who espouse these hateful racist attitudes, to please keep them to yourselves.

    Conservative progress is stunted in this country because liberals say that conservatism promotes a racist agenda. Independents believe this many times. If you’re a racist, and spewing that all over the internet, you’re helping the liberals to make the independents believe that if they affiliate conservative, that they’re affiliating themselves with racists.

    There are black thugs and white thugs. There are black pillars of the community and white pillars of the community. I’m sure that a black in an affluent community is less likely to be “thuggish” then a white in an “urban” community. Let’s rise above this, and have a discussion to actually improve ourselves as a community and as a country.

    Just because your speech is free doesn’t necessarily make it right.

    1. sheriff says:

      Iraq war vet,……GFY….STFU …Turd! Why don’t u & Beck, Limbaugh go out on a man date. You bung-holer.

      1. American says:

        wow …………… look at all the LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE toward a real American

        iraq …………. as sheriff shows, the real Americans are going to be called racists no matter what we do or say …… its all the LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE machine has cuz they cant win the argument or defend their own otherwise

        iraq ……. your naivete is noted and ……….pitied in this day of obama and crowd

    2. common_sense says:

      I think sheriff is really Bill Clinton or some liberal lobbiest on here trying to make us look extremely bad…

      Ms Dixon is that you?

      1. ha ha says:

        You know, COMMON-SENSE, I disagree with you on some issues, and on others, we seem to be on the same page…as for your opinion on Sheriff (sheriff Willie, Willie,Willie Joe, etc), we are definitely seeing eye-to-eye. I thought I might try to get to the news stories before her so that I could preface the comments by letting everyone know that this weird little creature with a foul mouth (and gender issues) is going to say the most inane things to deliberately provoke responses from otherwise very smart people. The problem is, she clearly does nothing else with here life, so it is impossible to get on to any forum before her. “Troll” is the word, I believe… appropriate.

  53. Bruce_Almty says:

    Let’s lock up all the WHITE people and let the others Kill themselves. But the politicians MUST participate.

  54. Shoot first says:

    If carrying a pistol were legal this problem would solve itself in short order.
    Skell: “Gibme da mony mudderfugger”
    Citizen: bang, bang. (double tap)
    Skell: (silence, because it’s dead)
    Citizen: .357 Magnum, don’t leave home without it.

  55. gun owner says:

    white kids aint tha problem, its tha coloreds!

  56. Roddy Piper says:

    Keep electing Liberals to the City of Baltimore government – ye reap what ye soww!

  57. WillYouListenNow? says:

    Why when the students were acting up and out in school, no one listened or it was swept under the carpet by administrators? Now that the anger and violence has moved to the streets, restaurants and entertainment venues, everyone is concerned and taking action.

    My question is when was the last time you showed appreciation and support for a teacher? Will you hear their complaints and suggestions instead of listening to high paid adminstrators that are just protecting their paychecks and lucative retirement good old boy network?

  58. wafer says:

    Great idea. Put all the little criminals in one big place waiting for their mommies and daddies while feeding them Michelle-friendly snacks. They’ll have it burned down within a week unless they deploy the police force to babysit. Then if one of the cops looks at one of the little ba__ards cross-eyed the ACLU or Souther Poverty Law Center will have its rep at their kiosk initiate the complaint right there at the facility.

  59. Pocho Basura says:

    Shameeka, DeShwan, Obama, Mishell, Patrunika, Ebony, Lemonjello, Chlamydia, Jesse, Antoine, Kareem, Lunada, Mobutu you be shure those folks give you your snacks before I come pick you up at the curfew snack center.
    You can get your breakfast, lunch and dinner at school.

  60. BobD45 says:

    Johnson’s and the Democrat’s “Great Society” has really been wonderful for the urban black community. When will blacks come to the realization that the Democrats really think blacks are fools and not worthy of anything but handouts? Sadly, I think the answer is, “never”.

  61. I am born says:

    If it is not racist to complement blacks for doing something well, then it is not racist to condemn blacks for behaving badly(harboring a criminal element).

  62. what i think says:


    1. Ubeesfunny says:

      Question: Why are you on the internet in your
      “COPORATE BUISNESS OFFICE” during business hours instead of doing your job?
      Answer: Because the white person who was hired for his ability to actually do the job is working hard to allow you to do so.

      1. American says:

        ubees ………….. she is just following the example set by her president

    2. Diane King says:

      Geez, I hope that corporate job doesn’t require that you be able to write a sentence or spell correctly. Oh that’s right, Affirmative Action. So it doesn’t matter then. OK, you’re good!

  63. Bobd45 says:

    Maybe we need a Herman Cain as our next president to get this countries social ills on the path to healing. I don’t think Herman Cain would pander to the black community or the race baiters like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rangel, NAACP, etc.

  64. August says:

    The “COUNSELORS” will be diagnosing every kid brought in as seriously mentally ill to get the kids deeper into the “SYSTEM”

  65. come on mang says:

    I laugh when i hear of some govt solution to black crime. The bad ones are so far gone(i mean soul less animalistic people), that no program is going to rescue them. 50% of black men are felons for goodness sakes. If welfare and food stamps were cut off tommorow we would have a civil war. What does that say for the black community.

    1. sheriff says:

      For the Black community it would mean annihilation & that folks is a good thing.

      1. ha ha says:

        Aww, Sheriff, your sociopath is showing… that’s OK, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before…those lovable little hate-mongers throughout history. They did such wonders for their cultures, didn’t they?

        Now be a good tranny and tuck that thing in tight and put on your best dress. We’re going dancin’!

  66. TNB says:

    TNB. Nothing more than TNB. One chimpout after another. They behave no differently in their native lands.

  67. Urethra S.Jeter says:

    All you racists make me sick.Thankfully i am a bigger person than yall and can forgive you. You see I am a good Christian black woman and single mother to 7 head of children. I tell them to hates people like you. I hopes you racists dies i spit on your graves. We all know black folks gotta be twice as smart as whitey to get as far as you. Thats all i wants to say except burn in hell and have a blessed day.

    1. sheriff says:

      Urethra S. Jeter,…..Are you Derek Jeter’s Momma who plays for the N.Y. Yankees? if so, STFU…You got plenty of $$. If not can I make a suggestion?….You have peanut butter legs porch monkey so stop spreading them having 7 coons ok?
      Guess f…..k’g your way through life is your gig, well one day soon your black ass is gonna have to work a real job to support those tree monkeys & the seven Fathers of them. Now you have a rotten day & life pavement ape brillo head.

    2. Joey Dundalk says:

      Twice as smart? well maybe if your evaluating their level of intelligence by their “street smart” mathematics skills. You must be proud that your children are able to convert ounces to grams so quickly.

    3. Diane King says:

      Don’t let Urethra (LOL) get you all fired up folks. It’s pure sarcasm.

    4. Sheriff Diane ... right? says:

      Sheriff, Joey & Diane…you are soooooooooooo smart! So smart, you missed the joke. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

      1. Diane King says:

        I don’t think so. Guess you don’t know what LOL means. and I have nothing whatever to do with sheriff.

    5. j says:

      you call yourself a christian yet teach your kids to hate??? I don’t like the racist comments either, but teaching a child to hate ANYONE is NOT a family value.

  68. Lost freedoms says:

    What angers me is lost freedoms of my youth, like walking at night through my own neighborhood. Or playing tennis at night at the local high school under the lights. Or walks on the beach with a sweetheart. These things are a thing of the past, thanks to black hoodlums. Its really a civil rights issue, and needs to be addressed by the govt before the people take care of it.

  69. Barbarians inside gates says:

    I occured to me, that we are living in conditions that are like the past where things got out of hand with blacks and Jim Crow laws were passed in one day.One day, we may have to revisit old solutions.

    1. TNB says:

      Agree. Time to bring back the old solutions.

      1. Chicago nick says:

        Me three…..if they can’t stop acting like animals and handle freedom then the freedoms must be taken away….Sterilization for chronic welfare recipients no matter what freaking color would be another step in the right direction.

        This ain’t Africa where everyone lives in mudhuts, these animals cost trillions to babysit every freaking year and that’s another reason the nation is bankrupt and I’m sick of it just like the rest of you…

    2. JQP says:

      YAY! Fight ignorance and violence with ignorance and violence!!! You guys are so smart! LOL!!!!!! Please use your best hillbilly accent to read the following: “I’ m tarred o’ these dang niggres killin’ and a’ robbin’…I say we rob ’em…then kill ’em!”. Now pickup your pitch forks! LOLOLOL!!!!!! You are such a joke! It’s like parents hitting their kids for hitting each other! LOLOLOL!!!!!!! That’ll teach ’em! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  70. dougx says:

    They need to cut their balls off. That will calm them down.

    1. what the? says:

      will it calm you down?

  71. libertarian says:

    Riiight so making it illegal for kids to go out at night will solve problems, kids are going to continue to go out at night, they will just try and find creative ways not to get caught, their teenagers and your just giving them an excuse to go against an authority they have no respect for. Keep making rules liberals please, this wont stop anything, schools still suck, kids still keep ending up in gangs cause they feel they have no future in education and a career path. Spend money on “curfew centers” and taking away chips and soda at school, keep trying to contorl everyone and live everyones lives for them, cause thats what liberals do, they’re smarter than everyone so they should make decisions for us, and yet nothing changes and they cant fix anything. They should get out of our lives, let us all make individual decisions and deal with the consequences ourselves, we’ve lost a sense of individualism in this counrty and its ruining us

    1. Sickofitall says:

      I have Libertarian views as well but you are missing the point. Look at the root cause of the problem. Stop watching PBS and Oprah specials on the Civil Rights Movement. Open your eyes. Why does the liberal goverment resort to such measures……Why was civilized society so upset in the early 60s? Why were the white supporters of civil right all from areas of the country with little or no black people. Why after almost 50 years of affirmative action and gov handouts are the majority of blacks no better, if not worse off than they were before. These are hard questions. The bottom line is the majority of the black population is not fit to function in civilized society. There are and will always be exceprtions but even in the days of the pre 1964 Civil Rights Movement successful blacks lived well. But this country cannot continue to allow an underclass of violent people, mostly young black men, to continue to act as they do. “Curfew Centers” are not the answer. I would suggest that this country was better off before Lydon Johnson’s Great Society. Through well fare and culture we have created a mess.

  72. Chicago Nick says:

    More nanny state ghetto babysitting for all the ghetto ites who can’t control their future felons even when they’re underage….Nice job of fathering all you ghetto hoods boinking everything and anything that walks or talks….Freaking animals

  73. WASP says:

    It is the fundamental civil right of every feral black teen to wild, chimpout and offend.

    Anyone who disagrees is a rayshist.

  74. lakia johnson says:

    How about a sterilizing center instead, so these non-parents can stop reproducing.

  75. Bruce In Denver says:

    How about arresting the curfew violators and fining the parents big time? We need to get back to personal responsibility.

    1. JQP says:

      Now THAT is working toward a real solution! Make it so that mother’s on welfare lose their benefits if their kids are caught 3 times. Any other ideas that really are smart? I would love to hear some real thoughts from the rational human beings around here.

      1. Ubeesfunny says:

        Here is a rational thought for you JQP, after they get off of the trains and are taken to the “showers” you can have the next one. Oh, yes, todays special…black lampshades.

      2. JQP says:

        I’m sorry UBees…I honestly didn’t follow your comment. Were you insulting me somehow? I mean, what are you talking about? Showers? Black lamp shades? I’m sure you thought you were being clever and sharp witted, but it made no sense. If you wanted to be insulting you should have been more clear and less ambiguous. I re-read my comment to see if you were referring to something I said, but no… did you think I was being sarcastic? I wasn’t. I was truly impressed and gratified to see that at least one commenter had attempted to make a suggestion worthy of listening to… so…what was your point about the showers and lamp shades?

  76. Vexed says:

    Most of these thugs would sign up for slavery or a trip to Africa for a hit of crack or an IPOD. Its true, and we all know it. Impulsive and crazy people(except the good ones i love and respect….thats the great vexation all good white people feel). Yep blacks are all vexation of spirit, like no other folks I ver knew.

  77. ha ha says:

    My goodness, this little story brought out the best and the brightest of Baltimore!! Sounds like black folks aren’t the only violent people in this city. Holy moly!

  78. Craigster says:

    I’m glad I don’t live there and have to pay for this nonsense, and if I did I’d move elsewhere.

  79. pedro says:

    USA … land of the free … both Tom Sawyer AND Huck Finn would be horrified

  80. Whitey says:

    Leave it to the Drudge Report to bring out the all of the racists! That site is nothing but a magnet for this kind of trolling. Please stop making us white people look so low-brow and ignorant.

    1. Bob A says:

      You white hating liberals have been ignoring black culpability in the destruction of American cities and culture. Stop ignoring the historical record!!!!!

    2. Don Phillips says:

      Right on man…. I can see how the Drudge Report is resposible for the problems in Baltimore. How can Baltimore have any such problems? Aren’t Baltimore and Maryland bastions of liberal democrat politics and policies? Just keep repeating the democrat mantras and it will all go away……

      Good luck…..

    3. Atticus says:

      Go downtown tonight and befriend Darius and Jamarcus. We real men will give you no quarter.

  81. Bob A says:

    Another urban terrorist problem caused by negroes!

  82. Paul Begala says:

    Baltimore = Nigggers


    Nigggers = Crime

    1. Jeff says:

      You said it, forehead. Nothing more, nothing less.

      And govt at any level will never let go of an opportunity to expand its scope, size, power, reach and spending. If there are nig gers killing each other, we need more govt to solve it. If it leads to even more nig gers killing more of each other or others, we need even more govt to solve that.

    2. jars says:

      lmao, that sums everything up right there. perfectly said!!!

  83. herdzcatz says:

    Curfew center, minus the free food, is a good idea. Forced counseling upon parents of running youths also good idea. Making the kids/parents pay for the counseling–priceless.

    1. Censored BS says:

      thank god,I was beginning to think that this particular forum was like unto walking into a gang war….hm… how ironic.

  84. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    why cant mr obama just give these kids jobs as part of his new civilian response force? I think it will be refreshing to see the brown shirts marching in the streets. then white folks can live in the ghettos while they wait to be re educated.

  85. Round em up and move em out says:

    I never understood the strutting and posturing of young black hoodlums.Acting as if they are princes or something. Meanwhile they live off our taxes, cant read, cant write, have no skills, they are not men at all, but more helpless than babies.

  86. Man of the people says:

    Fine the parents for allowing their children to run wild.


    Your kid comes into the center, you get fined. $150.

    Second offense $500.

    Third $1000.

    Take responsibility, or get nailed financially.

    1. just a thought says:

      The only problem with that is enforcing it. What happens when they can’t pay? They go to jail? … then what happens to their kids? they go into foster care. And then what? The kids start all over again and the foster parents are responsible? It’s almost a solution.

      I really think that taking away state-funded (people funded) perks like WIC and the $1200/mo they pay landlords for section-8 housing would be a better start.

      Your kids get out of line, you lose your benefits. Period. No car, no TV, no Independence Card, no apartment/house.

  87. RIck Foster says:

    How ridiculous.

    Is this the new meme?

    Kids and the summer heat? This is just expected behavior? Really?

    How about feral human beings. Black, white and brown.

    Wait until welfare runs out. Then, the fun really begins…

  88. RogC says:

    How about they just incarcerate the teen criminals for real sentences and leave the good kids alone. Seriously, are we so far down the hole that a 16 year old can’t go to a late movie because our ‘justice’ system can’t sort the bad eggs out and keep them in jail???

    1. j says:

      if my 16 year old went to a movie that late I would be at the movie theatre to pick them up, they would not be roaming the streets

  89. Yep says:

    Repubs = Racists… more proof everyday.. of course they are the party of Christianity too though…

    1. You can lead a horse...etc. says:

      A group of people were shown 23 jars. One jar would grant them happiness throughout their lives, the other 22 would kill them painfully and instantly. 24% of people shown this little game, walked away. The other 86% stayed because each one of them thought their odds were pretty good. How dumb are the 86% who stayed?

      Now, replace the word JAR with RELIGION, and the words HAPPINESS THROUGHOUT THEIR LIVES with ETERNAL BLISS, and the words KILL THEM PAINFULLY AND INSTANTLY with CONDEMN THEM TO ETERNAL DAMNATION. This is how Judeo-Christian religions operate. Are you in the 86%? Yes? Well, here we are with your brains as 86% of the population. Thanks.

    2. Paul Begala says:

      Like most dopey liberals you confuse “racism” with reality.

  90. moleman says:

    Go to any city in America where once stood tree lined streets, playgrounds clean schools with no graffiti & no crime to speak of. Enter the Blacks starting after the war that migrated from the south & slowly with the help of the Hebrew neighborhood busting real estate practices prematurely forced Whites to flee to places like Levittown Pa, Hunt Vally Md, Owings Mills etc. The decay in just twenty years & increase in crime was astronomical. What too several hundred years to develop was completely destroyed in two decades & continues to this day only that the counties are being destroyed by the government gentrification of spooks to the burbs…..These yard apes are unfit to live anywhere but a jungle with spears & bones through their big fat noses.

  91. TNB says:

    The negro has not and will never evolve to the point where it can coexist with humans.

    1. ha ha says:

      ha ha ha…so dumb.

    2. Paul Begala says:

      ha ha ha …. so true!

  92. j says:

    I don’t have a problem with the curfew but instead of sending them to a center and feeding them snacks find a place for them at the “big house” and the parents too. Years ago at 11 pm one of the tv stations would broadcast “it is 11 pm, do you know where your children are?” Too many parents today would answer “No and I don’t care”

  93. essmo says:

    It jsut seems everyone want to blame some! if its not black or white, hell hispanic, republicans or demo look at your self. u are part of th eproblem too. half the parents are addicts, in jail, what ever, i see all kinds of hullums from black, white and hispanics. look in your own back yard see what you can do. if your not part of the problem be part of the solution. it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. yes baltimore has gotten worst. they took programs, no parent can afford 800.00 for camp for 3 children, where are the dam summer jobs, where are the drugs and guns coming from. DA hispanics or blacks and soem poor white trash folk don’t have planes, or connections. pretty much yall put that S&&% here in baltimore city. be honest. stop pointing the dam finger.

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