BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A sad day at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Just weeks after visitors were introduced to two baby dolphins, one of them is found dead.

Kai Jackson explains what may have happened.

Experts tell us despite the best intentions of the mother and employees at the aquarium, life is very delicate for dolphin calves.

April was a happy time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Two dolphins were born that month and Eyewitness News cameras were there as they swam with their mothers.

“When there’s a lot of noise and commotion sometimes that can startle the calves,” said an aquarium employee.

Sadness now envelopes the world renowned aquarium. Officials there say the male calf of the dolphin Maya died on Tuesday. Right now, how it died is a mystery.

“It was a shock to us all to come in early on Tuesday morning and find out that the young male calf had passed away,” said Dr. Brent Whitaker, veterinarian.

One average, one third die in their first year of life.

Veterinarians were concerned about Maya because the calf was her first born. They were also concerned about the time it was taking the calf to nurse.

The dolphins are the marquis attraction at the aquarium. And this death deals a heavy blow to the pod-
beautiful mammals that are popular and highly intelligent.

“As a first-time mother, they don’t know how to feed their calf, how to care for their calf, how to be a mom. It puts the odds for these calves at risk,” Dr. Whitaker said.

The aquarium says the other dolphin and her calf are fine.

Comments (8)
  1. Ravens1 says:

    “The aquarium said the other calf, a female born in April to another dolphin, is doing well, as is the mother of the calf that died.”

    Great writing… Unless you actually mean the dead mother is doing well. You should probably say “The aquarium said the other calf, a female born in April to another dolphin, is doing well, as is the calf whose mother died after giving birth.”

    1. HR says:

      I think maybe you should read the article again… The baby calf died not the mother! Great Reading!

  2. ashley says:

    i think they are trying to say that the mother is doing fine…

  3. Melissa O says:

    Ravens1: The mother didn’t die, as per the title, the calf did. They were worried about because it was the mother’s first pregnancy, but the mother is alive and well, the baby died.

    I don’t know if you just read the article wrong or what, but the sentence it written correctly.

  4. Bullfrog says:

    Melissa, Way to go girl, You know how to read!

  5. Elaine Pollack says:

    …”It written correctly”…..

  6. david says:

    this is upsetting to hear about. i think the mom is going to be lost with just one baby there and not two.

  7. Bambi Ghys says:

    I know what’s really killing the world’s oceans at an unprecedented rate. No, It’s not shark fin soup in a far away land. It’s hiding right there under your own noses disguised as a business of conservation and education. Association of zoo’s, aquariums, wholesale facilities and Pet Stores kill more life in one day than others do in a whole year. Tens of million’s killed world wide on a daily basis that never stops is the real culprit of the mass extinction doomed for sea life everywhere. Fish, corals and inverts from the sea are the only creatures on the planet that have NO rights what-so-ever leading to their (on-purpose) deaths for our viewing pleasure.
    Most of the world is covered with ocean and the creatures in it. Do we really need to bring it all on land to live in a box to die for a few days claiming we saved them from the sea by doing so? After all, educating our children in what will soon be gone in the world’s oceans is very important for them to get one last good look at what we killed for our viewing pleasure, nothing more! Better to feed a whole country with fish from the sea than kill the same amount everyday in the aquarium industry for no good reason. Our hearts are in the right place but they’re beating to the wrong drum.

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