Dolphin Calf Dies At Baltimore’s National Aquarium

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baby dolphin
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BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A sad day at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Just weeks after visitors were introduced to two baby dolphins, one of them is found dead.

Kai Jackson explains what may have happened.

Experts tell us despite the best intentions of the mother and employees at the aquarium, life is very delicate for dolphin calves.

April was a happy time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Two dolphins were born that month and Eyewitness News cameras were there as they swam with their mothers.

“When there’s a lot of noise and commotion sometimes that can startle the calves,” said an aquarium employee.

Sadness now envelopes the world renowned aquarium. Officials there say the male calf of the dolphin Maya died on Tuesday. Right now, how it died is a mystery.

“It was a shock to us all to come in early on Tuesday morning and find out that the young male calf had passed away,” said Dr. Brent Whitaker, veterinarian.

One average, one third die in their first year of life.

Veterinarians were concerned about Maya because the calf was her first born. They were also concerned about the time it was taking the calf to nurse.

The dolphins are the marquis attraction at the aquarium. And this death deals a heavy blow to the pod-
beautiful mammals that are popular and highly intelligent.

“As a first-time mother, they don’t know how to feed their calf, how to care for their calf, how to be a mom. It puts the odds for these calves at risk,” Dr. Whitaker said.

The aquarium says the other dolphin and her calf are fine.

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