BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Opponents of Maryland’s immigrant in-state tuition law are just 8,000 signatures away from putting the issue on the ballot. Local leaders of the Catholic Church take a stand against the petition.

Kelly McPherson explains why Maryland Catholics won’t sign.

There’s a new voice in the intensifying debate over giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants living in Maryland.

The Maryland Catholic Conference is saying “a statewide referendum on the issue of immigration will have a needlessly divisive impact on our state, and we urge Catholics and all Marylanders to refrain from signing on to this petition effort.”

State legislators passed the controversial bill this year, but conservative lawmakers are trying to stop it from becoming law by gathering signatures to force a referendum.

“This isn’t really about punishing the children of illegal immigrants,” said Rep. Justin Ready, Carroll County (R). “It’s about the rule of law and fundamental fairness to those members of our society that are paying taxes here legally.”

Other religious leaders have expressed opinions on the issue.

“It’s not always about what’s legal, but what’s just,” said Bishop Douglas Miles. “Keep in mind a half century ago it was legal to keep African Americans and whites separated at lunch counters.”

This is the first time the public policy arm of the regional Catholic Church is sharing its opinion with parishioners, saying “these immigrant students will not take seats from other Maryland resident students who are U.S. citizens, but rather must apply at first to community colleges.”

“When the real people of this state have the opportunity to speak, they will speak loudly and clearly.  I think this is a historic petition,” said Rep. Pat McDonough, Baltimore County (R).

Organizers plan to gather more than 100,000 signatures to ensure that they’ll have the required  amount–58,000– by the end of the month. 

The referendum would take place November 2012.

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  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


    1. Jack Pollack says:

      A good American education is the best way for an immigrant, illegal or otherwise, to assimilate into the culture of the US. The immigrant polishes his English, learns our traditions, and ultimately becomes an “American.”

      I don’t know when YOUR ancestors came to the US but mine never really learned English and consequently never fully integrated into the new culture.
      I feel the same way about drivers licenses. If they pass a drivers test, the public will be better protected.

      It just boils down to whether or not you are willing to HELP these immigrants. Simple as that. We’d all be better off if we educated these people. That’s how one becomes an American. I’m a retiree, obviously old and working class, but I’m willing to help these people. I applaud the posiition of the Church. I just wish they were as vocal before we invaded Iraq.

      1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

        When the Church starts paying taxes, then they can start dictating policies. Hell, they can’t even protect their own kids from the Priests! Revoke the churches tax exemption status and send them the bill. I know, how about a petition to be signed for the people who are willing to write a personal check to cover this. Who ever signs the petition covers the cost. Get your pens out!

      2. Gilly-Ann says:

        Jack How are they going to become “American” if they can’t get a SS# and start to pay taxes. Oh and just so you know I am a LEGAL Naturalized citizen. If I can do it so can they!!!!!!

      3. Russ Dadds says:

        I’d rather help law abiding citizens. See that is who are government is there to protect. This isn’t one world, one government. The US government is there for US citizens and no one else.

      4. LBinOwingsMills says:

        Jack, I would first like to apologize because I don’t normally respond to posts this way, but you are an IDOIT!! This is not about assimilation and giving them an education. It boils down to rewarding illegal behaivor and condoning their being here illegally. Federally law says that the mere fact that they are here without going through the system is illegal.
        Did you know that if you committed a drug felony you can’t get government loans? Granted this is not a drug offense, but they have committed a crime. Why do they get to benefit from it.
        It does not boil down to wanting to help them or not. If that is your stance then my answer is NO!! I will help anyone who comes here legally, that shows that they want to be a part of this culture. Coming here under the fence means they want to steal what we have.
        Jack, I am a Catholic, a veteran, married to a LEGAL immigrant who is now a citizen of this country. I signed the petition and will vote against this WHEN it comes to a vote.
        We need to stand up for ourselves, this country, and its laws!!

      5. Sheila says:

        You can send your money to help my LEGAL daughter go to college because we can’t afford it. We will be 100,000.00 dollars in debt by the time she graduates, and she goes to a state school. And by the way, my husband is 65 and will never know the privilege of retirement.

      6. common sense says:

        The archdiocese is lying. The Archbishop should be ashame of himself. I say we Catholics should unite and demand the pope order his archbishop to cease and desist. I also say lets stop giving money to this archdiocese. I know the archbishop reads these comments

      7. Kristiane says:

        Jack, your argument is flawed. Not all immigrants want to learn our traditions – whatever that means – and do not desire to assimilate into our culture. Some come for purely self-motivated purposes and desire to live within their own community. It is character, honor, integrity and trust in God that builds a nation NOT assimilation. My ancestors came from Germany/Switzerland/France – all for religious freedom. One came in 1750 and made a home here and raised a family within German reformed Christian communities – Pa &Va. They were God fearing people who worked hard and practiced what they professed. None came with wealth or suitcases of stuff. In the 1770’s, when the the US Revolutionary Army approached my ancestor with their needs, he supplied 100 acres of land to feed their cattle – no frozen steaks or refrigeration back then – and he supplied other material goods.
        Historians say almost without exception, these German communities supplied the army’s material needs and provided sons who fought for their new nation while others living in the northeast sided with the British. Ironically, these immigrants had to swear loyalty to the King of England before they boarded the ships to sail to America. Yet, when injustice presented – taxation without representation- itself, they sided against it as individuals .

        Jack, there is a difference between helping an individual and enabling a bad behavior.
        I too am a retiree – from the State of Maryland- . My husband and I worked hard, paid taxes, went to school at night (paid for from our own labor) , paid off our mortgage and saved for our future. Because of the fiscal condition of our State, my retirement cost-of-living has been put on hold, and our health benefits through the State are made more costly. We said, we’ll have to adjust to meet these changes because everyone is in the same position. We’re all hurting. Then, we read about this effort to grant illegals in-state tuition. It was like a slap in the face.

      8. Terry says:

        It’s still ILLEGAL for them to work here

      9. pigeon says:

        Yeah, good education is best, but you seem to jump the fact that an illegal immigrant a/k/a criminal is taking away job from a legal citizen! If they want to become American citizens, then they need to follow the proper procedures AND LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. To the devil with pressing 1 for English or 2 for Spanish!
        About the driver license comment – if you don’t have a legal birth certificate you can’t get your license. And, furthermore, you can’t get auto insurance either.

    2. Ken says:

      They think they will boost their collection plates. Thie plan may backfire on them.

      1. sven says:

        Ken, I guess charity and compassion is up to the individual.

        I’m sorry for angering all the posters I singled out and for calling you names.

        Do what you think is right and live with it.

        I feel very good about myself especially when receiving some unfortunate individual’s gratitude for acts of kindness.

        Please….. Hate away

      2. ha ha says:

        Sven, there are people of this country, those born here and legal along with those people who worked their fingers to the bone to get here and then gone through the bureaucratic labyrinth to become naturalized citizens are in need of assistance, too. If we offer such a thing as in-state tuition and it is so arbitrary as to be waved for a person who’s parents snuck their way in and haven’t been through the process, then, we should do away with the concept of in-state tuition entirely. There are already rules in place for immigrants. Naturalization. This should be HOW you get in-state tuition, not by paying taxes for 2 years (can anyone tell me how this works? I am really curious and have no idea how one pays taxes without proof of citizenship), or joining the military. The process is already in place.

        Additionally, I don’t think anyone is interested in punishing the kids, I think we are a) wanting anyone considering coming here illegally to know that their kids won’t get a free ride and, b) angry that it is our money that we work for being handed out to people who are breaking the law without considering our voice. Sven, just because we are struggling to feed our families, struggling to maintain our communities, struggling to bear the financial burden our State leaders have already placed on us, doesn’t mean we hate any group. What we hate is being fiscally raped by our government and commerce systems on a daily basis and then being told that the fruits of that act are being given to people who have not gone through a perfectly legal process to become citizens just like the rest of us.

        So, Sven, if you have the money and you’re sitting pretty and can afford to send young adults — who choose not to start the process of becoming naturalized citizens — to school, please consider the homeless and starving Native American children in this country to whom we truly owe a debt. No? Why not?

    3. Jodina says:


      Thanks for your post. People who enter this country illegally while others waited years and years to enter should not be rewarded with perks. My grandfather waited 7 years to enter this country, from Italy. No one handed him anything. People need to understand that these illegals are causing havoc in this country. I am a Catholic but over the last 10 to 15 years, I have seen a decline in moral fiber and the church is more interested in your weekly donation than teaching morals.

    4. LBinOwingsMills says:

      I am a catholic also who is married to a LEGAL immigrant. After we spend our time and money in the immigration system doing it the right way, I do not believe that we should reward illegal immigration. They should NOT get in-state or tuition help of any kind. They need to go through the immigration process and come here LEGALLY. Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL behaivor. We can’t chose what laws we will or will not follow. IF we don’t like the law then we need to change it and that is what this petition is about, changing a law we don’t agree with.
      I am also a veteran and one thing I notice is that military members stationed in this state and their family can not get in-state tuition and they put their lives on the line for us and our freedoms. Is that right?
      You’re d**n right I signed the petition and plan to vote against it when it comes to a vote!!

    5. OMalleyLovesTaxes says:

      yes this article is misleading, grouping all catholics together is a bogus thing to do.

    6. Joseph says:

      The pope would say you did what you believe in by signing the petition. If you watch recently the American Conference of Catholic Bishops does not have any real influence. Who said that the pope himself. I’m also a catholic. Is the Archbishop going to instruct priests to not give communion to every catholic who signed the petition. Maybe the Archbishop should refuse to give o’malley communion for forcing the residents out of work.

  2. TJN72 says:

    The catholic church and young chidren. Where have I’ve seen stories about that before? Enough said

  3. cliffatola says:

    This is not a religious matter, not a Catholic and would sign it anyway if I was.

  4. chalkie says:

    Here we go with the church saying we should give illegals in state tuition breaks. Well how about the church pay taxes first, then we will think about it. There are almost like the government with everybody elses money. Well since they want to cross the line between religion and law, I will not donate to the church anymore. Since the catholic church is so rich, why don’t they just pay for the tuitions for the illegals. Thats right they are paying out millions in settlements money for thier preistbad behaviors. Please Bishop Miles clean up the church and all its problems, before giving your opinion on a matter that has nothing to do with the church. This has to do with the state spending money on people here taking from a system that they are not contributing too or that are entitle too. Sorry as a tax payer, I look at it as we take care of who contibutes first. So many young adults that should be going to college thats parents have payed thier fair share of taxes should be getting help first, not someone who is illegal and putting a drain on our economy by not paying taxes. Thier is ways to become a citizen, after which you can get help, but NOT UNTIL THEN!!!

  5. 86emmm says:

    illegal aliens & 0r -THEIR- children ARE NOT SPECIAL !!!
    “WHOSE” church is this ???

    To all Clergy and parishioners who think it’s O.K. to break U.S. law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens, and creating so-called “sanctuaries” based on your misinterpretation of Bible passages:

    Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. The man who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber. John 10:1

    Illegal alien translation: Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. The man [alien] who does not enter the sheepfold [USA] by the door [legally], but climbs in some other way [smuggled into the US or overstays a visa], is a thief [a thief] and a robber [a robber.] John 10:1

    Jesus said to all the people there [in the temple], “It is written in the Scriptures, ‘My Temple will be a house where people will pray.’ But you are changing God’s house into a ‘hideout for robbers.'” [Emphasis added by editor.]

    CALL -OUR- Congress @ 866 220 0044
    E-verify -ALL- JOBS & GOV`t. PROGRAMS->section-8 , welfare , foodstamps , wic. etc. !
    287g->NATIONWIDE TO FIND & DEPORT -ALL- illegal aliens !
    Call I.C.E. @ 866 347 2423 to REPORT illegal aliens & THEIR EMPLOYERS !
    -ALL- illegal aliens from -ALL- COUNTRIES ARE CRIMINALS !
    Visit- AmericanPatrol.c – Ojjpac.o !
    “FREE FAXES” to -OUR- Congress @ NumbersUSA.c 0r CapsWeb.o !
    google-> Work in the states build a life in Mexico -> To see that BETTER LIFE !

    1. LBinOwingsMills says:

      Thank you for that education. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

  6. KottaMan says:

    The position of the Catholic Church on this matter is obscene. Then again, most illegals in Maryland at least seem to be Hispanic….. you know, good ole Catholics. Are we, Bishop, just trying to increase the flock here? And, yes, have the Church start paying taxes and THEN we’ll talk about it………

  7. Ramarro L. Smith says:

    Of course, as most of the illegals are Chatholic…..once again read (History) the Catholic Church becomes a POLITICAL organization to influence government and disregard the non-catholic people and the laws of a country to increase its revenue and power.

  8. Mike says:

    My church isn’t getting any more of my money. If the Church wants to get in Politics they should be TAXED.

  9. What? says:

    I was raised a practicing Catholic (not just a Christmas and Easter one), and this is one of the million reasons I am sooooooo glad I left the Catholic Church.

  10. Jackie Aurburn says:

    As a Catholic of many years, i disagree.. The Md Catholic conference does not speak for its followers and parishioners. The speak for $$$ in their pocket. The decline of many parishioners has led to the “jump on board” Casa de md followers knowing that most hispanics are catholic. They Do NOT SPEAK FOR CATHOLICS BUT THE MINORITIES. In annapolis this year when the “legit id act” was proposed, A proposal that would of insisted that “all who applied for welfare, a state job and a voters card would need to show a legit id”!! The catholic church said ‘NO WAY, YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO THESE POOR PEOPLE”.. Why would The Md. Catholic Conference condone thievery and fraud like the immigrants*illegals* are doing… The Catholic church talk me my 10 commandments of which one of them was “thou shall not steal”.. yet they condone using fake/stolen id’s to get state freebies..Md is now #2 in our country with food stamp fraud and 30% fraud on Welfare. This lovely state of Md is now a sanctuary cess pool of fraud and corruption and a feast off immigrants for their votes and $$.. I now have to leave my catholic church of many years because of their stance on fraud, thievery and corruption..

  11. charmcityfox says:

    $16,000 PER PERSON coming out of Maryland taxpayer pockets! Where, exactly, do you think this extra money will come from, Sven???

    1. charmcityfox says:

      If Maryland taxpayers have to pay the difference in their tuition, then Maryland taxpayers should be able to VOTE on it. We still live in a democracy, right???

      1. pigeon says:

        That’s a stupid question! The answer is easy: Not Since OBAMA.
        Where have you been hiding?

  12. twin01 says:

    I am a Catholic and I signed the petition. I am struggling paying my bills just like the next person. Why should illegal reap the benefits of a tax break for education when they aren’t paying taxes and came to this country illegal not by force but by choice.
    If O’faudly want to attract students to MD allow citizens from other states attend college in MD for 1/2 of outer state tuition cost. At least they are paying federal income taxes and live here legally.

  13. D. Romano says:

    I am a practicing Catholic in Maryland and am fully opposed to in-state tuition for illegal aliens. This issue must come to referendum since the Governor and General Assembly regularly flout the law. Unfortunately, the Maryland Catholic Conference sometimes strays into political correctness instead of focusing on the truth while the O’Malley-Obama Sun once again prints another misleading headline.

  14. Maryland Tax Payer says:


    1. Sheila says:

      I’m right there with you. I’ve paid Maryland taxes and fees all my life. So have my parents and my grandparents. My family has paid Maryland taxes and fees for so long my daughter should get a fee college education.

  15. wllharrington says:

    I believe that those who oppose abortion and support taxpayer subsidized education for illegal immagrants have a perfect right to do so. However, why should I pay for their beliefs. If each one who believes this way will sign up to have funds automatically deducted from their bank account so that the unwanted child and the non contributing illegal is supported then I feel they have the right to do as they will. If they expect me to pay for their beliefs, NO.

  16. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


    1. Jodina says:


      I responded to an earlier post of yours, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Priests and religious leaders need to be priests and separate from church and state. One of the commandments is “Thou shalt not steal.” These illegals are entering this county and stealing from taxpayers. Give American born, taxpaying individuals the in-state tuition breaks, not a bunch of freeloading, crime-ridden illegals. As far as Sven is concerned, let him pay for the tuition of those illegals. See how fast he will run the other way!

  17. crusty says:

    Laws are for everyone. I favor the petition.

  18. Garcia says:

    Why is it that the “Rule of Law” only applies when the other person is doing something that you do not agree with? The “Rule of Law” did not apply when Rush Limbaugh bought prescription drugs illegally, when corporate Fat-Cats bent the law for greed, and when our politicians (hypocrites) supported their actions (all for the greater good). Note this, the 1st generation foreign born Hispanic immigrant (illegal) will learn to communicate in English within 12 years; their kids sooner (Pew Hispanic Center Research). What we are really talking about here is political power. Census numbers mean nothing without the power of the “vote” behind it: Census Voting and Registration data. Although the Hispanic number surpass the African American community, look at the percentage of the voting block. What the NAACP position in all this? I can’t hear it…….

    1. LBinOwingsMills says:

      Garcia,my position is this, you want to emigrate to this country, follow the law and you will be welcomed. That’s how I did it with my wife 11 years ago and now she is a citizen given full rights. Illegal immigrants have broken the law, the immigration law. When you break the law, you get no benefits. I don’t care about when immigrant learn english, this is not what this is about. It’s about benefitting illegal behaivor and not taking care of our own, such as why can’t military stationed in this state get in-state tuition for themselves and their families? They’re even here legally.

      1. O'MALLEY FOR 8 MORE YEARS! says:

        Should we call you Archie?

    2. LBinOwingsMills says:

      Oh and BTW, Garcia, I’m also African American, tht’s my position…

      1. Garcia says:

        How about the child that was brought here? No intent to break the law. His/her home has always been the USA. Seven score and eight years ago a man made a speech that facilitated freedom for many who were brought here as children and had no future. His proclamation created an economic burden for many. However, society has benefited from stance to this day. Look back in history so you can look ahead to the future.

      2. Your mistake...not ours says:

        Garcia, that child is your responsibility, not ours. You made your decision and now you should have to live with the consequences. You broke the law and now your child pays the price. That is teaching your child a lesson… a good lesson… do things the right way, even if it’s not the easy way… do it the right way and you will not have these problems. YOU DID THIS TO YOUR CHILD, not me.

      3. Garcia says:

        To “Your mistake…not ours” Uhhh… I didn’t do anything. I’ve always been an American citizen as have my family for generations. As a matter of fact, we were in Texas prior to the annexation by the United States. My comments are not directed to the frustrated hoi-palloi who are are being failed by government and media while the ruling rich are annoyed that the common people demand so much (of their stolen money). My comments are directed at those that have benefited once from liberal government programs and policies and now are indignant that others will do the same thing. My pocket book has been suffering too, you know.

  19. LUCKY LOU says:

    if its illegal why would the church even consider , GOD SEE’S SIN, RIGHT AND WRONG,,,,GOD OR satian

    1. Garcia says:

      I think that the issue is, “Social Justice versus Legal Justice.” Both change over time, you know.. the Jim Crow laws. Social justice is the a manifestation of people values while legal justice is the will of those in power.

  20. P.Fleishell says:

    When the law was passed, the legislature wanted to make sure that these illegal immigrants wouldn’t take spots from legal Maryland residents. So, that means their spots in the freshman class will come out of the admissions slots reserved for out-of-state students.
    Sounds fair, right? Well, right now roughly 25% of a freshman class is comprised of out-of-state students who pay an average tuition of $24,831 and the colleges’ budgets are now designed to rely on this. With the new law, the colleges will lose an out-of-state student who is paying $24,831 and instead give it to a student who is here in the US illegally and charge them an average of $8,416.
    The colleges will lose $16,415 for every illegal student they admit. How will the college make up the money they will now lose because they are taking the spot from someone paying over $24,800 and giving it to some one who will only have to pay $8,400? They will, at some point, raise tuition on everyone to make up the lost money.
    College will get more expensive for EVERYONE. Maryland is already one of the five most expensive states in terms of tuition at public colleges and universities. Making a college degree from a public college or university more expensive doesn’t make sense in these turbulent economic times.

    1. Sheila says:

      St Mary’s College of Maryland 25,360.00 for a Maryland state resident. 25,360.00 + 16,000.00 = 41,360.00. Sorry dear husband not only can you not retire but you need to get a second and third job.

  21. MalcolmX says:

    What rights do we American citizens have in Mexico or Bolivia or wherever most of those criminals come from? We don’t get to pick and choose which laws we want to follow a la carte. If we get caught in Mexico illegally, first offense is deportation if you are lucky, second offense mandatory 10 yrs in prison. The best way to end illegal immigration is snipers on the border. I volunteer

  22. Patricia Good Woodruff says:

    Come one this church can not even protect their own from their priests that molest children and they are sure good judge of things. If the church so concern about this let them paid their college tution. Tax payers have enough on them and the church so concern let them help tax payers bills.

  23. Delaware Bob says:

    It’s things like this that make me ashamed to be of Catholic faith. Who the hell do these priests think they are to want amnesty for the illegal aliens. Hey, if the Catholic church is so fond of these illegal aliens, pay to get them back to their own country where they belong and then GO WITH THEM! Does Jesus Christ teach us to break the law? Well does it? Did I miss that part?

  24. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Why is the Catholic Church getting involved in a political matter? Doesn’t the church have enough legal issues of their own to deal with?

    If the church wants these people to receive everything this Country has to offer for free, then the church should foot the bill. You can bet the church is receiving offerings from the illegals. Most illegal Hispanics are Catholic. Their agenda is strictly monetary. Any idiot can see that.

    If these people had entered this Country legally and had paid their taxes than there would be no issue.

    The Illegal offspring, if they are of age to go to college, they are also of age to begin the process of becoming legal. They are not doing this. They choose to have babies and collect welfare, food stamps, etc. They would rather be supported by a Country, who on a whole, does not want them here.

    There is a bigger issue other then In-State tuition in this Country and that is allowing these people services and benefits which they DO NOT deserve.

    Regardless of your religous beliefs, these people are illegal. We did not bring them here as the slaves were brough here (another embarrassment for this Country, but not the problem of todays generation.)

    Illegal is illegal! There are no if, ands or buts about it.

    The Church needs to mind it’s own business and worry about correcting their own embarassments.

    Church and State are supposed to be separated, remember?

  25. LBinOwingsMills says:

    Where does the Maryland Catholic Conference get off taking a position without the vote or voice of the actual Catholics in this state? I am a Maryland Cathloic and I wasn’t asked my opinion. I hate when these newspapers take the voice of one organization and label it as being representative of al the people who fit into that description. This is one Maryland Catholic who signed the petition and will vote against this law.

  26. diogenes says:

    This is about who will decide who enters the US: the Cayotes , who will take anyone with money, or the US government, acting on the wishes of the American people. As it is now, any low life criminal can enter and benefit from this country. I’m sorry to see the catholic church enter this arguement. Of course, the overwhelming majority of illegals are catholic and would add to the church’s power base on issues such as abortion… this would explain their confusing and legally incorrecdt position. Perhaps if they were taxed, their position might be closer to those that have to support these misguided actions . I am a liberal democrat but I am all for this referendum. SIGN THE PETITION!!!!

  27. Tom says:

    As a Catholic,, rewarding those who have broken a law IS WRONG,, PERIOD. Sign the petition.

  28. fraught says:

    Holy cow. First it was left vs. right. Now it’s catholic left vs. catholic right. Sorry God, but you’re history dude, politics has taken the pulpit!! .

  29. Garcia says:

    Obviously not every who is commenting here has followed the immigrant issue prior to this xenophobic petition. The Catholic church has held the position of helping those in need for years and years and years. They do not discriminate on who is in need based on a political border. I am just making the point that they are not just getting involved, they have always been involved.

    1. ha ha says:

      OK….here is my big question, Garcia, since you seem to be an authority, why are the Mexican people coming to this country illegally in droves? What is their reasoning for not going rough legal channels? I want to know. Specifics.

      1. Garcia says:

        Authority? Hardly. I’m just try to see things in a common sense way without taking the jingoistic stance that if your views do not agree with mine then you are an unpatriotic, un-American, foreign-loving low-life. I really do not know why Mexicans do what they do. You see, I am an American. However, having gone to, It is clearly easier to walk across the border for a job than completing all those forms; easier for those Americans who employ them too. I doubt these employers pay the necessary IRS income tax for them. I am not talking about MIT employing statisticians. It’s the agricultural, food service , construction employers that I am talking about. It certainly makes your strawberries cheaper, dining less expensive, and home services less costly. If you really are serious about curbing the illegal alien problem, jail the employers. In this economy, I doubt the politician will let you kill all his geese.

  30. Rick says:

    What do other states do?

    Also, as an American Citizen could I go to another country and get local tuition rates’?

    1. O'MALLEY 4 EVER says:

      Yes and for the most part tuition is much cheaper than in the U.S.

      1. Kristiane says:

        In countries where tuition is cheaper or without cost, look at the tax rates the residents pay. There is no free lunch.

      2. O'MALLEY 4 EVER says:

        Yes, not free, but very affordable. You can save yourself some money by going abroad during undergrad.

  31. Kelly says:

    I think the Catholic Church should stick to what it does best, pedophilia. These phony “men of God” are merely looking out for their own bank accounts because many of the illegals come from countries that are heavily populated by catholics. They come here, support the church financially and the church wins. Having been raised a catholic and then figuring out that this religion is as fake as it gets,
    Tell the catholic church to talk about the sex abuse by priests it has spent 10’s of millions of dollars to hide. That church is the BIGGEST closet in the world.

  32. 86emmm says:

    Illegals are from -ALL- countries – ireland . poland , kenya , mexico etc. & -ALL- these countries have schools !!!

    Stop throwing “THE CHILDREN” in -OUR- faces !!!

    I used to say pack your stuff & “GET OUT” !!!
    Now it`s just “GET OUT” !!!

    GOD BLESS THE U.S. !!!

  33. roger says:

    all illegal aliens need to be forced to go back where thay come from and stop living off us hard working americans. thay need to be shot and put on a boat.

  34. pigeon says:

    If you read the recommended “law”, I do not believe it applies to private and/or catholic colleges. Enough said – it appears they are all for it thereby they won’t get stuck with a lot of “criminals” in their institutes of higher education. They are the smart ones if you think about it. Their attitude is “sock it to the general public ’cause it isn’t going to affect us.”

  35. pigeon says:

    Of course they (Catholics) are going to take that stand. They don’t want to foot the bill to educate a lot of criminals (according to federal law, an illegal alien is a criminal). Also, most illegals now-a-days have Catholic backgrounds – look at the countries they come from. DAH!


    Catholic church—- Whats the matter have to fill all thoses empty pews and not to mention those COLLECTION PLATES. Good thing is they’ll have a fresh batch of new young boys to play don’t tell mama or papa about what happens in the RECTORY.

  37. Concern says:,,,, & posts)

  38. Debbie says:

    I am Catholic, signed the petition, paid for my child’s Catholic education at prices that were ridiculous and wasn’t cut any breaks because I was seeking a better life for my children. Since the church does not contribute through taxes or any other way to the education of these illegals they should mind their own busniess and not tell those of us who are paying for it what to do.

  39. Rodney Galles says:

    The left is a whiz at using the Communist dictionary. What a word means is defined by what the left intends it to mean. The whole issue of legal and illegal entry to the U.S. has been obfuscated by switching terms. The U.S. Code of law states that individuals who are not citizens of the U.S. are aliens. When aliens are present in this country through the legal means of requesting entry to visit, to do business, or to attend school, or for any other legal reson, the are referred to as legal aliens or legal resident aliens. When aliens have entered the country illegally, they do not have a right to the benefits accorded U.S. citizens with regard to such things as driving privileges, education, or employment. Aliens who enter this country to seek citizenship and its benefits are immigrants. there is no illegal immigrant, only illegal aliens. Anytime a person starts udsing the term immigrant to refor the the problem of illegal invasion of this country, they are trying to hide the true issue. That issue is illegal entry, illegal invasion, and illegal presence in this country. The only just and fair solution to that problem is to identify and deport every person AND their dependents who is found in this country. If because of their illegal presence, they have given birth to an child, that child is presently, under the law a U.S. citizen;. That individual has the right, when he./she reaches the age of 18 and legal majority to return to the U.S. We cannot have illegal aliens any more than we can have some abortions. both violate a law. Both must be upheld by the Catholic Church. I am 72 years old and the son of immigrant forefathers. Each of those ancestors, to the best of my knowledge and research, entered this country legally to seek a better life and to be able to be free to express their Catholic faith. I am grateful to each of them, and I oppose this attempt by the Church to impose Social Justice confusion upon the people . The Church must stand for the rights of all individuals, but it has no business telling the state how they should regulate immigration.
    If a person comes to the church starving or hungry, the church must assist them with that meal. It must under the law then counsel them to return to their own country and seek legal entry into ours.

  40. JQP says:

    oh… I see I’m not the only one who figured you out…LOL!!!!

  41. IHateMDNow says:

    I’m Catholic and I signed the petition. Even in the Catholic church there are rules and if you don’t follow them, there are consequences. These illegals didn’t follow the rules – so there are consequences. If the church thinks they are getting more money in the baskets with this – I don’t think so. Illegals don’t have the money, that’s why they want ours. As to the “Keep in mind a half century ago it was legal to keep African Americans and whites separated at lunch counters” There was a law that eventually changed it and it was right because they were LEGAL AMERICANS! All I have to say is ILLEGALS GO HOME, WE DON’T WANT YOU, NOR DO WE WANT TO PAY YOUR BILLS WITH OUR TAXES FOR THINGS THAT WE ARE HAVING TROUBLE AFFORDING FOR OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN. Come here legally and you can get the rights you deserve.

  42. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  43. Garcia says:

    To “Your mistake…not ours” Uhhh… I didn’t do anything. I’ve always been an American citizen as have my family for generations. As a matter of fact, we were in Texas prior to the annexation by the United States. My comments are not directed to the frustrated hoi-palloi who are are being failed by government and media while the ruling rich are annoyed that the common people demand so much (of their stolen money). My comments are directed at those that have benefited once from liberal government programs and policies and now are indignant that others will do the same thing. My pocket book has been suffering too, you know.

  44. mark says:

    I guess charity and compassion is up to the individual.
    Do what you think is right and live with it.
    I feel very good about myself especially when receiving some unfortunate individual’s gratitude for acts of kindness.
    Please….. Hate away”

    sven, I am always amazed at how people like you judge your compassion and as you write above, “I feel very good about myself expecially when receiving some unfortunate individual’s gratitude for acts of kindness.” Your idea of kindness, apparently, is to stick your hand into your neighbors pocket and give to others for what you think is right and to stand back and take credit for the perverse way you view charity.

    If posters don’t agree with you they are racist, bigots. If the hate fits you should continue to wear it with the other perverse views you have.

    The question I always come back to is: why do liberals like yourself view yourself as compassionate because you like to take money from others and give it away so you can feel good? Why don’t you give all of your money away for the causes you think are important?

  45. mark says:

    sven, what you think is very important to the discussion. You make a statement then you want to distance yourself from it. Afterall, it was you who wrote about how good you feel when you get the gratitude from those you helped. But your statement does point to the perverse view you have when it comes to compassion and charity.

  46. Tracee says:

    If the catholic church of Criminal RAPE cared about children they wouldn’t have raped, sodomized so many and then conciously covered it up!!!!!! The catholic church should have been sued into oblivion by now. They have NO credibility!!!!!!!
    The catholic church is a JOKE and no one should be listening to these sadistic RAPISTS

  47. Tracee says:

    People SIGN THE PETITION. Have some balls and sign it. Some people are now acting like @itches bc their names may be made public. Well, cowards, guess what YOU have the right to determine what your tax dollars are used for. And, ILLEGAL anything is not it!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, man up, and stand up to this arrogant and ignorant bill the democrats assaulted us with. The republicans have also failed. We should have a law denying coverage to women who have anchor babies!!!! When is this going to be addressed? Repubs and Dems should NOT be voted for in the next elections.

  48. Matthew Halliday says:

    Another Catholic here who will be signing the petition! NO INSTATE TUITION FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, and no free preK-12 education for that matter also.

  49. Blake Sutherland says:

    Religious organizations and voters need to be aware of the religious left. The Industrial Areas Foundation is one such organization. Founded by Saul Alinsky and rooted in radical so called social justice and the power of deception it uses religion for political gain. Catholic charities have given many a grant to them and they should keep an eye on where their donations go. Check them out you might be very surprised.

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