BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The New York legislature’s decision to legalize same sex marriage draws attention to the debate in Maryland.

Political reporter Pat Warren has reaction from both sides.

Same sex couples in Maryland now marry in other states. John Paul and Darren Vance chose the district.

“When we found out this was going to happen in the district we obviously decided to do it here,” they said.

The governor of New York leads state lawmakers to approve same sex marriage and Maryland supporters take heart.

“I think all elected officials could take a page from Governor Cuomo’s book,” said one woman.

Maryland lawmakers broke new ground this year when a bill legalizing same sex marriage passed the Senate and made it to the floor of the House. The bill died on the floor.

Delegate Emmit Burns is a pastor at the heart of resistance to same marriage.

“I suspect this year the governor and everybody will pull out all the stops as Cuomo did in New York and we are in their sights, we are targeted, we are the bulls-eye,” he said. “We will resist it with every ounce of power we have.”

Advocates don’t intend to let up either.

“Will we live to fight another day? In 2012 and 2013 and 2014 we will be back until our families get legal equality,” said one supporter.

The politicking could start as early as October when the General Assembly meets in special session.

Same sex marriage supporters would like to see a marriage bill sponsored by the governor.

Governor O’Malley supported this year’s same sex marriage bill.

Comments (61)
  1. Nina Tryggvason says:

    there is no legal or moral reason to disallow gays from being able to marry the person of their choice – we are not lesser than other people

    the only objections are religious and they are basically that they do not want to give up their previously uncontested ability to discriminate.

    marriage is a secular legal matter between the parties seeking to enter into a marriage contract.

    follow Canada’s example – gays get to be married and churches can’t be sued for not performing ceremonies – but all civil marriage athorities may not pick and choose from the public, same as any other non-discrimination factor

    1. Secular Legal Matter says:

      Most traditional marriages are between one man and one woman and are performed in a place of worship during a religious ceremony. Why are the gays not in support of calling their “secular legal matter” a same sex civil union?

      1. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

        And more then half of those marriages end in a Bitter Divorce that we see play out on TV because it happens to most “Christian” politicians. I mean Really? Who really puts a foul taste in the marriage pool?

      2. Secular Legal Matter says:

        So, once again I ask, why are the gays not in support of calling their secular legal matters a same-sex civil unions?

        I don’t understand the need to call a same-sex union a marriage. It seems the gay community is insisting that marriage is not a religious matter. Why is it so concerned about the semantics?

      3. nina says:

        because non-religious heterosexual people get to be married and not civil unioned

        one law inclusive of everyone – only equal is equal

    2. I disagree says:

      If there’s no legal or moral reason to disallow gays from being able to marry the person of their choice–what’s next–that those or other individuals should be able to marry two or more persons of choice?

      You state that the only objections are religious and that they do not want to give up their previously uncontested ability to discriminate. That is your opinion to which you are entitled. Not sure who the “they” are.

  2. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    I thought all men/women were created equal here in this country. Let them marry, who cares. Its no ones business anyways. Can’t wait for Gay Divorce Court to show up on TV!

    1. Your Common Sense says:

      Okay, so suppose a man wants to marry a dog or a woman wants to marry a cat? Suppose either one of these individuals wants to marry more than one other person/animal? Should this be allowed–because it is certainly no one’s business anyway…

      1. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

        Why is it that Crazy people like you automatically jump to Marrying animals and trucks and all. Good lord. We want to marry someone of the same sex. And you want to Divorce someone of the opposite sex. We don’t stop your divorces do we?Just because your unhappy you want the rest of us to be unhappy. You Hypocrite.

      2. To Matthew Don Pablo says:

        Hey, Don Pablo, why are you calling Your Common Sense a hypocrite? Nothing was mentioned about divorce. I think the poster was trying to get at the reason that gay MARRIAGE should not be allowed–where do we draw the line? The post also referred to bigamy/polygamy.

        The post was answering the previous post “Wheres common sense when you need it” I guess it struck a chord with you!

    2. all about the bennies says:

      Gay people have had the right to be who they are, and be with whom they choose.

      The difference now is about entitlements and insurance benefits.

      1. ??? says:

        If that is the case, why are they not pushing for same-sex civil unions instead of marriage?

  3. GREG BAGWELL says:

    its okay to be gay

    1. Straight Up says:

      And okay to be straight as well:-)

  4. Diane King says:

    “there is no legal or moral reason to disallow gays from being able to marry the person of their choice – we are not lesser than other people

    the only objections are religious and they are basically that they do not want to give up their previously uncontested ability to discriminate.

    marriage is a secular legal matter between the parties seeking to enter into a marriage contract.”

    Nina – I couldn’t have said it better.

    1. Just saying... says:

      What about the Defense of Marriage Act?

      According to Section 3 of DOMA, in order for a marriage to be recognized for purposes of any federal law it must be between a man and woman and a spouse has to be someone of the opposite sex.

      Seems to me this would be a legal reason to disallow gays from being able to marry a person of same gender.

  5. Dan says:

    First of all , marriage is for legal and moral procreation. Do you understand that word? Same sex cannot procreate. Some couples may chose not to procreate and that is their choice. It has nothing to do with discrimination but has to do with common sense.

    1. Greg says:

      Do you believe in birth control? Ever have intercourse without the intent of producing offspring? I am guessing you have answered yes to one of those questions since most likely you don’t have 10 kids. Guess you shouldn’t be married either!

      1. Dan says:

        Are you so stupid as to believe that procreation is the only reason for marriage?
        You need to understand what you are reading before you make a comment.

    2. Greg says:

      No, I am saying there are many many reason for marriage, and that procreation is one optional reason. I believe that is what you were getting at towards the end of your first post. So with that reasoning a couple can get married with no intention of procreating. Such as a same sex couple.

      1. To Greg says:

        So tell us, Greg, what are the many many reasons for marriage, gay or straight?

    3. Greg says:

      How many would you like me to list? I’d start with wanting to share your life with someone. The in sickness and in health part… which while at hospitals if you are sick only your family or spouse can make decisions regarding your care. I’ll throw the obvious being in love reason. starting a family, which can include adoption, something that is easier to do if you are in fact married rather than single. Proof to others of your commitment. Which isn’t shoving it in people faces like so many claim, just a simple statement of your feelings that you are proud to show to others through a binding contract. There are a few to get you started.

      1. marriage reasons says:

        Okay, the being in love and wanting to share your life with someone does not require a marriage contract and many people do so without being married. I agree that adoption may be easier for married couples than it is for singles, though I am not familiiar with adoption laws. However, you have already stated that having a family is not necessarily a reason to get married. Proof to others to show your commitment via a simple statement of feelings during a binding contract?? I am not sure I understand that one. As for the sickness and health part, wouldn’t a same-sex civil union ensure this for the gay community? Yes, life-long partners should be able to make care decisions, hopefully with the family as well. Though I can see why insurance companies would not want to pay for expensive in vitro fertilization procedures, etc. that would be necessary (not due to health reasons but due to personal decision making) in the event that a gay couple decided to go the surrogacy/sperm donor route.

  6. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    the moral fiber of mankind is slowly being eroded away. remember the roman empire just before it collasped.. GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US!

    1. Does not make sense says:

      I am sure you just mean the straight people. Right?

      1. Makes sense says:

        This comment makes perfect sense to me! It was written loud and clear, “GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US!”

  7. Chubrock says:

    I understand from a religous reason why people don’t want gays to marry. A gay friend of mine said it best, why can’t they call it a union instead of marriage. Shee said that this is one reason people have hard feelings against gays. If they were given the same rights and called it something else, most people wouldn’t have a problem with it. But thier are alot of gays who just want to stir the pot and be a maurder. I understand what she says and agree with her point of veiw on it. This way they would have the same rights as everyone else and it wouldn’t offend religous people because it isn’t called marriage. So why don’t the gay people pushing so hard compromise and try to get it past this way. That way its not law stepping over religion, or religion over stepping into law. Remember church and state are suppose to be kept separate, and I feel this would be a win win situation for all parties like she explained it to me.

  8. Fogey0 says:

    Even animals don’t have same sex sex.

    1. Are you that stupid says:

      LOL, you need to watch the animal channel. YOUR WRONG, so therefore it makes it right. The gays win.

      1. You are that stupid says:

        Talk about stupid? Your comment is stupid. When you learn the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE check back in. My original comment is accurate.

    2. Are you that stupid, "Yes you are." says:

      @Fogey0, had no idea you’re an English major, but then again maybe your not. (same sex sex)

  9. It's all about the money says:

    When the gay community moves to DC and New York and this horrible Baltimore City economy gets worse, that’s when the State of Maryland will start crying, begging for gay marriage to pass.

    This City and State will fail without the gay commuites support. You will see.

    1. fogey0 says:

      One can only hope that all of you move. And, if you haven’t noticed, the city and state are failing because of radical left wing, misguided leadership that prostitutes itself for votes from special interest groups like yours. Case in point, in state tuition for ILLEGALS.

      1. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

        One can only hope that you move and leave good people alone. I mean wow. Do your neighbors know your stupid?

      2. Just me... says:

        Matthew, why are suggesting that previous poster move and leave good people alone? Perhaps he is a good person. Just because he doesn’t agree with your agenda doesn’t make him a bad person.

        BTW, I think you meant to write you’re (contraction for you are) stupid rather than your stupid. Now you have just shown your studpidity:-)

        Many of your posts here sound very hateful towards straight people.

    2. I agree says:

      You are correct in that it’s all about money. That is why gay marriage just passed in New York. Oh, and by a narrow margin, btw.

      I hope that it doesn’t get to the point in Maryland that we will start crying and begging for gay marriage to pass. I do not think the city and state will fail without the support of the gay community. Maryland may fail due to too many liberal policies being enacted.

  10. Avery says:

    People really need to get a hobby.. Leave the gay community alone. They are not hurting anyone and if spending their lives with someone of the same sex makes them happy then that is their own business. People spend wayyy to much time judging and putting their two-cents in other people’s lives in when they should be more consumed with something that actually is causing harm to the human race.

    1. Gay Marriage Hurts Humanity says:

      First, the gay community is aggressively lobbying against hetersexuals’ mainstream way of life. If two gay people want to be happy together, then that is their choice. However, don’t force the term “marriage” upon that relationship–call it what it is–a same sex civil union.

      Second, marriage to a member of the same gender does cause harm to the human race since two individuals of the same sex cannot procreate:-) Boys have boy parts and girls have girl parts for a reason.

      1. avery says:

        Thanks for the lesson in anatomy….
        We as a human race are in no way close to extinstion. Anyways, there are ways for a same sex couple to procreate….maybe they need some assistance to do so but it happens.

      2. Another lesson... says:


        It is a well known fact that it takes sperm from a man and an egg from a woman for fertilization and pregnancy to occur. Thus, you still need a man and a woman. Not two women or not two men.

      3. avery says:

        surrogate – look it up

      4. Yet another lesson... says:

        I think Avery is the one who needs to look up surrogate. In the case of two gay men, a surrogate mother (female only) must be used. In the case of two gay women, a sperm donor (male only) must be used. Therefore, both a male and female are still needed to procreate.

      5. avery says:

        like i said… a gay couple can still have children , just with a little help… read before you comment.. i mean really….

      6. avery says:

        Like I said before… gay couples can have children , just with a little help. My goodness read before you comment… i mean really.

      7. To Avery says:

        To Avery:

        Really? You mean just a little help like from a man and a woman? My goodness, perhaps you need to read before you comment…

  11. Higher taxes says:

    Has anyone thought about one other reason states are legalizing same sex marraige. Most of that states that have already approved this law are liberal highly taxed states. Married people traditionally pay a higher income tax rate. I’m not against same sex marraige by any means.

  12. It will happen says:

    Gay marriage 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes we can.

    1. Not Here says:

      Yes, you can already in several other states. Go there and get ‘married’ now rather than wait it out iand take a chance in Maryland.

  13. bmoregyrl says:

    The comment from Mr Burns he needs to understand that he needs to leave his religous outside the state house period. This is a rights issue not a religous issue. We all have rights and the gys community is no different. I read the bible, but I don’t push my beliefs on anyone else. If you are in politics you need to leave your religous beliefs at home.

  14. protect the roundeye says:

    I personally don’t care one way or the other about the law but there is no way that God intended for one man to stick his hoo hoo up another man’s rear end… Never mind the fact that Sodomy is illegal so two men who “marry” one another can’t get it on…. I do however, think that they should not be allowed to adopt kids, kids have a hard enough time growing up in this world with out having two dads playing hide the salomi in the shower or two mom’s scissoring…

    1. enough is enough says:

      Right on!!! The thought of two men docking or sword fighting is disgusting!

  15. Whatnow says:

    Chubrock’s friend has the right idea. Why can’t we compromise? Call it marriage call it civil union, I don’t care. But please, please, leave the term’s husband and wife for heterosexuals. I work for a gay woman. She is nice as could be, so is her partner. I wouldn’t want them hurt because of their sexual preference but every time she says something about her wife, sorry, it totally grates on my nerves. Conservatives, Christians, whatever you want to call the majority of people in this country, they have given and given while special interest groups take and take, how about a little compromise in the spirit of friendship.

  16. adraine says:

    this gay stuff is too much.put them on an island to was never so it will never be so in GOD’s eyesight.

  17. Rev Dr John says:

    Rev Dr John
    All this christian stuff people are throwing around there is so many PRIEST, PASTORS,CLERGY whatever you want to call them that stand before their church every Sunday and talk and preach about GOD but then go home to their PARTNER. The good book says we are made in his likness and image therefore he loves us all just the way we are. I am a GAY Rev have been with my HUSBAND for 21 years . If you all would love like God tells us to there would be none of this stuff going on in here today because GOD IS LOVE . God Bless all the Str8 and Gay .

    1. To Rev says:

      Just curious… So are you husband and wife or husband and husband?

      I agree that God loves all of us. However, I also believe that we have laws and rules in society for good reason.

  18. Rev Dr John says:

    Rev Dr John

    It is my prayer that marriage will come to Maryland My Husband has a right to my estate along with OUR CHILDREN yes we have 5 children 4 girls and a son that has gone to fight for all our rights to be a stay a free country for the U S Army none of our children are gay and thats great for them but they do not disrespect their Dad’s and 2 of them live with us and one is married and the other lives with her mother in an other state but comes to our house all the time . Children know what they are taught if we teach hate they will also we teach love in my house and they do as well.

    1. To Rev again says:

      Another question for Rev: Do all of your children also know/stay in contact with their biological mother(s)? I am wondering why one lives with her mother instead of her two dads. Really none of my business, though you brought up the subject. Just curious.

    2. Childrens' Issues says:

      So were your children taught that one dad is their real dad and the other is not their birth father? Do all of your children have the same birth mother? What have you taught them about human sexuality?

  19. Secular Legal Matter says:

    Why does the gay community want to call it ‘marriage’ if this is a secular legal matter? Why not call it a same-sex union if you get all the health beneftis, etc. afforded to heterosexual married couples? I thought that this is what the gay community wanted.

  20. To all the breeders says:

    Maybe all you straight people should stop having gay babies, until then shut the heck up.

    Gay marriage 2012, it’s gonna happen jerks.

  21. Choice says:

    There is no scientific evidence that a gay gene exists. One must examine environmental and cogntiive factors.

    Some scientists in the past have conducted studies and concluded that there is a genetic link. However, no studies have been able to replicate those results.

    Being gay is a lifestyle choice.

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