Immigrant Tuition Bill Delayed By Petition Drive

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Opponents of the state’s new in-state tuition law for illegal immigrants get a few final signatures in their effort to put the Dream Act on the ballot.  Kelly McPherson explains what this could mean for Maryland’s landmark immigration law.

Organizers say they’ve gathered more than 110,000 signatures from Marylanders wanting a state-wide referendum on a controversial issue about to go into law this summer.

“The reason we’ve done that is because of the passion and the outrage of the people for this so-called Dream Act,” said Delegate Pat McDonough.

The act, signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley this year after a heated debate in the legislature, would allow some children of illegal citizens to pay the in-state tuition rate for Maryland universities.

“This will allow us to have a more educated work force, which is good for all of us,” O’Malley said.

Petition signers believe they’ll win a referendum.

“If they’re a hard worker and honest, I think they’ll vote no.  Don’t go for it,” said Wayne Gerbes.

“If you’re not in this country legally, you should not get benefits the taxpayers get.  It’s simple,” said Karen Efird.

But supporters of the idea believe voters will believe it’s more fair to help the students.

“We’re telling kids to strive to achieve in school and then for a select minority, we’re telling them that it doesn’t apply to you,” said Charly Carter.  “These are the kids that go to school with my daughter, that play on the fields here.”

The referendum would take place in November 2012, which is also a presidential election.  That typically means a big voter turnout.

  • Tracee

    The DUMBOCRATS should be voted out.!!! Better yet can we NOT vote for anyone. Let’s NOT go to the polls to show our RAGE about both Dumbocrats and Repuklicans…..We need to take a lead from Eygpt!!!!!!

    • JQP

      Though I am whole-heartedly against the dream act, I’m pretty sure calling people names is disrespectful and shows a distinct lack of intelligence. Use your argument to prove your point, otherwise you make yourself (and the rest of us who don’t want to see this law passed) appear childish and easily dismissed.

      Please, use your brains to make this decision, not your anger.

  • J. Chambers

    This is a doomed effort. Stalin said something like: It isn’t the votes that count but who counts the votes. The vote counters are the very people that want this as a law. Goes along with electronic voting where there is no paper trail so the voters can’t question election outcomes.

    • sven

      Long live the hanging chad! :)

  • Jennifer

    When will these politicians get it into their thick heads that American citizens are tired of bankrolling illegal immigrants?????

    • lynn


    • Gene

      These politicians are banking on getting the latino vote. Why do you think Obama wants to grant them all amnesty and make them legal citizens? It’s all about the vote. I’m not sure if I have my figure right, but I’m told that the latino vote can sustain the democrats control for 40 years.

      And just so we understand whats going on here, not voting is what got this country in so much trouble last election. Whit out a strong showing at the polls from the people that didn’t vote last time (you know who you are) we’re just gonna end up with another four years of what we have today

      • Robert Esposito

        The problem is that the Republicans also see it as votes. Which ever party makes them citizens get the votes.

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  • JoeFromAACounty



    • tracee



    Don’t throw them in the Bay. We’re trying to clean the old girl up. That kind and extent of pollution would never be cleaned up. Drop them in that Cesspool they call the Patomac!

    J.J.B.Jr. (USN.RET.)

  • dave

    If you want to come to this country you must serve at least 3 yrs in the armed forces (that is anyone from any country). Once you have done that then you can become a citizen. Rich or poor that should be the only way you get in.
    No bribes or creating votes for the politicians. No promise to give you lower college tution or anything free until you fight for our country.
    God Bless America

    • Free ride

      Have you served your country?

      • Old nurse2

        Actually very male citizen over 18 serves this country through the selective service because it can be activated and they can be called up. Illegal immigrants are not citizens. They get all the free benefits without having to serve our country at all while the rest of us are being taxed through the nose, as it is, to pay for it all!

  • not far

    This is very sad, this country is going down hill. Everyone needs an education, even immigrants :(

    • DAS


      • IHateMDNow

        Thank you – sometimes people seem to forget the ILLEGAL part. If you are a citizen or here LEGALLY and pay taxes, all have the same rights. ILLEGAL mean not of the law, not legal. If a US citizen went over seas to try to get free “whatever” by showing up illegally, they would get jail time and/or deported!

    • Billiam

      So explain to me, not far, why someone who here is illegally should get something like an in-state tuition? No one is denying them the right to get an education; however, it should be at the correct rate of tuition – why should they get a benefit of reduced cost? My son lives in PA with his mom – he’s beein the US all his life and we’ve paid taxes to both states all our life, but if he chooses to go to a college in MD, he has to pay out of state rates, even though he was BORN in the state of the college he would choose to attend.

    • Joyse

      No one is denying immigrants an education. What is sad, is the fact ,that their parent’s never paid taxes, as the rest of us US citizens have. What is sad, is the fact, that they were probably living on welfare and collecting expenses for thier children. They DO NOT deserve to have in-state tuition granted to them. Let them work and pay taxes, then their children can have it. Simple. PLEASE EVERYONE DO THEIR PART TO VOTE!!!!!!!!

    • Far enough

      Yes, and no one is denying those illegal immigrants an education. They can pay the higher tuition rate if they choose to attend our colleges and universities. These individuals already receive free public education, food, health care, etc. It’s the so-called middle class that is footing the bill.

      • Too Far Already

        Round ’em up and send ’em back. I’m tired of this. If I was doing something illegal, I’d get a fine, jail time, or both. They get free stuff.


    Tell me have you served your country?

  • af

    the problem with the provision that counts them as out of state students is that it limits the number of legal us citizens from out of state who can attend MD colleges, also it is not fair to give illegals aliens in-state tuition while making legal citizens from out of state pay a higher tuition. There is something wrong with this picture. I am paying college tuition for three children now I have to bankroll illegal aliens too and we are paying for the entire tuition and housing bill.

    • Old nurse2

      Same here af!

      Our youngest is in college, a good student, and he got virtually nothing from our in state schools. Why? Because we’re not on welfare! Even though we are older citizens now & on a fixed income. Why then should we be willing to pay for illegal’s kids?

      My father’s family immigrated to MD legally back in the ’30’s. They worked hard all their lives, as farmers on the shore, paid taxes, and never asked anything of anyone. Their kids were certainly never offered any reduced tuition – and they were here legally!


        SHUT TFU and stop crying, I payed my kids way with no help from anyone.

        My family…………… blah, blah, blah

        Will you ever stop?

        Vote for me in 2016

  • Tony Piacente

    should have never voted out Ehrlich, big mistake fellow Marylanders. Ehrlic brought prosperity to this State and 6 months into O’Malley being governor, he took our surplus and turned it into a deficit, sounds like Obama. He is raising taxes, and now toll road fees, etc. He needed to be a one term governor, like Obama needs to be a one term President.

    • tylerjake

      Uhh, unfortunately the voters gave O’Malley a second term just last November. They didn’t learn from his first for years.

  • Mack

    Have some compassion for Citizens students concerning the taxpayer resources stolen by the ILLEGALS to educate the ILLEGALS and their children. These resources should have been utilized to educate the LEGAL children of United States Citizens. The Blanket Amnesty of the 80’s is the main reason today’s ILLEGALS expect and DEMAND another such as the Dream Act Amnesty and if it is granted the ILLEGALS will continue to come to steal our resources and DEMANDING another BLANKET AMNESTY.

  • Mack

    It’s about time for the aclu and a Pro-ILLEGAL judge to jump in and save the day for their Special Interest Groups who benefit finnancially from the cheap ILLEGAL labor while expecting the Citizen Taxpayers to foot the bill by paying for the benefits for the ILLEGAL EMPLOYER’S ILLEGALS.

  • lynn

    They are criminals, that is what ILLEGAL means. They
    should be punished. When I went to Mexico I didn’t get free health care, social services, free education, housing. We need to adopt other countries policies. If you come into the country illegally, you will not be seen again. Illegals come over here, and get our services, send the money home and bring others here. The women get pregnant right away so their kids can be citizens. They should not be given food, work, housing, or healthcare. If you are the child of illegals, you and your offspring will always be illegals. No more driver’s licensees for them. It’s time to get tough. No voting privileges. If they come to our hospitals, they are turned away. It is time that Americans make a stand. “HELL NO THEY MUST GO”!!!

    • To Lynn

      And I bet you entered the country of Mexico legally and spent your hard earned tax dollars there as well.

      The border control issue needs to be addressed. I don’t know why we don’t/can’t send these illegal aliens back to where they came from right away. We are doing them a disservice if our economy is drained and we can no longer afford to support them.

    • Old nurse2

      Absolutely right, Lynn! That’s why all the little money to wire home places are cropping up all over the place – in every town the illegals are in! I never saw that before they moved in.

      I’m sick of paying taxes through the nose for welfare as it is – not to mention for those who are here illegally!

      And to make matters worse, they arrogantly show such disdain for our country & our people while openly declaring they’re going to “take back their country”.

    • OMalleySTinks

      salisbury is an illegal alien ghetto now. thanks a lot maryland!

    • jomokuk

      grat lynn I couldnt agree with you more…have you taken a good look round you lately????? how many American citizens commit horrendous crimes everyday, every second, every minute of their SORRY LIVES????? are they too not CRIMINALS, yet we are ever so ready to gun down people who are desperate, and thirst for progress, freedom, education which American citizens have no respect and value for. Look around you, its a war just to keep students in the classrooms today!!!!!! a major part of our economy , our wealth, infrastructure etc have been built on the back and blood of the people you call criminals and illegals, did we for once think that they wouldnt want a piece of the PIE!!!! they deserve a piece. We are too quick to forget that those plush hotels, the fruits, the meats, the roads we enjoy , the evergreen lawns carefully manicured had to e done by someone?????? take a deep breath and get over yourself!!!!!!!

  • tylerjake

    My question is when these people are driving around and run into you, who pays for that as well? NOT THEM!

    • Old nurse2

      Of course not, since most carry little, if any, insurance.

      The day our son got his driver’s license, after we had him wait until he was almost 18, due to high insurance rates, he had to come back home to retrieve more papers.

      He & my husband both told me how the Hispanic immigrants just walked up in front of everyone & got their license. Just like that!

      • tylerjake

        It’s scary we have live like this now.


        hahaha just like that.

        You’ll get used to our socialism after a few more years.

        Keep turning left.

        37 million are supposedly here, how do you propose to relocate? that is 1/10 of our current population.

        Forward thinking, responsible, democratic Americans are at least taking educated steps to remedy this issue.

        4 more years! Yes We Can II

  • Debbie

    When the politicians don’t listen to their constituents, it is time to stand up and make them listenl. Bravo to all who signed the petition and who will vote to rescind this bill which rewards ILLEGAL law breaking activity and is a slap in the face to law abiding citizens. And while you are in the booth in November 2012 vote out the politicians who voted for this as well.


      I hope they verify those signatures. (probably hired acorn)

      Maryland Republicans did orchestrate Robo-Calls (oppps)

      • No socialism here

        Many of the signatures have already been vailidated:-)

        Do you really want socialism to occur here? You really think that the current way will remedy the issue rather than create more issues (problems)? I disagree with your statement regarding forward thinking, responsible, democratic American thinking. Many Americans of varying political parties are very discouraged by what is happening in America and are exercising their rights/expressing their opinions. Now that is true democracy!!

    • I agree


      Several politicians did listen to their constituents:-) That’s how this petition came to fruition. Yes, I will remember this when it’s time to vote!!

    • Herman

      Amen! But, we have such short memories. All a politician has to do is send a flyer to people’s home and we go running off to make them wealthy by staying in office.

      VOTE THEM OUT…or boycott the whole corrupt voting process. NOW, who has the balls to end Anchor Babies. Hell, we have enough underage legal girls having babies and lying on the system.

  • William Bauer

    Would some one tell our government what the word illegal means > Maybe they should visit the new g w bush’s library , I think the word is still in the dictionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Goldberg

    What graft are our politicians pokceting by defending illegals? Must be akin to the slave trade. Since when would any self-respecting polticitian (I know, it’s a paradox) defend something illegal? What part of “illegal” don’t they get?

  • MarylandLosing

    They are renaming Salisbury to Marylanijuana soon. Illegal Alien Ghetto of Crime!

    • Todd

      I already thought Maryland was renamed Mexiland?

  • Give me more mentality

    Why do these illegal immigrants have such a sense of entitilement anyway? Haven’t they already been given enough?

    Once again, no one is denying these people their educations.

  • Simple Solution

    Illegal immigrants can become citizens of Maryland. Then they qualify for the Maryland citizen tuition rate.

    By the time illegal immigrants reach college age, they surely can start the path to citizenship. Perhaps this should be taught in the schools…

  • lionfour

    Just try to sneak into Mexico from the south and see what happens!
    If you think they welcome illegal aliens you are SADLY mistaken.
    I am proud of my fellow Maryland citizens for making their collective
    voices heard and beginning the process that will defeat O’Malley’s
    kiss a$$ bill to support criminals.

  • Robert Long

    I really am sad about all this support for illegal’s. Why? Whats next? Support for child molester’s and drug dealer’s?. I can see it now. Free housing for them and there meth lab’s. It makes me sick that they get to live off us for free and there is nothing done about it what so ever.

    I do my part to get rid of them. I called ICE last month and they raided this complex and every single illegal ran for the boarder LOL. 22 family’s ran it’s funny. And the management got a huge fine for letting in illegal’s. It’s a funny funny show. Makes me want to grab some pop corn LOL. The ones below us got grabbed because they where trying to move more of there family over and had a huge stash of cash. Like 200 grand to move the rest of there family over and move them here.

    They can pay to move there family’s here and go through all that. But they cant learn english and do it the legal way like every other self respecting new citizen of our country. Thats how it is today. The law maker’s reward the law breaker’s to get support from them. And the biggest one i am sick of is O’Mally. he need’s to go and go now! This is just step one… We need to do a recall on him and pull him out of office!

  • Mike

    Jose Go Home!!!!

  • sick of them!

    I am disgusted by all the help they get for free and us hard working middle class citizens foot the biils for them…
    I live in an apartment just my kid and I and now I am being told my water bill is going to be 120.00 a month based on a 2 bedroom apartment…ok the damn illegals in my building live 20 deep to an apartment, I work full time so who the hell is using all the water in the building????
    i know this has nothing to do with the BS Dream Act but i needed to vent and now I need to press 1 for English to call my kids school!! GRRRRR!!

    • Oh, yeah

      Just wondering where you live. Yes, it is a shame that here in the USA we can’t use the English language. Are our taxes not providing the schools with money to hire teachers to teach English to these kids?

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