MLB Fans continue to debate about steroids in baseball on two fronts, who was using and whether players should be allowed to use.  As far as Baltimore Orioles fans are concerned, speculation will never end as to whether Brady Anderson was on the juice in 1996 when he belted 50 home runs, and Brian Roberts admitted to trying them earlier in his career.  One guy I never thought I’d hear weigh in on the subject is Charlie Sheen.  You know the guy who is “winning” with “Tiger Blood” and “Adonis DNA”?  Sheen says he used steroids for about 6 to 8 weeks before filming Major League.  The Steroids gave took his fastball from 79 MPH to 85 MPH.  I always thought the “Wild Thing” might have been on something just never thought that something would be ‘roids.

  1. rick says:

    why is anyone listening to this junkie

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