BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Baltimore’s School CEO is keeping his job for the next four years even though the school district is in the middle of turmoil.

Gigi Barnett has more on the contract and what it means for the district.

City school CEO, Dr. Andres Alonso’s new contract has fresh ink. His previous contract expired Thursday

In a statement to WJZ, school board president, Neil Duke, wrote: 

“Under Dr. Alonso’s leadership, the past four years have been a time of exceptional progress for our students. As we enter the 2011-12, the most important first step the board can take is to ensure that the district continues to have the forceful and committed leadership it needs.”

Some city residents agree.

“You have to sort of measure the time he’s been in Baltimore and the size of the problems,” said one resident.

Alonso’s new contract comes when the district is under fire. Two elementary schools were caught cheating on standardized tests and there has also been a recent dip in test scores, but Alonso has support.

“I don’t think that one test score tells the whole story. I think the problem is more complex than that,” said one person.

Alonso signed his first contract back in 2007. Now, this second contract adds four more years to his stay in Baltimore. It’s just enough time, according to some city residents, to make more improvements to the school district.

“It’s a big enough problem that it takes more than four years to solve it,” said one person.

 Dr. Alonso’s contract also includes a $750 monthly stipend for a car and driver.

Comments (8)
  1. Skippy Toaster says:

    Really? This guy’s going to make over a million dollars and can hardly cobble an intelligible sentence or two together without a prepared statement? What a joke! This is one of the ways in which Baltimore scares away anybody who can afford to get the hell out.

    1. What? says:

      I’m ok with him making over a million dollars. He has the hardest job in the state. It’s not easy to convince ghetto thugs that education really is the key to a better life and a legitimate job.

      1. jay says:

        no he doesnt. the teachers under him do. what kind of superintendent calls himself a CEO?? This isnt business, its education. its not up to him to convince these people, and yes they are still people, to go to school. his job is to provide the resources for the people that DO attend. what happens next year when they get the same results???

  2. What? says:

    WJZ reporting sucks. Seriously, this is your best professional journalism? “Dr. Alonso will reportedly make at least $260,000 for each of the next four years as he signs a new contract to stay on the job. Our media partner The Baltimore Sun reports that’s the same amount he made in 2010. Plus the potential for performance bonuses. WEAK TRANSITION COMES HERE “As of today we know that at least eight schools, I am forwarding for investigation,” Dr. Alonso said on Wednesday. That sentence made no sense either.
    This article went from the city keeping Alonso to the cheating scandal with the weakest transition I have ever seen. Geez WJZ, my 3rd grader could have written a better transition than that.

    1. OH WELL says:

      Article writer must have went to school under alonso’s term

  3. matty says:

    Blacks are Ruining this City!!!

  4. common sense says:

    So under his watch…they had cheating on standardized tests…and this year without cheating they performed way under par (they being the students and teachers).

    The make up this “only in MD” type of “performance” pay scale for the teachers (no doubtely some of the same who cheated on their students test for higher scores) YET they extend his contract.

    If this happened anywhere else in non Baltimore politics he’d take a hike. At the end of the day he’s responsible as he’s running the show. But he gets a pass on this.

    What a shame.

  5. dripable says:

    Awesome blog post!

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