BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Michael Brooks’ 11-year-old friend accidentally shot him in the head at a slumber party. At his funeral Friday was a call to action for gun safety, as his grieving family says goodbye.

There were 22 guns inside the home where Michael Brooks died and investigators are still trying to determine if the gun’s owner faces charged.

Mike Hellgren attended Brooks’ funeral.

Police have said the 11-year-old shooter will not face charges, but they’re still looking into whether the gun’s owner stored the weapon properly. He told WJZ he has no idea how the kids got access to it.

Michael Brooks’ life was short, but he left a long legacy, among heartbroken loved ones who came together for his funeral about a week after his friend accidentally shot him in the head.

“It’s not right. Guns should be locked up and put away from kids,” said Brooks’ uncle, Charles Horn. “Only the lord knows whether justice will be served.”

At the service, the pastor reassured family that Michael is at peace, before pallbearers dressed in Ravens jerseys carried his casket to a waiting hearse. Michael was a huge ravens fan.

“Michael was a great kid.  He did not deserve what happened.  Me being a Steelers fan, in loving memory of Michael, I wore this jersey today,” said Brooks’ cousin, John Gallano.

Police say Michael was with his friend at a home in Cherry Hill when they somehow got a gun. The homeowner, a retired correctional officer, says he always kept his weapons unloaded and locked away, and has no idea how the boys gained access.

“If I could change places with that young man, I gladly would. I’ve lived my life,” said gun owner, Richard Moore. “There’s no winner, no loser, there’s just hurting people; everybody’s hurting.”

“You can’t blame anybody. You can’t dwell on it. It happened already, and it’s over. You just have to move on,” said cousin, Ulrica Crawley.

Michael, she says, would want it that way.

Police say if you have kids in the house, guns should be kept locked and unloaded, with the ammunition in a separate place.

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  1. sickened says:

    Jesus, a child was killed here. Have you no decency? can you imagine how this 11 year old feels? can you imagine how he is going to feel for the rest of his life? this was a horrible accident, one that could have been prevented with a society that doesn’t have to lean on firearms for protection. this city sucks, end of story. everyone needs guns cause you dont know who is out there when you go home. i dont care if you are white, black, old, young, rich, poor, they will kill you for nothing.

  2. adraine says:


  3. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

    Keep you guns locked up and the ammunition in a separate place so when someone breaks in you have no way to defend yourself. This was a terrible accident but it happens very rarely. Legal firearms are used over 2 million times a year to deter criminals. Teach your children about firearms and you will never have a problem. They aren’t toys..

  4. MzFeelzsoGud says:

    Really!? 22 guns? What causes a person to have the need to have 22 guns? I don’t even think there are 22 secure places to hide a gun in my home. I do agree if u teach your kids then that would definitely help the problem. If your goin to have 22 guns then maybe you should invest in a GUN SAFE. Ijs, I don’t want to be or even in a position to judge but a child was killed.

  5. Erica says:

    The second amendment of the constitution gives us the right to own 22 guns if we want to. Yes, if you have that many firearms they should be appropriately locked up in a gun safe and out of reach of children. Also children should be taught that guns are not toys and should be treated as if they are loaded even if they are not. This is a sad and tragic story and this shouldn’t have happened, but I’m sorry don’t go questioning why a person owns 22 guns especially if they are a law abiding citizen as it seems this person was. Question why the child was able to get to it and where the parents were when this went down.

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      erica that is exactly wat i said hmmm kids having sleepove ware the hell was the parent oh let me guess out the kids are old enough to take care of the themselves…..guess wat WRONG if that so called prison gaurd wa a real human y the hell didnt he teach his kid about gun safety i was born n bred around guns so were my boys u no wat im thinkin im thinkin either the 2 kids broke into the room and they both were beeing brats and got into them guns or else the boy that shot the other boy didnt like him and took him up stairs and shot him………again id love to npo ware the parents were???

  6. jh says:

    so what he is 11. whats he gonna do when he turns 20? he should still be punished. the gun owner should get time in prison too. don’t make sense. at 11 the kid is old enough to know better. and should be punished,

  7. J says:

    An 11 yr old is not a 2 or 3 year old. He should know better unless he is mentally challenged. That kid killed the other kid intentionally. Case closed. It was probably part of his gang initiation.

  8. E says:

    why do they keep calling it an accident you load a gun point it at someone then pull the trigger its no accident dont care how old he is him and uncle should be held responsible for this tragedy

  9. tina says:

    just cause hes 11 doesnt mean he didnt noe what he was doin. he should also be charged for murder cause he physically loaded the gun and pulled the trigger. it takes strength to pull a trigger, it cant be an accident. and you others may think something different but come back to me when u hear the whole story. its gonna come out one day or another and i knoe something bad is gonna happen to tht little boy.

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