WASHINGTON (AP) —  Military families will join President Barack Obama and his family for an Independence Day barbecue at the White House.

They’ll be joined by staff from throughout the administration and their families for a concert, followed by a view of the fireworks from the South Lawn.

This is the third year the first family has honored military heroes and their families with the July Fourth barbecue, concert and fireworks. As he has in the past, the president will deliver remarks during the celebration.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

  1. Steve Hampton says:

    More of Obama pandering for votes when we all know he does not like the US Military and NO ONE in his family including him have ever been in the Military. He had a General replaced when he told the truth about Obama loking uncomfortable around the military and his forced gays in the military to shower with our troops in open bay showers across the US Military bases . So now he panders after causing his damage to the military.

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