It’s been awhile since I have blogged about my experience at the Parisi speed school, so what better time to get back into it than right now?

My last exercise was actually difficult and fun at the same time. We have been working on my core more in the past 2 months after the injury i had to my hip/lower back. We always start with the warm up, which I have already stated can be a workout in and of itself. After the warm up we got to work on the sled. My trainer Hakeem threw some weights on the sled and we hit the track. The track is about 25-30 yards. The first exercise was a superset, down and back 3 times each, in which I did a bench press to push the sled. It wasn’t a full on sprint, more like a slow progression down the track. On the way back I pulled the sled in a rowing motion. Then the next exercise was a bicep curl on my way down and on the way back it was like a triceps press. I held the rope over my head and slowly extended to pull the sled along. The last superset was a straight sprint with the sled, down and back 3 times, with my arms behind my back pulling the sled. The idea was to work on driving my legs while pulling. I thought I was finished after that but my trainer Hakeem had me do 3 different ab workouts with a ten pound weight.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for my next exercise.

This is a paid endorsement.


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