After hearing all the so called experts so that Troy is better than Reed, I was a little surprised that the players voted the Baltimore Ravens safety over his counterpart.

Make no mistake about it, you can’t go wrong with either. They both are amazing players. You could say that Troy is better than Ed in the box.  Laying down the hammer to any receiver that comes across the middle or any running back sneaking through one of the gaps the offensive line has opened up.  Polamalu is great at making plays around the line of scrimmage. Leaping over the offensive line to sack the QB on 4th and short or forcing a fumble from the QB’s blindside(sorry Baltimore).  When you look at Reed, he is the ultimate playmaker.  He plays a shortened season and still lead the league in interceptions and once he gets the INT he turns into instant offense.

I personally would take Reed over Polamalu, Here are the stats from last year….You Decide!!!

Ed Reed
498 tackles (3.9/game)
5 sacks
54 INT
1438 INT return yards (26.6 yards/INT)
12 TD
10 FF
112 PD

Troy Polamalu
518 tackles (4.8/game)
8 sacks
27 INT
328 INT return yards (12.1 yards/INT)
3 TD
7 FF
79 PD


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