Rounds of rain and thunderstorms have been skirting across southern Maryland over to the Eastern Shore today. They are running along the stalled front. There was a thunderstorm or two that popped up farther north, but most people remained dry – just getting the clouds at times. With the rain around, there has also been a big contrast in temperatures. It got into the 90s out west where the sun was out for longer, while it’s only in the low 80s in southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore where some rain went through.

This stalled front will get the boot out to sea tomorrow, just as a new front comes our way tomorrow. It will be muggy as highs get to the low 90s before scattered showers and thunderstorms break out. The new front will also slow down as it drags across Maryland, keeping scattered showers and thunderstorms around Friday and maybe into Saturday.

At the same time, a new area of disturbed weather with thunderstorms and rain will move up the coast Friday into Saturday. This area is currently between Florida and Cuba, and is being monitored by the National Hurricane Center. If it develops any further, we will pass that information along to you.

As of now, it looks like the stormy weather gets out of here for the second half of the weekend. When sunshine returns, temperatures will jump back to the low 90s Sunday and Monday.


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