By Mike Schuh

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) —  An Anne Arundel County man will spend 10 years in prison after being convicted of spying on his neighbors and taping them.

Mike Schuh has reaction to the sentence.

Charles Novak told police he has a sickness and it was getting worse.  Not only did he admit to videotaping women through their bedroom and bathroom windows as they undressed, in some cases he broke into their homes.

“It’s mind-boggling,” said Anne Arundel County assistant state’s attorney Kathleen Rogers.  “He had all kinds of equipment that was just so sophisticated.”

Police say his camcorder had images of Novak rummaging through the underwear of an underage neighbor girl, who was sleeping unaware.

It came out Wednesday in court that there were 260 victims, including his own mother.

Novak stole at least 27 pairs of bras and panties from the homes of his victims. 

One victim, Jessica Dunaway, was asked by police to identify naked images of herself on Novak’s camera.

“I am still very upset,” she said. 

When she was taped topless, her blinds were fully closed.

“He went through the smallest hole.  It’s not someone walking down the street and looking through a window and moving on,” she said.

Before issuing his sentence, the judge said it was mind-boggling what he’d go through to satisfy his own urges.  Then he sentenced him to the maximum, 47 years, all but 10 years suspended. Then he’ll have five years probation and will have to register as a sex offender when he’s released.

When released, if Novak violates his probation, he will serve an additional 10 years in jail.

Comments (7)
  1. peekaboo says:

    10 years for being a pervert? Gimme a break, this guy is sick but didnt physically harm anyone….meanwhile a woman kills her infant daugther and walks free! Only in america can you get away with murder when its so obvious you did it and the evidence against you is earth shattering……just ask OJ!!!!!

    1. Antoinette Esposito says:


    2. just_me says:

      First of all you have to understand that there were many charges against the guy. 260 victims including his own mother. He wasn’t just a peeping tom. He also had several burglary charges against him. He also admitted his “sickness” was getting worse which means he was probably just a few more peeps from committing a sexual assault.

      OJ – yeah, dude was guilty but had a good lawyer.
      Casey – I think she is guilty, not a good lawyer, but an even worse prosecutor. No hard evidence unfortunately & the prosecutor spent too much time trying to make her look bad instead of focusing on tying the evidence to Casey.

  2. ContaLessa says:

    I totally agree. I dont think he should have gotten off scott free but ten years is a little obsessive. The justice system in this country is so inconsistant.

  3. Jerrod says:

    Only another pedophile would think 10 yrs is obsessive. They should hang his sorry ass.

  4. peeper says:

    Jerrod…..where does it say anywhere in the article that this guy was a pedophile or particulary interested in young children/females? Do you not know the meaning of the word? I think what “peekaboo” was trying to say was that a 10 yr sentence for a non-violent crime is a little much when we have people who are getting 18 months for committing armed robberies or 3 years for killing someone……..hang him? really? come on man, thats ridiculous, this guy is a pervert but he didnt molest a little kid or rape some woman, he peeked in windows and committed a few burglaries and spied on his own mother….that right there should tell you he is “sick” and needs treatment…..

  5. Mack says:

    What happened to the Anthony Case is over she has no brains nor does her family. they live in florida and may they live their life and always remember.
    The peeping tom well he is in jail and not to harm another person. If you want him free I hope he moves next door to you and his kids goes to your kids school so he can be in your building when you are there. I don,t want that sickco neear me. These people are all church goers .

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