Showers and thunderstorms appear to be slow to move into the area, so high temperatures were brought up a bit for this afternoon thanks to the extra sun. Showers and thunderstorms that were forecast today may take until the evening hours to reach some places, especially the eastern viewing area.

As some more showers and thunderstorms “wait in the wings” today, these could lead to some flooding, especially in areas of poor-drainage. There was a Flash Flood Warning issued for Baltimore County last night shortly after 11 p.m. and doppler radar rainfall estimates indicated that more than 2 inches of rain fell in less than 90 minutes in some places. This same kind of thing could happen again today in the very moisture-laden air mass, and if these temperatures are a little underdone (and its closer to 90, or in the lower-90s), then there may be some damaging wind gusts associated with a few thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening.

BALTIMORE IS IN THE SLIGHT RISK AREA which has been issued by the Storm Prediction Center.

 We should see this shower and heavier thunderstorm activity begin to wind down tonight, as a well-defined wave of low pressure moving along the front begins to drift to the east. While it might take until well after midnight for the rain to end at places like the Eastern Shore, the worst of the weather will probably be over with across central and western Maryland before midnight.

Drier air will be filtering into the region rather slowly tomorrow, and there still could be considerable cloudiness for a while during the morning. But, a bubble of high pressure still looks as if it will provide us with much quieter weekend weather, and the humidity will drop in a “rather subtle way” for most of us tomorrow afternoon and evening. Heat will be returning to most places by early next week, and there could be some heavy thunderstorms around either late on Monday, or Monday night into Tuesday.

 Have a good weekend!!!


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