DUNDALK, Md. (AP) — Baltimore County police say they have seized five electronic gaming devices from a Dundalk restaurant owned by Del. Joseph J. “Sonny” Minnick.

According to The Baltimore Sun, police spokeswoman Detective Cathy Batton says police removed the machines last week from a bar on Sollers Point Road while acting on a complaint received by the Board of Liquor License Commissioners. Batton says no charges have been filed.

Michael Mohler, chief administrator for the liquor board, says the agency received an anonymous complaint in May that the bar “has been paying off on poker machines and has been for years.”

Mohler says the liquor license is in the name of Joseph J. Minnick and two others.

Calls to Minnick’s Restaurant and Minnick’s home were not immediately returned Friday.

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  2. Milke says:

    This bar and Delagate is in Baltimore County.
    Read the article before you start blaming the city

  3. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    “ALL GOVERNMENTS (STATE?MUNICIPAL) are corrupt. Been going on for years. Looks like somebody didn’t get paid off at the “MACHINE”. Disgruntled employee or customer spilled the beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marty says:

    Must be a Democrat, or the Sun would have republican in bold type

  5. Marty Bass' old hairpeice says:

    Yup…. a Dem.
    Sounds like someone must not have gotten paid and reported them to the liquor board.

  6. Dundalk says:

    With all the problems we have in this state this isn’t a big deal. Somebody didn’t their cut so they ratted poor old “Sonny” out.

  7. Maryland The Fee State says:

    “Maryland Mafia”….the county/state can’t get a piece of the action so they play like the mafia and beat on the bars owners about a couple stupid gaming machines…..next thing you know they will be beating down someones door for having a penny poker game. Give it a d*mn break and use the resources of the police department where they should be.

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