Cause Of Days Inn 4-Alarm Fire Under Investigation

CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—Investigators are making headway in Saturday night’s multi-million dollar hotel fire.

Adam May reports they’ve determined where it started, but how remains a mystery.

One hundred and sixty guests at the Days Inn off Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville scrambled for safety during a four-alarm fire Saturday night.

“I was freaking out, shaking.  I got nervous,” said Natalia Moran, a hotel guest.  “There was smoke; you couldn’t breathe.”

Now investigators determine the fire started in a locked storage room on the seventh floor.  They’ve ruled out an accidental ignition from a cigarette, but they don’t know the exact cause yet.

Two guests were treated for smoke inhalation and the hotel suffered $3.5 million in damage.

“We were coming down here for a vacation to enjoy ourselves, but we ended up coming to a burned-out hotel,” said Nathan Moody.

Guests like Moody, who brought his family to Baltimore to see the National Aquarium, were allowed back into the hotel to pick up their belongings Sunday morning.  Many were upset they weren’t offered more help in finding a new hotel.

“We watched it all from across the street,” said one guest.  “We were disappointed they didn’t put us up somewhere or direct us somewhere.”

One firefighter was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

  • OMalleyTaxesYou

    you know what burns me up? this 9.2% unemployment rate. thanks obama… for nothing!

  • annon

    Several hydrants not working! Why doesn’t the fire department have a schedule for checking hydrants in each district? Sitting around winning cooking contests and polishing the chrome isn’t all they should be doing while waiting for an alarm. Especially in these tough economic times.

  • Deborah Bloom

    Thankful we have people willing to fight fires and thankful that no one died. I also wonder what the schedule is for checking hydrants and when were these last checked.

  • Captain Obvious

    Looks like they were just sitting around last night right and they do have a schedule for checking hydrants and it is the water departments job to fix them after they are reported not working. FYI Baltimore County Fire Service is 50% career and 50% volunteer if you do not like the way they are sitting around then you can volunteer your time and become a fireman to help check hydrants in your spare time. I’m sure your such a concerned citizen that all you do is complain about public safety employees and not try and help during these tough economic times.

  • Mama7086

    Well said captain obvious!!!! Somebody is always trying to blame somebody especially when they don’t know the policy/procedures/laws/rules/etc

  • Jeff

    To answer anon’s question hydrants are serviced twice a year any problems are reported to Baltimore City who is responsible for the repairs since they maintain the water system. Again someone with no knowledge of all of our duties mouthing off . In addition we are required to preform company training, inspections, educate the public on fire safety, oh and respond on emergency calls just to name a few things we do. Please educate yourself about our profession because you look like a fool

  • Annoyed Guest

    I was actually there and the most upseting part is the alarm actually rang for a few seconds. so I called the front desk she said in a very nasty tone “someone’s kid hit the alarm” and there was no issue. The alarm never went off again. I ran out of the room when I saw smoking coming out of the bathroom vent about 15 minutes after the call. Everyone was very confused and unsure if there was an actual issue. They did not put us in other hotels. i had to walk up the street and book a new room and pay for it. i would have been able to grab my bags had the front desk been honest about what was going on. This fire ruined my entire weekend.

  • Can't Fix Stupid

    Annoyed Guest – Welcome to Baltimore, the City that either Breeds or Bleeds. I have never seen an area with such RUDE people myself. Sorry your weekend was ruined. I hope you have a better week.

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