Former NFL executive with the Redskins and Texans, Charley Casserly, joined The Norris & Davis Show to discuss what appears may be the end of the NFL Lockout, the reputations and the fates of key Ravens’ players & more.

  1. Terri Annis says:

    Ed and Steve I am a 50 year old female sports fan that listens to your show everyday and usally I enjoy what you have to say. That is until this morning it really bothers me that you had to discuss what female soccer player you would want to take their shirt off if the USA wins the World Cup Title. I know that you guys aren’t sexest or small minded so this time I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I will assume that you were just boys being boys but please lets not forget these are well conditioned, highly skilled atheletes and that they deserve the respect that you would give to any athelete. Talking about Solo ripping her shirt off was bad. Just remember I do enjoy your show but I have to comment because I have 2 daughters and from listening to your show I know that you have one Steve and if either of these girls elevated to that level in their selectred sport you would want them to be recognized for their abilities and not anyting else. Thanks for listening.

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