ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Martin O’Malley is headed to Salt Lake City for the National Governors Association’s semiannual meeting.

O’Malley, who is chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, is scheduled to host a news conference with North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue, the DGA’s vice chair, on the economy Thursday afternoon.

O’Malley also is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech to the Utah Democratic Party’s annual jubilee dinner Friday evening.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey Marty. PLEASE DON’T RETURN. I was born here.I’ve paid taxes in this State for 30+ years. Maybe my legal son will qualify for IN-STATE College Tuition and not be DENIED in favor of an illegal Alien. You ARE A POS.

  2. chalkie says:

    Here is another waste of tax payers money. Another totally useless meeting of governors that does nothing for thier states what so ever. I guess O’Malley will come back and look for another way to raise a tax or a fee to rob the tax payers for the wasted trip. Remember after he wasted all that money going on foreign trips, he came back and start raising things. How about cutting all the wasted trips, which would save alot on about 15 to 40 plus people traveling at a time and then getting nothing done on top of it. When is this idiot’s term over with. Maybe just maybe we can get someone in office that really does care about the people to go in and cut all this useless s–t out and cut out all the wasted money out of the budget. O’Malley is a waste of time and space and money to the tax payers, but he doesn’t see anything wrong in which he does. Amazing isn’t it, failure as a mayor and even a bigger failure as a governor. Maybe he figures the more he spends of tax payers money, POOF all of our budget needs will magically disappear!!! Here’s a idea for you governor, how about spending sometime in Annapolis and figuring out away to fix major problems like the abuse of welfare and getting rid of all these illegal immigrants. 2 things that drain our state of more money then anything else!!!!! Thank god I didn’t vote for him, I cannot be blamed for what the rest of the state voters did.

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