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Jen Royle
Baltimore Baseball Tonight
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This is a bit of a personal blog… I hope you all don’t mind. I’m looking forward to having the Red Sox in town next week — now before you jump all over me — I have my reasons. Apparently, the only way for me to get my entire immediate family to come to Baltimore for three days is to have the Red Sox here as well. With that being said, my nephew Frankie — named after my late father – who was three months premature and an absolute miracle in our eyes, will be attending his very first baseball game. We all figured his first game would be at Fenway Park but it looks like Camden Yards is the lucky venue!

I think the series will draw a big crowd thanks to Mike Gonzalez and Kevin Gregg’s anger management issues last week in Boston. Hey, whatever it takes to fill the yard, right? Regardless, I will be there with the legendary Ma Royle, my brother Kevin, sister-in-law Beth (it’s her birthday) and of course the one and only little Frankie Royle who is now a whopping 16 pounds.

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