BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Police have arrested a teen in connection with the shooting of two security guards last week.

It happened July 14 in the 2800-block of Mathews Street at the Oak Hill Apartments.

Keymo Tubias Martin Jr., 16, was arrested Monday by Warrant Apprehension Task Force detectives on an attempted first-degree murder warrant in relation to his role in the shooting.

He is currently being held without bail at Central Booking. 

The 32-year-old female victim in the incident has been released from the hospital but is expected to have additional surgeries related to the damage her eye sustained. The 38-year-old male victim in the incident remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

An additional suspect is sought in conjunction with the incident. He is described as a black male, possibly in his 20s, 5’7″-5’9”, average build, light complexion, short haircut, clothed in a blue-and-white striped Polo shirt and blue jeans. He is to be considered armed and dangerous.

 The Baltimore Police is asking for help in apprehending the suspect. If located, do not approach him but immediately call 911.

Anyone with information concerning the incident is strongly urged to contact the Northern District Detective Unit at 410-367-3105.

Comments (36)
  1. Get it right! says:

    16 years old? He shoots a person twice his age and another person more than twice his age. The newly appointed states attorney needs to step up and have this punk thug brought up on two attempted first degree murder charges. I don’t care how old he is, I don’t care if he’s been abused, I don’t care if he’s been in a single-parent home, I don’t care if his parents have been on crack, I don’t care about anything other than justice. It’s time the victims had more rights than the punks committing these crimes. He knew what he was doing when he pulled the trigger BOTH TIMES! If you want to play the role of a thug, be prepared to accept the consequences, and above all, NO PLEA DEALS!

    1. Sherif Green says:

      I understand where you are coming from but if i may, i have a few words for you. My name is Sherif Green and I am a friend of Keymo. He is a harmless person and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. And the only way for him to act in this manner is if and only if he is provoked. Keymo is highly intelligent and attended one of the best schools in Baltimore. If you have a full conversation with him you will see him in a totally different way. I dislike people like you. Quick to judge.

      1. Get it right - again! says:

        Then explain to me why a 16 year old had a gun – you can’t. I don’t care if you dislike people “like me.” Harmless – tell that to the two officers and their families.

      2. KottaMan says:

        If he did the shooting, then he cannot be labeled as “harmless.” Provoked? What act or word could possibly “provoke” him to be in illegal possession of a gun and shoot somebody?

      3. Fed Up with Bleeding Hearts says:

        The man lying in a hospital bed right now was shot seven times. SEVEN TIMES. If Keymo wasn’t shot by the officer it’s because he was the one shooting him in the back. If Keymo was the one doing the shooting, and I AM NOT rushing to justice and convicting anyone before the trial, then I hope he is beaten to death in prison! I think it is a travesty that our bleeding heart criminal justice system doesn’t allow this thug to simply be shot immediately after conviction.

        It’s my understanding that the guard that is in the hospital now got a few shots off; I hope he hit the one that is still at large; I like to think that he is suffering with festering wounds that he’s too stupid to get treated!

    2. nh says:

      You don’t care? Most don’t care and I guess that’s why it’s a vicious cycle for youth today. I understand what you mean when you say you don’t care, you mean don’t make an excuse right? The only problem is in order to have TRUE justice all things have to be considered. It’s sicking to turn on the news and all you see is young blacks committing crime isn’t it? It is for me, only I live in a neighborhood where 90% of the things that happen don’t end up on the news. I have friends in the SUBURBS who have done or know someone who has done criminal acts and it not be handled with the same intolerance as i personally see it handled in the city. Infact most of them never even seen behind bars because of things like profiling, which basically implies that because of the demographic they’re not likely to repeat offenses. Please!!! You have to judge character not demographics or race or anything else. A corrupted person is just that no matter who it is, where they’re from, or what they have.

    3. Security Guard says:

      That is right, at his young age is so scary, thanks for posting!

  2. antoinette shorter says:

    @get it right….AMEN

  3. est 1988 says:

    Idk if this problem stems from the parents of these teens,a lack of discipline,easy access to fire arms,or the corrupted BCPD.But I feel as though the citizens should be more in control of their neighborhoods.My neighbors do not tolerate b.s,& that is the reason why there is less crime where I live.I know that there are some parts of the city that WILL NOT put up with this type of nonsense in their neighborhoods,but then you have areas that allow the criminals to rule.Stop being afraid people and stand up,this is ridiculous.The youth didn’t teach themselves this s**t,they obviously think this is okay because chances are they’ve seen it as children and witnessed criminals getting off easy.Gotta wake up and make changes,all of us.

  4. Want safety says:

    Typical Baltimore/ state of Maryland violent criminal demographic: Black males 14-28. This is why we all need to profile, profile, profile, profile profile! Oh, and did I say, profile?!!!! We also do not tolerate b/s in my community–especial from the above demographic. The very fact that this little hip hop gansta’ n—- had a gun is what truly supports my position. When you see the above core demographic loitering around at night–always suspect he’s up to no good and is armed. Of, what? Say what ultra-liberals? What about the white kids? Well, what about them? Are they doing all these shootings? Absolutely not! It’s only black youths doing all these quality of life disruptions and crimes! Get over it! Not even Columbia Mall is safe from them. Yes, tge core demographic robbed at gunpoint, the Mark Douglas Jewelry store in Columbia Mall. Oh, did I forget to say we need profile black males 14-28?

    1. nh says:

      Who knows if he even had a gun? Are you forgetting that he has been accused not freaking convicted? So I guess he’s guilty until proven innocent huh? Since alot of black maies commit certain types of crime I guess it’s ok to think most white males are serial rapists or perverts right? The answer is no. I have a variety of friends and it’s just plain ignorant to clump a race for the ill actions of a few.

    2. nh says:

      What’s the n word that has been blured? How can your opinion mean anything if your biased based on race?

    3. spring says:


    4. Bella says:

      I guess you didn’t read about the white kid in West Palm Beach, Florida who beat his parents to death and then threw a party. Several of his friends and associates partied away while this creature’s parents decomposed in their bedrooms. Race isn’t the issue, you racist loser. Our society has to kill the disease of inhumanity. That’s the only way we can SURVIVE!

      1. Numbers don't lie says:

        Yes – we heard about the story – and it doesn’t matter. Find me the percentage of crimes committed by blacks and whites, and then let’s have this argument.

      2. Bella says:

        @Numbers Don’t Lie: The percentage of crimes committed by Blacks and Whites? You REALLY don’t want to have this argument with me. LMAO. Let’s not forget the “white-collar” crimes and other crimes against humanity. Obviously you have never touched a history book or learned how to read one.

      3. Stop making excuses says:

        To Bella – this has nothing to do with white color crime. At the end of the day we talk about the same thing over and over and over again. Do you want to talk about the 20-year old arrested for carrying a rifle as he tried to shoot one of Baltimore City’s police officers? I didn’t think so. History is for books – the real crime is taking place on the street and you or any other Democrat waiting in line for a handout will be the first person to be in denial.

  5. nh says:

    People are so quick to weighn negatively. It’s a fact that the news is not forthright and is very controlled. It’s also a fact that the statistics for a young black male to commit a crime is highly likely. Isn’t it then possible that with all the crime in the city it’s highly UNLIKELY that every charge is correct? Look up 100’s of cases on google form the city where there was no real evidence and a person was charged anyway to save embarassment upon the department. People who don’t live in Keymo’s and 1000’s of other youth are maybe unaware that false imprisonment isn’t just from the OLD days or TV, it’s a sure reality. It has and will continue to happen as long as there is a high demand for quick arrests and little regaurd for the facts. If it happens often, crime that is, how is it so inconcievable to think that the police aren’t 100% right?

    1. The truth hurts says:

      Please explain to me how the news is “controlled.” Last time I checked, if you didn’t commit a crime, the chances of you being on the news were almost non-existent. False imprisonment??? What?? There SHOULD BE a demand for quick arrests – and they can’t arrest someone without having reasonable evidence of a crime taking place. I never said the police are 100% right, but the facts are the facts – if this 16 year old thug didn’t shoot two individuals, he wouldn’t been in jail, and we wouldn’t be having this “discussion.”

      1. nh says:

        You are so nieve my possibly stringy haired friend. You obviously live in a neighborhood where the authorities show up within a 20min period. Where when they get to the location you’re not likely to be harassed having been the one to call them in the first place. Finally where you most likely to NOT know a criminal than KNOW one. Out here it’s not hard to be associated with a criminal without knowledge as there are so many people with a background of all races and walks of life. I am not saying a criminal shouldn’t go to jail, I AM saying get the facts first. As of now he stands accused of a crime that hasn’t been proven that he committed yet. DO SOME RESEARCH!!! Yes there should be a demand for quick arrest given a REAL investigation is done prior. KNOWING SOMEONE WHO COMMITTED A CRIME AND NOT TELLING CAN GET YOU JAIL TIME TOO IDIOT AND THEY’RE NOT LIKELY TO PUT THE HEADLINE “PERSON WHO DIDN’T TELL ON REAL SUSPECT”!!

  6. nh says:

    Sorry for the typo’s I was typing fast I meant weigh in, from the city, keymo’s neighborhood.

    1. Typical reaction says:

      I really tried hard to make sense of the first half of your rant, but then the all caps got in the way and it too confusing. You don’t know where I live so don’t start trying to guess where I live. After the first few sentences of your post, I couldn’t make heads or tails out of what you were saying – go figure. Did you really type he stands accused of a crime that hasn’t been proved tht he committed yet? Really? You lost me at the end of your post – but that’s okay. For the record so you can understand – it’s naive and I don’t have stringy hair (and will refrain from making any judgments on you).

      1. nh says:

        You’re right my mistake it is “naive” people make mistakes as i’m sure you should know with your saying “it confusing” instead of it’s. What do you mean you’ll refrain from making any judgments on me? Didn’t you say go figure implying that i am illiterate? Shut up.

  7. La'Vicia Williams says:

    Its funny how people can turn things so racist as if African Americans are the only ones that commit crimes,like other races are so much better and don’t do anything.people are so quick to say throw this young man in jail not how can we help him not make the same mistake again.On another note keymo is a intelligent ,nice and respectful Young man that had a lapse in judgment that may possibly effect the rest of his life.

    1. Excuses says:

      A lapse in judgment? Forgetting to pay a parking ticket is a lapse in judgment. Shooting two people would be considered a felony. Yes, it will AFFECT him the rest of his life, as it should. Help him not make the same mistake again? That’s what jail is for – he can think about it there. It has nothing to do with race – it has everything to do with the severity of the crime. Take your blinders off and see the thug for what he really is.

  8. LaDasha says:

    Poor Keymo. Never did anything wrong, but they charged him anyway.

    1. Poor Baltimore says:

      Nope – didn’t do anything wrong – except shoot two people. Do you think they are really charging him with the crimes if they have no evidence? Get real

  9. Aunt Liz says:

    Im his aunt and before you pass judgement on my nephew do you know that he went to Poly ?that he is a member of huber church,that he comes from a strong family that has morals??before you say he’s a thug and just forget about him in this system that he had a father that served in the navy and passed away when he was two and that he is gifted and talented!!if this was a white boy that had the same back ground you would take a second look and say this doesent fit an unarmed boy shooting two trained armed security guards and getting away without being shot!!!what are you thinking??does that make any sense??you all are such sheep believeing what the poliece say …havent they been wrong time and time again??Free Keymo!!

    1. Get over yourself LADY!!! says:

      I believe Evidence, and if they didnt have any against him, he would be free, instead of being put away where he needs to be, even kids from the best of families sometimes slip up. And its always the same excuse “Hes such a good boy, he never did anything to anyone, my baby was an angel.” PLEASE!!!! Its the same old song sung by the families of suspects. Instead of making EXCUSES for this child, you should be trying to figure out why he was outside with a gun. And dont try to pull the “white boy” card, because the news covers storys about the “white kids” when they have been charged with any type of crime such as this. Get a grip lady. Stop trying to make excuses for such an animal!!!!

    2. Prove me wrong says:

      The next thing you know they will have t-shirts that say Free Keymo! Look – it doesn’t matter if he goes to church, what school he went to, if his father served in the Navy, and that he is gifted and talented. Read this statement carefully – I DON’T CARE THAT HE IS AFRICAN AMERICAN! I didn’t care that the white male who beat an African American man senseless while he and his wife were fishing – the fact is he was charged with these crimes and you can’t charge someone without proof. I went to Archbishop Curley, my father served in the Army and I graduated from Towson University – I never thought about shooting anyone! If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it. Again – I don’t care if he is African American, white, green or chartreuse – it’s time teens stopped trying to act like criminals and start acting as if there is a purpose for them to be here.

    3. truth says:

      keymo looks like wacka flacka flame

    4. Still sick of bleeding hearts. says:

      He has a right to a trial in this country, and until there is a conviction I won’t say anyone is guilty but if he were my nephew, I wouldn’t advertise that fact. My opinions are not based on race; at least one of the victims was black. The fact is for someone to commit an armed felony and to be willing to kill simply to get away with it is such a heinous act that that person does not deserve the respect or forgiveness of anyone.

      Let’s not forget that the lives of two people who put their lives at risk for the safety of the residents who in that complex were severely wounded; to the extent that their lives have been permanently changed. One lost an eye, the other wasn’t even that lucky.

  10. Bella says:

    @Stop Making Excuses: You are a really sad individual. Your obtuse assumptions are quite pathetic. No one is condoning crime! I never made a comment about the innocence or guilt of the teen involved. I am simply stating RACE is NOT the issue. It just makes creatins like you feel more secure if you can say that it’s the Blacks, or the Democrats, or the Latinos, or anyone else in YOUR direct path of HATE. Our youth are in trouble, PERIOD! The creatin that I responded to wanted to use stastics about crime using race. Once again, ask a Native American about crimes of whites. NO RACIAL GROUP has immunity when it comes to brutality and inhumanity! As for your snide comment about hand-outs: What the hell have you ever done for society? I can guarantee that I have done more in my short years for the betterment of society than you have in the entirity of your narrow-minded, miserable life!

    1. A nice thought says:

      Mrs. Rock – your comments are heard, but I don’t believe they are heard by the right people. At the end of the day, do you think we should leave it up to God to tell this boy what he did was wrong? Shouldn’t he and/or his parents figured that out by the time he is 16? You’re right about this however – I wasn’t there. In truth, I could safely assume that I’m not familiar with 99% of the locations where these crimes are committed. Let justice be served – at the end of the day that’s what should happen, but rarely occurs.

    2. The buck stops here says:

      Please, Bella – you keep proving my argument while trying to defend yours. Stop using words like obtuse or “creatin” (since it should be cretin) to improve how you sound. Please stop throwing the topic of “white-collar crime” around when trying to defend the actions of others; they are completely different issues and for the most part, (notice I said most part), usually don’t involve the killing of anyone. If you research any topic regarding percentages of crime committed by individuals (and notice I didn’t say race), these numbers clearly expose OUR YOUTH and far they have fallen. Your argument of Native Americans and crimes of the whites don’t hold water – it’s HISTORY – much like someone would bring up slavery from well over 150 years ago (and somehow that is brought up more than is necessary). As far as what I have done for society – that is quite the open-ended question, but I have raised my children to respect authority, whether parental or otherwise. They understood from a very young age there are consequences for every action, good or bad and you have to be ready to accept either. I have helped society by not giving it any further problems which I believe other than raising my children socially responsible is one of the best things I can do for society as a whole. What I will refrain from doing from this point forward is judging – it solves nothing, it never has and never will. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and life, and in it’s “entirety,” contributed to society the best way I knew how – by not being a problem to it. So, in closing, when trying to get from point A to point B via a direct path, sometimes you have to take a detour. Let’s hope that the road most traveled is direct, and filled with people who want to assist us in getting there and not try to convince us by dangling prestige, sneakers, jewelry, easy money, etc before the eyes of our children. Good luck to you.

  11. MRS ROCK says:


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