Ken Weinman and Vinny Cerrato welcome ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian and get his views on whether or not Jeremy Guthrie will be on the move, the Orioles’ farm system, and if the Pirates are going to sell out to win the NL Central.

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  1. steve says:

    Yes, along with the entire pitching staff. Why not start from scratch, lord knows it won’t put us any lower in the rankings than we are right now. Might even help a bit. While they are at it, they can throw in McPhail and Angelos to sweeten the pot. Maybe they can be used to wash the towels after each game. Just a thought. Here’s a new slogan for the team; Winniing, shminning, its easier to suck. 14 yeas and counting!

    1. Jo Ann Watson says:

      What happen to the good players we used to have? Angelos should have throwed out along time ago. All they worry about now is money. Its a shame its not for the sport or the game itself its money.

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