Another issue mounting with the NFL lockout that has been recently been brought up is NFL practices.Are they going to treat the NFL like college football, where they limit the numbers of hours you can practice. We all saw what happened to Rich Rodriguez at Michigan, when his own players ratted him out. It doesn’t make sense to me to limit the practice in the NFL. Brian Billick ran a soft camp but on the flip side Tom Coughlin is a bit of a hard ass. How can they dictate how a coach coaches? I really believe that this is unfair. What if a coach has a young team? What if he needs more time to get those reps in? These players are out of college, they are grown men. They don’t need the CBA to dictate practice time. With the elimination of two a days, if they don’t limit time, some coaches will end up having longer practices. Whats the difference in having a 2 two hour practices or a single 4 hour run? Personally I would rather have the 2 a day.


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