BALTIMORE (WJZ)— There are startling revelations about a man accused of shooting a Baltimore police officer.

Meghan McCorkell was the only reporter in the courtroom when Chey Jordan appeared before a judge.

Prosecutors say Chey Jordan, 20, confessed to the sniper-style shooting a Baltimore police officer Tuesday night.

WJZ obtained charging documents that reveal a witness was in the car with Jordan when they drove by the officer on Cooks Lane.

She went inside the back door of a home and then heard gunshots. When she looked out the window she says she saw Jordan dismantling a rifle.

Neighbors were terrified.

“It was just a big gun,” said Roberta Montley. “He could have wiped us all out.”

“Nobody should be shooting at a police officer,” said Nancy Tarbert.

The witness told police after the shooting Jordan said to her, “Is it bad that I don’t feel anything?”

That same witness tells police Jordan talked about wanting to shoot someone for months.

“It’s a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured,” said Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

Now the 20-year-old faces 11 charges, including first-degree attempted murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and second-degree assault.

WJZ dug into Jordan’s background and discovered he is experienced with weapons. He served two years in the Army at Fort Riley before he was honorably discharged.

Most recently we learned Jordan worked at Towson Town Center as a security guard for the past month.

Prosecutors say Jordan received some sort of psychological treatment this year. He’s had three suicide attempts, including one this month.

Jordan will be held without bail until his trial.  He has been placed on suicide watch.

The officer involved in the shooting was released from Shock Trauma and is expected to be OK.

Comments (5)
  1. Crazy says:

    The witness told police after the shooting Jordan said to her “is it bad that I don’t feel anything.”

    Yeah, Chey Johnson, it is bad that you don’t feel anything. However, that is how your race rolls.

    1. Crazy says:

      I mean Jordan… bad.

  2. KMiss says:

    Your racist statements are a joke. I am in no way defending Chey Jordan but just b/c he did what he did does not mean a whole race of people roll like that. I am assuming you are white so what if Chey is bi racial. I guess the Caucasian race rolls like that, huh??

    1. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

      Thank you, KMiss. Crazy is crazy.

  3. Mike says:

    I dont agree with how crazy went about the post but he is right, blacks are the most racist because they are racist to whites and to other black people depending on how dark/light they are. They are taught at a young age that police are bad, what parent teaches their kids that? Criminals…

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