BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It’s another scorcher out there, as we earn a spot in the record books for the second straight day.

Mike Hellgren has a look at some of the problems being caused by the extreme heat.

As the sun beat down for another day of record heat, Ellen Logan was one of more than 11,000 BGE customers without power. The air conditioner was off for hours at her home.

“We wet the children down with the hose, then we actually became creative.  We sat in the car for a few minutes in the air conditioning,” Logan said.

“We’re thinking about renting a hotel room, you know? And everyone cram into it,” Logan added.

Several businesses along Reisterstown Road had to close.

“We heard like a popping noise, and then all the lights went out, man, like all around here,” said Ace Williams, Auto Zone employee.

“It’s hot,” said Gina Albarado, Auto Zone. “It’s so hot.”

And traffic lights were off too, as the utility scrambled for a fix.

“We’ll put more resources in the field so they can more quickly respond to power outages,” said Linda Foy, BGE.

BGE already faced hot tempers after it cut air conditioning to some enrolled in its energy-conserving Peak Rewards program.

“It’s 87 degrees. I opened the glass doors, the sliding door and the windows and it’s cooler.  It’s cooler,” said Bobbie McKinney, Peak Rewards customer.

Beyond the power problems, volunteers went door-to-door to check on the vulnerable.

They were checking to see if “first of all, they have cooling, if their air conditioning is working, if they have the fan on and whatever,” said Jim Elliott, Sr., Baltimore City Community Emergency Response Team.

After so many days of heat, many just want relief.

There have been more than 20 deaths nationwide since this heat wave began.

Click here for more information about Baltimore City pool extended hours. Cooling centers are also open. Call 311 to find the one closest to you.

Comments (11)
  1. Steven Cville says:

    It has been hot! One of the few things you can’t blame the Democrats for. Of course the high cost of cooling down is there fault with the ridiculous energy policy they push on us. One of the biggest resources America has is Coal and Obama and his cronies have done all they can against coal burning power plants. I think they need to learn more about todays clean burning technology. Our power houses are not third World technology.

    1. Tom says:

      Oh be quiet. Go listen to Rush Limbaugh you extremist.

    2. Matt Kleid says:

      News flash Steve, they are third-world technologies.

      1. Tom says:

        He’s an extreme-rightist. You can’t sway his…beliefs.

      2. Tom says:

        He could get a sunburn and it would still be Obama’s fault.

  2. truththatnoonewantstohear says:

    The power plants are forced to buy low Sulfer coal from Russia, which had less bang for the buck than other types of American coal. MD made Brandon shores install a 1 billion dollar scrubber to clean the smoke stacks, and the cost and fines will leave 2 coal plants closed most of the year. Energy de regulation and the liberal policy of this state caused the hi bills and the lack of new power plants, and lack of new power lines so that there would be no need to have BGE cycle your AC units. Too bad the state just blames it on the electric company so they do not look bad.

  3. Diane Hutsler says:

    are power went out last night we are just waiting to see if they go out to night ! we are ready for it it never fails goes out then back on at 6am so i can see marty& don in the morning then i go to bed

  4. Chris H. says:

    We have power, but our AC unit went out in the unit my family is renting. Property management company said that they won’t do anything about it till Monday as it is a non-emergency! 85 degrees in my home at 3AM with an asthmatic wife. Don’t know why it isn’t an emergency – guess it’s because it is in my home and not theirs!

    1. Tom says:

      Why are you venting about that here? People lived for thousands of years without AC. AC is a privilege, not a right.

  5. Simple Solution says:

    I just placed a small jumper in the controller for my AC unit and it resumed cooling my home again. Contact me for details about how you can do the same “quick fix” in an emergency.

    1. Honest Abe says:

      I have heard folks say that they are glad to conserve energy to help the environment. I have also heard others say that Energy Deregulation and liberal policy have lead to the lack of power lines needed to supply power during a heatwave.
      Come on folks. Don’t be brain-washed. BGE can only generate so much power, and during extremely hot weather, the demand exceeds their generating capability. Thus, they have to compensate by “buying power” from other sources to make up the difference. This is costly for BGE. In fact, it costs more to buy power from another generating plant, than they are able to charge you for on your electric bill. The idea of Peak Rewards was intended to reduce the amount of power that BGE has to purchase from other sources at a premium cost to them. In short, BGE wants us to do without AC during the hottest heatwaves (when demand is highest) in order to reduce their overhead costs, and thus increase profits in the long run.

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