FOREST HILL, Md. (WJZ)–The headline continues to be the heat. On Sunday, Maryland again baked under the sizzling sun.

Derek Valcourt reports from Harford County, where hundreds are trying to beat the heat without power.

The good news for some of those folks is that their power has just come on within the last hour. But temperatures inside their homes are really as hot as the temperatures outside. They have been without power for more than 48 hours, smack in the middle of one of the worst heat waves.  Residents in Forest Hill say it’s a reoccurring problem that could be prevented.

“It’s very dangerous. I have small children–a 2 year old and a 5 year old.  Our home upstairs is in the 90s,” said one resident. 

“Friday it went off, and they said it would be back on in a few hours. We had a party planned. Had to send everyone home,” said a Forest Hill resident.

“Many of us have small children. There are many elderly in the neighborhood, pets. We have all suffered these last 48 hours,” one resident said.

BGE admits there are recurring problems on the lines that service this neighborhood. BGE can normally reroute power through another line. But this time around, the lines have so much power being used because everyone is turning on their air conditioning to beat the heat.

BGE says it plans to invest $5 million over the next few years to fix some of the problems and will meet with neighbors to discuss those plans.

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  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Nobody had back-up generators??

    1. Robby D says:

      Yes…but they can’t cool 5000 sq ft and above, as well us fridge/freezers, lights and everything else.

  2. SOinMD says:

    Why should people have back up generators? BGE customers should have reliable service!

    1. Ken says:

      Should does not save the food in the refrigerator or the basement from flooding. It’s called being prepared for extreme weather events which could occur around this area. BGE has a good record for reliable power. If you do not want to prepare then suffer the consequences.

  3. Carrie says:

    Seriously folks???? We should all now go out and invest in generators? Alot of the people in the neighborhood had them, however you cant plug your whole house into them! You have to select which items you want to “save”. You also have to keep filling them with gas to keep them running. At the prices that BGE is charging these days, you have to be kidding me! And to boot..they are adding 70 additional homes to that neighborhood!!! That’s just crazy! I know someone in the neighborhood and their son needs surgery on a broken leg and was supposed to be on bed rest and icing up his leg to bring the swelling down so they could do surgery this week….how do you do that WITH NO ICE! Or A/C…the ice was melting faster than they could get it. Meanwhile, he could hardly get around and to move him to another home was virutually impossible at 6’7, over 200 lbs.

    1. Ken says:

      If you want power during long outages then yes by all means invest in a generator. They do have ones that are capable of supplying power to the entire house which are powered by not only gasoline but natural gas or propane.

  4. Robby D says:

    Ken, these houses have high electricity demands. Even a 20KW could not handle the multiple AC units and whole house needs in this situation. You CANNOT prepare for this other than leaving your house to stay somewhere else. And by the way, that isn’t the point. The point of this story is that BGE did not build the appropriate infrastructure to support this neighborhood. BGE knows that this an issue. But 5 million in infrastructure doesn’t happen over night. This issue has been going on for 7.5 years…that is the point.

    1. Ken says:

      I understand your point Robby. There are times when emergencies are going to occur. You may not be able to power the whole house but you can certainly power the necessities to prevent food loss , flooding and the like. You may not be able to cool a whole house but you can cool a bedroom with a small window unit to be able to sleep at night. I have a generator which in an emergency like this will power my refridgerator, sump pump, furnace for heat a small window a/c unit and a few lights. If you are vunerable to events such as this doing nothing but complaining accomplishes just that…nothing..

      1. Robby Douglas says:

        I’m only referring to initial comments…you made it sound like we should all be boyscouts standing by for something to happen. Most of us do not have the time to deal with this. There are those that choose to spend money on generators, others do not. Those who did not have the right to complain, as do the ones who did feel forced to spend the money on generators. Bottomline, this should not have happened. It is BGE’s responsibility in terms of the infrastructure design flaw. This is NOT a single event, this has been on-going. I didn’t spend $600k to get aquainted w a generator!

  5. Scott says:

    BGE Reliable? Really? It was out twice in June a week apart when the weather got hot. BGE said they know the problem, but couldn’t put in a work order until the problem occurs 3 times in an 18 month period. This was the 3rd time. Lucky us. I understand that extreme weather events happen. But, they knew this was an issue. We had very reliable service until they attempted to hook up the new homes going in. It was that day about a year and a half ago that the problems started. I watched the guys doing the work. Our power went out. I called. They said they would send somebody to take a look. I said they are right there in their trucks! So, that group packed up and left. 8 hours later the power was restored. But hey, that was only November. UNBELIEVABLE

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