BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Frustration for Republicans, Democrats and, most of all, the American people.  The president and the Speaker of the House took to the airwaves Monday night to defend their debt plans.

Andrea Fujii has more on the blame game.

President Barack Obama made his seventh primetime address to the nation Monday night to try to end the deadlock over raising the debt ceiling.  With only a week left before the Aug. 2 deadline, Republicans and Democrats are putting forward rival proposals.

Obama spoke directly to the country, blasting the deadlock in Congress over reducing the federal deficit.

“We can’t allow the American people to become collateral damage to Washington’s political warfare,” he said.

The plan he and many Democrats support would raise the debt limit through 2013, while cutting $4 trillion from the deficit and requiring millionaires, billionaires and the biggest corporations to give up certain tax breaks and special deductions.  He says House Republicans refuse to compromise and he called on Americans to make their voices heard.

“If you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your member of Congress know.  If you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message,” Obama said.

But in a Republican response, Speaker of the House John Boehner pushed a competing plan.  It calls for more than a trillion in cuts and raises the borrowing limit through this year.  Next year, lawmakers would have to find more cuts and vote on another debt limit increase.

The president called it “kicking the can down the road.”  Republicans say it’s the president who refuses to compromise on government spending.

“And the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today.  This is just not going to happen,” Boehner said.

As the haggling continues in Washington, the lack of progress is becoming frustrating to many Americans, including seniors and federal workers here in Baltimore.  Hundreds turned out for a rally on the lawn of the Social Security Administration headquarters in Woodlawn Monday.  Many were elderly and worried about cuts to their benefits.

“If you take $10 away, that’s $10 too much,” said one.

“It looks like they want us to go bankrupt.  They want us to not pay our bills,” said another.

“It’s just terrible because nobody wants to bend to work together,” said a third.

The president says he will veto any short-term solution to the debt crisis.  The deadline for raising the debt ceiling is Aug. 2.

Republicans and Democrats both want to hold votes on their proposals Wednesday but neither may have enough support to get their plan passed.

Comments (39)
  1. Steven Cville says:

    Obama has no clue. This was a guy who was going to bring change, unite people. Now the gap is wider then ever and of the 14.3 trillion debt we have 4.5 has happened in just the last two +years under his administration. Jobs are as scarce today as two years ago with no upside in sight. The top 10% already pay 70%+ of the taxes collected and they are who create jobs. Obama , Reid, Pelosi are a team built for failure and care nothing about the true middle class. More interested in protecting there seats of power and taking care of there friends and promoting socialism in the process.

    Raise the allowable Debt sells the country out!

    1. Sean says:

      And the jobs issue is only going to get worse. The more they raise taxes on companies who do all the hiring, the less positions they will be able to create, the longer we will stay in a recession. The republicans are right, this taxing idea from the democrats is not going to help, but hinder us. The people that create the jobs and improve the country financially don’t need to be further pushed out of the country by taxes. When you have that much money, its easier to set up shop somewhere else that will be much cheaper.

    2. OBumATaxYou says:

      The stimulus created 2.9 million “shovel-ready jobs”. That is, 2.9 million jobs died and were buried with a shovel.

    3. est 1988 says:

      You all are soo stupid its not even funny

      1. Steven Cville says:

        Must be a Democrat, the only way to defend a point is call someone a name or play the race card.

    4. truth says:

      Actually Steven no race card has been played by anyone,I referred to you as a stupid individual because you are.Instead of doing your research and noting the facts,you instead posted fake statistics that you probally made up yourself.The fact is if the republicans and democrats cannot come to an agreement we ALL will be affected.Interest rates will go up on student loans,credit cards etc.Theres even a possibility that health insurance will be taxed.The senior citizens who depend on government aide will not recieve their benefits.President Obama is trying to come up with a solution that will lessen the damage as a result of this crisis.If you did your research on the matter you’d know this.At the end of the day…you’re still stupid

  2. Charles says:

    Raising the tax on the rich would not put a dent in the deficit, but it would give Obama money for his socialist programs. 47% pay no taxes. Reform the tax code and place a small VAT on everyone, make everyone pay SS tax on every penny they earn. Reform Medicaid and Medicare( 85% of those who apply get it) Repeal Obamacare. Stop aiding foreign countries with borrowed money. Illegals are eroding our economy by placing a strain on healthcare and social services. We borrow .40 of every dollar we spend. “We” elected a man with absolutely no experience (see his Senate record). What the hell does a “Community Organizer” know about running the country. Sorry about the rambling, but I’m fed up with politicians.

  3. charlie says:

    tis not obama that has no clue,its the people of amercian that has no clue.

  4. charlie says:

    the republicans are a lot of old white mens that can’t stand to see that we have a black president. because half of them are still hate black,i believe some of them are kkk,that why don’t want to work with obama.

    1. Jap says:

      You need to get over yourself. This is why people see the view of black and white. Obviously your a democrat just by you view on color. Obama promised change and he gave it but not the way this country was looking for or needed.

    2. Steven Cville says:

      Obama Black? From what I no his Mama was White and his Father was a Black Kenyan that makes him mixed race. The highest Black Person to hold office in the U.S. was Condoleezza Rice from Birmingham Alabama and her ancestors were slaves and also sharecroppers after the civil war.
      She’s more Black then Obama ever was and a lot of White people like her and would not mind seeing her run for President. Would the ghetto voters vote for Her like Obama?

  5. FED UP says:

    All of us know someone who collects Social Security Disability that can work. This must stop. Democrats have the elderly panicing over whether their SS check will stop. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Van Hollen, Cardin, Hoyer, etc. forced the healthcare bill on us when over 70% was against it. States must spend 465 million to implement it. The government will hire over 15,000 IRS agents to make sure we pay for it. Since Obama has been in office over 77,000 new federal employees have been hired, His limo fleet has increased by 73%. I could go on and on about the waste. Create jobs and cut entitlement programs.One final thought, illegals must be addressed with NO amnesty. Enforce the laws already on the books.

  6. charlei says:

    i think some of the republicans are kkk that why don’t want to make a deal.

    1. charlieclown says:

      you have no idea what you are talking about

    2. Steven Cville says:

      Your have no clue what your taking about , do your research you will find the previous KKK members in congress have been Democrats. Senator Robert Byrd past ( Majority leader Majority whip, Minority leader) was in the KKK and at one time wrote QUOTE: I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side . Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again: END QUOTE
      I n the Senate on the floor Robert Byrd used the N word numerous times and nothing was said because he was a Democrat. Learn your history Lincoln was a Republican and the first targets of the KKK were Republicans. All your JIM CROW Laws that were passed down south in the 19th century were all done so by Democratic Governors and Legislatures. 90 years ago Warren G.Harding an the Republican Party wanted anti lynching laws and the Democratic party did not. Democrat Governor George Wallace tried to block integration. It was Robert Kennedy that had the FBI spying on Dr. King. Learn you history and if Black in the U.S. were all to do so they would find it is the Democrats who hold them down and the elected Black Democrats are getting rich on the backs of there own under the guise of helping.

  7. Sheila says:

    Let’s all keep one thing in mind: whites are the largest voting bloc in this country and its the white vote that put him in office, mine included.

  8. NoMoreTaxes says:

    we cant keep paying our bills with a credit card when we are broke,
    we will go bankrupt and this administration needs to wake up to that fact.
    the deficit spending must STOP!

  9. PETE says:

    you don’t no what you talking about you must be white that why i am an clown to you so what that make you. dummy!

  10. Raven X says:

    Stop the cradle to grave entitlements (welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 Housing,Earned Income Tax Credits, etc.) Place a time limit on the time a person receives these items. I realize there are times people needs these programs, but not for a lifetime. The president keeps talking about people going to college and need help (Peale Grants, etc.), but we still need apprenticeship programs (HVAC, Plumbers, mechanics, etc., etc.). Every graduate is not a Rhodes Scholar. Simply, curtail entitlement programs.

  11. charlie says:

    this is about the people, you should ask the people of the world what do they think. because the republicans don’t give a dame about nobody but trying to get riches and make the low class people poor.

  12. Mary says:

    Pete, leave race out of this. Its not a race thing. Most white Americans could care less if you are black, white, pink or purple. We’re all in this together.

  13. cms827 says:

    When welfare checks do not go out, they will start burning our cities down.

  14. charlie says:

    no! you need to get over yourself, because you no that the tea party they are kkk! that why they are not trying to give up nothing.

    1. Jap says:

      Well if it’s the kkk then you must not know what you are talking about. Here are two BLACK names for you that support and are members Michael Steele and Tim Scott. You need to look at it as the person and not in color and things would be a little better in this world.

  15. charlie says:

    i am looking at this as a person that why i no what i am talking about,and you need to my your busniess,because you dont’ no what going on in this need to start reading about what going on because if god don’t help us we are doom.

    1. Jap says:

      Wow Charlie I prove that there are blacks in the tea party and your response is my( think you ment mind ) my own business. I’m party of this country and I have always voted at every election since I was 18. You say the people should decide well I’m part of the people of this country and I care but the choices Obama and the democrats want are hurting this country more then it already is. Come on giving free education to illegals really theres a cut for you. Drug test people on welfare and make them do the same as people on unemployment work on getting a job not keep popping out babies for more money. I am a single mom who works and doesn’t use the system and I can find a job that supports my child and I. So Yes jobs are harder to find but they are not impossible. People need to take responsibility for themselves and there families

  16. charlie says:

    you must be 18 young and dumb its a lot you don’t know yet,when you get to be mind age then you wll understand,its used to be a time when the republicans and democrat used to work together,but look at them now.

    1. Jap says:

      Well here’s a funny I am a middle age woman not 18 and yes there were better times but things have changes. I am a well rounded and educated woman. You should stop Going after people when you are proven wrong or don’t have the answer. Alls I can say is if he keeps this up then the US isn’t going to be owned by the US and our investors who haven’t been getting paid like they should will being owning and taking over the deed to the US

  17. charlie says:

    they need to ask us the people of the world ,the people that vote for them what best for us.

    1. Jap says:

      Well Charlie it’s not the World that needs an opinion it’s the legal citizens of this country the USA

  18. charlie says:

    well the legal citizens of the united state need to get up off there ass and get out there and do what they nsuppose to do. and for you ,you are not the only one paid tax too., you need to stop commenting on every thing i said ,and worry about want going to happened next. because you might be the one that get hurt by all this.

    1. Steven Cville says:

      The people of the United States sent a clear message 70% wanted nothing to do with Obama Care and the Democrat shoved in down their throats. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THAT?
      Theres no extra money now and it has not started yet!

  19. Shawn says:

    A little Tidbit Obama promise change. Well, we got it unfortunately it was the change we all wanted now was it.

    And Bush Jr.; Well, he didn’t hold up to daddy standards and Bush Sr. was a better president.

    Best modern President of all time Ronald Regan!

    Bottom line is this race should have no parts to politics.

    As for the un-education person that think the Republicans are all old white folk and are members of the KKK. That truly shows your education in the matter and about past & present politics. So let me school some of you about it.

    One Collin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steel, and Clarence Thomas are a few but many Black Republicans currently. So your statement of all old white people, men, and KKK members is incorrect.

    Black’s I would have voted for and I personally think would have been a better president then Obama (Examples: Collin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steel, Clarence Thomas, and Dr. Ben Carson for etc).

    History of Democrats and Republicans:
    One did you know Democrats were the ones that introduce and supported slavery, Secession, Segregation, and now the attempt of socialism. Well they have you can read about it in the history books, and Google it.

    Did you know Until the New Deal from Roosevelt; blacks had shown their traditional loyalty to the party of Abraham Lincoln by voting overwhelmingly Republican. By the end of Roosevelt’s first administration, however, one of the most dramatic voter shifts in American history had occurred. In 1936, some 75 percent of black voters supported the Democrats. Blacks turned to Roosevelt, in part, because his spending programs gave them a measure of relief.

    Republicans believe in equality to everyone were everyone has the same shot and has to work to get what they want and get where they want to be. On the other hand Democrats are about socialism which some socialist programs have merit but not all. Let’s give reward to lazy and uneducated. First off I understand hardship and those that need help but the one that have a hand out and don’t help themselves I do.

    Oh and a little tidbit on me I’m from a low income blue collar family that lived on public assistance and in a low income area and only a high school diploma and Asian, served in the military. I worked to were I am now. I suggest everyone work and education themselves and save every penny they earn because that is the only way you will every better yourself and others around you.

    End of Class – Hope you have been educated ~

  20. OBumA says:

    The stimulus created 2.9 million “shovel-ready jobs”. That is, 2.9 million jobs died and were buried with a shovel.

  21. CHARLIE says:


    1. Steven Cville says:

      WHAT? Incoherent gibberish! My God today’s educational system has bottomed out.

  22. PATSY says:


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