FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A Frederick man is starting a four-year prison term for the drunken-driving death of his friend.

Jose Izaguirre Calderon, 23, was sentenced Tuesday in Frederick County Circuit Court.

He pleaded guilty June 1 to vehicular homicide. At the plea hearing, he acknowledged driving under the influence of alcohol when his Honda Civic veered off of Mount Tabor Road near Myersville in August.

Two passengers were thrown from the car. One of them, Roberto Monarca, 42, was killed.

Izaguirre Calderon was on probation stemming from an earlier drunken-driving charge at the time of the crash.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ouch! Stop Slappin Ma Wrist! says:

    I didn’t realize that drunken vehicular homicide was so poorly punshed.

    Guess I’ll go buy a case of beer,and try my best to drink it all as I drive home.

    What have I got to lose? Hell, its almost legal in my state.

  2. whatnow says:

    I think it is so “poorly punished” because the law acknowledges the fact the dead person was culpable in their own death by getting in the car with a drunk driver.

    1. Not So says:

      If this was indeed true, then the punishments for other drunken homicide scenerios would be greater.
      When “Beer Belly Bob” gets into his car (alone), drives homeward from the local taproom, crosses the center lane, and plows head-on into another car; does he get a stiffer sentance than he would get if his buddy is thrown from the vehicle and meets his slurred demise on the pavement 200 feet from the wreckage? I seriously doubt it. What is the difference (from the family’s perspective) between losing a loved one in a drunk driving accident, or having a gun-tote’n criminal empty his revolver into the victim? For this reason, I must ask: Why punish less severely when alcohol is involved? It would seem to deprive the family of some justice and closure.

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