WASHINGTON (AP) — Drivers can now pay for parking in the District of Columbia with the help of their phone.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has announced a pay-by-phone parking service. The service will be available at all of the roughly 17,000 metered parking spaces in the district.

Under the system, customers will register for free at http://www.parkmobile.com/and can then pay for parking with mobile phones through a mobile application, the Internet or a toll-free call. Each transaction costs 32 cents.

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Comments (3)
  1. eric says:

    Your better off using change – use this system and you will find a ticket on your windshield, then spend hours trying to fight it.

  2. Morons says:

    Mobile phones are, by no means, a secure method of performing any type of payment transaction. When you use a cell phone, it transmits radio waves on a frequency specific to your phone. Folks who pay for parking with their phone will be broadcasting payment information (that is linked to your checking account) throughout the DC area. Anyone with a $60 scanner from Radio Shack would be able to modify it to intercept your payment transaction. This information can be used to pay for unauthorized parking for theives, for instance, and may open the door to additional fraudulent activity, regarding your account.

  3. Bite Me. says:

    I hate DC.
    I’m never going there again.

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