ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Supporters of the Dream Act filed suit to cancel the 2012 ballot referendum.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains they believe the State Board of Elections wrongly certified petitions to put in-state tuition for undocumented students on the November ballot.

These petitions for referendum had to be signed just so in order to count toward the number needed to put in-state tuition for undocumented students on the 2012 election ballot.  Supporters of the Maryland Dream Act are now suing the State Board of Elections, claiming it certified signatures that should have been thrown out. 

“The petition sponsors are actually thousands of signatures short of what they need to put this law on the ballot,” said attorney Joe Sandler.

Sandler represents Casa de Maryland and students like Ricky.

“It’s very frustrating thinking that I won’t be able to school in case this gets blocked.  It’s very sad,” Ricky said.  “I feel sorry for me.  I feel sorry for friends.”

This effort to stop the referendum is not unexpected.

Petition sponsor Pat McDonough believes the challenge includes use of the Internet to access forms.

“And it wasn’t the Internet, it was the passion and the outrage of the people who were coming out of the woodwork to sign these petitions,” McDonough said.

The lawsuit also claims that the Dream Act should be immune from referendum because it funds a state program and funding cannot be challenged by ballot.

“There is not sufficient basis under Maryland law to prevent this law from going into effect and disrupt the plans, hopes and dreams of the students it’s supposed to benefit,” Sandler said.

But as a lawmaker, McDonough says the Dream Act is a change in policy, not a budget item.

“People were paying attention.  It was very important to them, so they crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s,” McDonough said.

Regardless of how the court rules, each side could appeal, which still leaves the Dream Act in limbo.

The Office of the Attorney General will represent the Board of Elections in the lawsuit.  That office had no comment on the suit Monday.

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  1. bmoregyrl says:

    Cry me a river. I will be voting on it next year just like everyone else will too. Illegals have no rights to our breaks like that. They get enough but taking our food stamps welfare money and other things that we can’t get to anymore. Sorry if you are here illegally you should not have anything of ours. I work hard everyday and to see people who are not here illegally get it makes me very upset. We can give illegals our rights but we can’t give the right to marry whomever we went. Just saying

    1. justme says:

      What is the name of the Law Firm representing “Casa de Maryland??? They should be the next business OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Steven Cville says:

      It’s a joke that they are contesting signatures as illegal in a case that involves giving rights to illegal aliens. And two that filed the suit are illegal, should they not be deported?
      Time to stop giving our money to Casa De Maryland that should be the next referendum. Stop all public funds to CASA. I am sure most people of Maryland would not want to be funding illegal activities.

    3. wllharrington says:

      Why do illegals have the right to petition, only citizens have or should have that right. It is to be noted that they did not try to petition MAYBE BECAUSE ONLY VOTERS MAY PETITION ergo only voters should have the right to bring suit.

    4. countyrez says:

      I totally agree with you…and I’m a minority. Someone told me I should be more sympathetic, but I’m not. If you wanna come here to enjoy the American Dream, fine. If you wanna create a better and/or safer life for you and your family, fine. But get legal. Pay taxes. Do all the things that this country requires of you to be a legal citizen. How in one breath does an illegal say “this is the best country for my family” but in the next breath say “but I’m not paying taxes to access the services we’ll need”.
      And while i’m ranting – learn the language. I can’t go to a foreign country and expect the citizens to bend to me; I would have to learn the language. The gov’t is so worried about catering to everyone, they’re forgetting everyone.

  2. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Casa de Maryland, get over yourself. The legal tax paying citizens of Maryland are sick and tired of supporting the illegals and their anchor babies. Almost DOUBLE what was needed was received. So, it the BOE did make a mistake or two, big deal. We still received more then enough signature. Why don’t you all move onto the next State. At this rate, we will run you out of the Country in no time.

    1. listen up says:

      What is the name of the Law Firm representing “Casa de Maryland??? They should be the next business OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. upset AMERICAN citizen says:

    Why are we fighting so hard to give everything us hard-working americans have fought for to these ILLEGALS that don’t even belong here??? What about our fellow American’s that have been here their whole life and struggle to make it on a daily basis…yet we cater to those that don’t even belong in this country? What the hell is America turning into? Land of the free my @$$…its only free if you got here illegally…if you are an actual citizen, you just get trampled on it seems. This is a real shame.

    1. Find Out says:

      What is the name of the Law Firm representing “Casa de Maryland”??? They should be the next business OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Margie Greenway says:

      totally agree with you if you are an illegal person here we should not have to pay your tuition, your rent, your food.. come here legal like so many others have!!!

  4. Lace says:

    What a joke. Maryland will be on my list of “places I used to live” soon enough. I am sick and tired of supporting ILLEGAL immigrants. What do you people not understand here? They’re ILLEGAL! Why should they receive anything? I can barely support my own family and my wife who is spending over $20,000 this year alone on school and we want to reach out to people who are illegally living in the United States? Let’s begin helping our own before reaching out to people who are breaking laws to begin with.

  5. ebaer says:

    Really? These idiots are talking about illegal signatures??? Shouldn’t they worry about the ILLEGAL aliens first? Then there would be no issue regarding so called illegal signatures! I say if the “do gooders” want to take money out of their pockets to take care of the leaches, then so be it. I’m tired of them taking money out of kids mouths and my pocket!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Why is anyone even listening to the “concerns” of ILLEGALS”?
    The legal citizens of this state have OVERWHELMINGLY showed our elected officials their opinion on hte matter and if they expect to remain elected officials they would do well to heed their warning.
    One group is breaking the law and it is not those signing the petitions.
    Enforce the law and put an end to what ILLEGALS demand.

    1. Ken says:

      The democrats are listening because they see and want them as a voting block. Just like all the other special interest groups, they are buying votes with your money.

  7. RL says:

    I am so happy that I am moving to the conservative State of South Carolina.

  8. Mike says:

    The lawmakers that continue to back the in-state tuition for illegals had better be prepared to collect unemployment after the next election.

    The elected officials that are not listening to the legal citizens (the only ones that can vote for/against them) and continue to act in their own best interest. When the public speaks they better listen or learn how to flip burger and dish up fries at McDonalds because noone else is going to hire them after they are voted out for being a$$holes

    1. Good Plan says:

      That would equal to the end of the Democratic Party running Annapolis in both houses and all executive offices. Oh Casa de Maryland has just signed its own warrant to cease as a group. Well good idea Mike. Michael Busch won’t be coming back. Neither will the entire Dems of the Eastern Shore.

  9. rob base says:

    How can lawsuit for illegals even exist????

  10. Michael says:

    I think people are forgetting a law that states a person can not profit from their crime.

    1. Mr.Rite says:

      That is a excellent observation!

  11. Steve Chalk says:

    As a vetran and a citizen, it sickens me to no end about having to support people who are here illegally. I have travelled to many other countries and have had to show each time that I had the necessay funds to support myself while I was there. Guess they didn’t want any illegals in their country? All welfare and any type of assistance should be cut off. Don’t worry folks, they will go somewhere else once the word gets out about Maryland. The only reason they are here is to provide votes, and nothing else.

  12. Stand and fight says:

    Ok, the people saying they want to leave Maryland because of this – please don’t, we need your support to stop this from happening.
    I want to know what the next steps are if this lawsuit is successful – I can’t believe that there is even an organization fighting to suppress what the people have requested – what is this country coming to?!?!?!?!
    I think, we the people, need to sue Casa de Maryland for being an organization that support criminal activities.. why hasn’t that happened??

    1. Workfare,NotWelfare says:

      “I think, we the people, need to sue Casa de Maryland for being an organization that support criminal activities.. why hasn’t that happened??”

      I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately bar associations take up the “rights” of others and support frivolous lawsuits like this to assuage their own corporate guilt.

    2. Citizen of Maryland all my life! says:

      You are RIGHT!!!!!! Don’t let these Illegal aliens win. They are not illegal immigrants they are Illegal Aliens!!!!!

      Illegal immigration to the United States refers to the act of foreign nationals violating U.S. immigration policies and national laws by entering or remaining in the United States without proper permission from the United States government.

    3. Robert Long says:

      ICE Need’s to deport the entire CASA Crew back to where every they are from. Why has no one deported all those idiots yet?

      1. commonsense711 says:

        Why doesnt ICE go down to Annapolis and arrest the Governor and all the rest for breaking their pledge to uphold the constitution?

  13. GladToNotLiveInMD says:

    I’m so glad I only went to college down there and didn’t remain after graduating. MD was being run into the ground when I left. I can’t imagine it’s better now. And to hear that BS suits like this are being entertained by your courts is disturbing.

    1. Sonny Burnett says:

      You clearly have smarts from college…cause I went to school here and DIDN’T MOVE AWAY. BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART!

  14. Bob Baft says:

    I don’t get it….what part of ILLEGAL do they seem to just over step? What gives them the idea that they DESERVE ANYTHING?

    Sorry your parents had you in a van as you were crossing the border and somehow got you into school…and now you’re ready to graduate and have no money for college….guess what? My wife just worked 10 years to put herself through school with no support from the government….WHY should you?

  15. StopTheInsanity says:

    How are the LEGAL citizens of MD not protesting outside this ricidulous miguided “interest group” ‘s headquarters? Oh that’s right; they’re working to pay the taxes which the illegals are suckling off the rest of us in the first place.

    1. deborah says:

      That’s so true!!

  16. jecjec says:

    PBS’s veteran broadcaster Bonnie Erbe
    has produced an award-winning two-part TV series on immigrations impact on health care reform and the poverty rate.

    Many of you are already aware of some of staggering effects of mass immigration on health care and poverty. For instance:
    71 percent of the increase in American uninsured since 1989 is the result of immigrants and their children.
    57 percent of immigrant households (both legal and illegal) with children use at least one welfare program.

    The PBS video provides an opportunity to educate friends, family and all kinds of civic and political groups about the ways in which immigration impacts these critical public policy issues.
    I encourage you to watch this show.

  17. ElkRiverRancher says:

    I’m aggravated and appalled that there has been any consideration whatsoever of providing criminals (that’s what ‘illegal immigrants’ are – they are in criminal defiance of US immigration laws) with ‘tuition aid’. No one provided me with tuition – and I was born in this country, and have paid income taxes to this country from the time I graduated HS (at 17). I’m equally aggravated and appalled when ‘students’ claim they ‘won’t be able to get an education’ without the ‘free ride’ on the backs of LEGAL residents that ‘tuition aid’ represents. My late husband missed graduating with his ‘class’ because he had to WORK for a year, to earn the tuition costs of his final year. He worked that year, earned the tuition, and graduated from Cornell with honors. What’s wrong with ALL STUDENTS having to WORK for their tuition? They’d better appreciate the education – and spend more time on the books, and less time at ‘college hang-out’ bars, if they had to PAY FOR THEIR OWN EDUCATION!!!

  18. Casa needs to lose says:

    Read the Maryland Constitution on Referendums.

  19. Mark says:

    Ricky, you and your friends are sorry for yourselves. It isn’t a problem for you to go to college. The problem is with you leaches sucking dry the taxpayers of this state. It’s bad enough that vermin like you have been been consuming taxpayer money through high school. There is nothing in the constitution that entitles you are the other leaches to continue having taxpayers fund your insatiable apetite for the moey of hard-working, taxpaying people of this state and country.

  20. My signature counts! says:

    Sounds like little Ricky should have done better with the free education we gave him. Too bad sooo sad, I signed that petition and I meant it! NO InStasxte tuition for illegals, they can still go but they will pay just like a foreign citizen as they are.

  21. My signature counts! says:

    Not one comment is for this ridiculous bill. We citizens have worked hard for what we have. We are not about to open the nest egg we built for our kids for illegal alien kids.

  22. chalkie says:

    Ask O’Malley how much the state gives to Casa De Maryland. He has been fighting for illegals rights all this time. Just remember O’Malley when he runs for his next office. Don’t vote for the S.O.B. when he runs for congress or the senate or what ever he runs for!!!! But to many democrates vote party only and then complain about what they voted for. Wise up and vote for who you feel the best person is, not just on party affiliation. Then maybe we can get somethings done and right our state and country.

  23. PHYLLIS says:

    For everyone who has already attended college, you may just want to consider not paying that Sallie Mae or Fannie Mae school loans. Just think, What ever happened to take care of our own first? My son has waited till he could get a pell grant (cannot make alot of money to ge this grant, which he doesn’t) to go to college, and HE WAS BORN HERE, AS WAS I AND MY PARENTS AND THEIR PARENTS BEFORE THEM. It’s time to take back what is rightfully ours, they already come here and are releived of paying taxes, are given business loans (I was refused, even as a minority contractor, woman, not mexican) and own more businesses with the help of our government. And then they wonder how the terrorist got into this country. DON’T GIVE THEM A FREE EDUCATION, IT ONLY PUTS US CLOSER TO THIS ONE WORLD ORDER BULLSH–, AND WE’RE TEACHING THEM HOW TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Caitlin says:

    I dont have a problem with immigrants going to school here, but if they can go to college then they can manage to take a citizenship test first and fight for funding like the rest of the poor college students have to.

  25. truthteller says:

    lets give the LEGAL AMERICANS free tuition first!!!!!!

  26. R. Lynn says:

    They are fighting it because they know the people of Maryland don’t want the bill or benefits for illegal immigrants. It will get voted down.

    We should vote all of those supporting it out of office!

    Illegals in the State of Maryland and the United States of America are breaking the law – just by being here. The politicians supporting them are also breaking the law and ignoring existing Federal laws.

  27. Brian C. Crea says:

    Sad thing is that there are enough illegals that can vote in Maryland, to get the dream acted passed the referendum. I was at MVA when they threatened to only allow licenses for individuals with proper Identification. They had foreigners wrapped around the Glen Burnie MVA Office testing for their Driver’s Licenses. I have no doubt that each of these individual also applied to vote in Maryland (something you can do when you get your drivers license.

    Learn English, become a citizen, and pay taxes. The following sentence does not make any sense: “It’s very frustrating thinking that I won’t be able to school in case this gets blocked.”

    1. Another MD citizen fed up says:

      The illegals should have to become citizens first, then apply for the Maryland citizen tuition rate. How is it that these indviduals can vote if they are not legal citizens?

      1. Brian C. Crea says:

        This is Maryland, the state’s motto is vote early vote often. All anyone needs to do is apply for a voters cards and they can vote. You do not even need to show ID when you vote.

      2. Sí, se puede says:

        I am here illegally and speak good English. You tea Party, Nazis need to leave Maryland. I pay sales taxes like everyone else. My extended family and I live with our Uncle (an American citizen) who pays income taxes. So why should my children who attend school with your children in Pasadena, have to more for school? I may not be a citizen, but me and my family have our voter registration cards and are prepared to kill this referendum.

      3. Tom says:

        @Se se pueda – They shouldn’t be here in the first place. YOU ARE NOT HERE LEGALLY. GO BACK BEFORE IMMIGRATION DEPORTS YOUR SORRY A$$

  28. Bobby says:

    Leave it to another Lawyer to try to destroy whats right.
    Most of the A Holes that are ruining our freedom are lawyers in Congress and in charge of the White House

  29. jay says:

    This country is increasingly becoming a nation of illegal aliens. Before you know it, it will be run by illegal aliens in Washington. Become an American citizen FIRST, and then enjoy the benefits of an education, NOT the other waya around. This country is gradually being fluhsed down the toilet.

  30. adraine says:

    it so sad that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is so stupid and blind.what the h ell is wrong?.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why spoil the illegals with all the benefits that we as A mericans deserve and they wonder why we are in a terrible deficit now.

  31. Corrie Everhart says:

    This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- Sick of foreigners expecting us to give them everything and to speak their language. YOUR IN THE USA, Your lucky you don’t find an American boot up your backside cause that’s how we roll!

    1. jenny says:

      I love this comment.. I can hear parts of Courtesy of the Red, white and Blue being sung. And Si Se Puede, go back to where you came from. Cry me a river, just like poor little Ricky. If you HAVE to come over here, learn the language, get a JOB (do you know the definition of ‘work’?, then try to describe yourself as someone who ‘deserves it.’ Illegals don’t ‘deserve’ anything.

  32. Tom says:

    So let me get this straight…they’re illegal, the law says they’re illegal, yet the state is recognizing them as legal? What kind of oxymoron is that?

    1. Aonother fed up MDer says:

      You know, I am a college graduate. Like many, I worked my rear end off and did not attend college until I worked a few years to save enough money for college.

      Yet people here illegally think they are entitled to something that even military and family members serving our country don’t receive, as those who just live across the state lines (who happen to be U.S. citizens).

      Let these individuals’ families become citizens first, then they qualify for the citizen rate.

      Who is gonna sue CASA?

      1. Tom says:

        @Another – Agreed. I worked my rear off as well, and these illegals are getting life handed to them, while still being called criminals. My neighborhood is filled with them. All they do is eye-hump my wife, and leave Corona bottles all over. This country is turning into a slum because of them.

    2. deborah says:

      YES, YES, YES to your ?’s and our Governor wants to sign it into law- lawbreaker. The best cure for this state is to vote out the current leaders in Annapolis. They have been there for years!!!!!! And at the peril of this State. The only reason we have survived economically as long as we have is becuase Maryland is right on the border of Washington, DC, the seat of the Federal Government. Illegals were starting to bankrupt Virginia so they began enforcing the law and kicked them out, so where did they come?? I sent my petition in. The arrogance of the illegals to say we are illegal. Pray, vote the bums out and keep our beautiful state!!!

  33. Robert Long says:

    I am sick and tired of people who break the law being given handout’s and reward’s for breaking the law. Once the state of maryland started to reward illegal immigrants for breaking the law and coming here to take legal peoples job’s and hard earned money you see the state year by year got more and more into debt. Each year that pass’s they have more kid’s and smuggle over more family. I lived above a illegal family for a year. And while there they smuggled over 6 of there family’s. They couldn’t even speak a word of english. Thank god i called ICE on them and 3 of them got sent back. And all 3 lost there babies too. They where put into foster care and sent back to mexico. They should do that every single time to show them there is a price to pay then just being sent back home for free. That you can loose your anchor baby if you play the game you pay!.

    All this state does is give free handouts to those that break the law. it’s because of this many people cant find job’s. Because everyone that wants to be cheap hires Mexican’s because they do it for half the price. And half the safety. So instead of fixing something right. They tape and glue stuff and bam they save places like apartment corp’s tons of money. It makes me soooooooo sick. How ever i did call ICE on my old apartment also LOL they raided the place and all 14 Mexican’s that worked there ran for 2 months and only 3 came back after they stopped looking for them. They also deported 11 family’s from the complex. It makes me feel good that i am doing my part. Everyone need’s to also!.

    Everyone need’s to call ice and keep tab’s on the illegals. They are easy to spot because they cant speak english and they have there kid’s talk for them or they hide when they see the police. Do your part and report them and send um all back home!

  34. very angry glen burnie says:

    I will be so glad when i get the hell out of this state even after the ballotts are counted the dems still think they can change it all .listen up people they are here iillegally period why should they get something my kids or your kids for that matter can’t wake up and smell the coffee . don’t let them get away with this . you lost take it with a grain of salt and move on. stop your crying and get on with other improvements in this state

  35. Irate in MD says:

    Rickey – go to college in your country of origin and get resident rates – not here and not my tax dollars. ILLEGAL – Why isn’t INS staking out the HQ of CASA and simply deporting these people?

  36. SaveUsPlease says:

    I don’t understand where our wonderful Governor and liberal state legislature are even coming from. Why should this even be an issue of contention? They are called “ILLEGAL” for a reason. If I do something illegal, I go to jail. If they do something illegal, they get free tuition.

  37. Robert Long says:

    I am telling every single one of you now. We need to get a recall on omally and drag him and every other idiot out that supported that dream pos!. And who keeps giving illegal’s rights. Because i checked it out and its a crime to give help and benefit’s to illegal’s. So thats it right there. We really need to pull him out of office. As soon as omally got the gov job he turned this state into poop. This state has never been so poor crime ridden and full of drug dealers people who break into your house and kill other’s for money because they cant get help they need to feed there family’s so they have to resort to breaking the law also. Because they see illegal’s getting handouts. Well why dont the rest of the state break the law also. I guess thats his message. Break the law and get paid! I called omally’s office and left a voice mail about that. His message to maryland. Break the law and get everything you ever wanted!

  38. Sí, se puede says:

    I am here illegally and speak good English. You tea Party, Nazis need to leave Maryland. I pay sales taxes like everyone else. My extended family and I live with our Uncle (an American citizen) who pays income taxes. So why should my children who attend school with your children in Pasadena, have to more for school? I may not be a citizen, but me and my family have our voter registration cards and are prepared to kill this referendum.

    1. Tom says:

      Get out of my country. Come back legally. Also, voter registration cards are useless. They legally cannot ask you for them. So your voter card argument is pointless. Learn how our system works you Mexican!

      1. Sí, se puede says:

        I have voted in the last three elections, so my card works.

    2. Ken says:

      This post is on here 3 times. Something is rotten at WJZ.

      1. Tom says:

        It’s the Mexican posting it three times you genius.

      2. Ken says:

        Tom, bet you did not know that duplicate posts are not allowed for some. Try to post something twice and you will see what I mean. Do not be such a moron.

    3. MD citizen staying... says:

      Okay, you admit that you are here illegally. Yet you are telling MD citizens that they need to leave? LOL

      Where do you suggest they go?

      You ask why should your children ‘have to more for school?’ I am sorry, I don’t understand this good English sentence.

    4. Irate in MD says:

      INS should be able to trace your IP address through your post – hopefully someone in MD is reading this and will deport you.

  39. Stand and fight says:

    Si, se puede – see the problem is that you DON’T pay income taxes, property taxes all the other taxes that we as LEGAL citizens have to pay. You come into our country and get free medical care because you use Medicaid and never have to pay for it – paid for by income taxes. You get welfare – paid by income taxes and don’t have to pay for it. You get free education through high school – paid by property taxes and don’t have to pay for it. Then you want to come in and get a discount on tuition – paid by MD income taxes??? – which you don’t pay for it. Wake up – the people of MD and the US are getting tired of floating those who don’t pay for all the benefits they get. Glad you brought up the voter registration issue – NEXT ISSUE for the MD LEGAL VOTERS!!!

  40. maryland21108 says:

    Si, se puede: do you understand marylanders would not have a problem if you all followed the laws- filed for citizenship, paid taxes, worked for benefits, learned english. Why do you all feel you are above the law- why do you think it’s okay to come into another country/state and live for free and then get upset when others can’t stand you all being here. What is so hard about following the process to become a legal citzen? what makes you above native americans- why should you get a free education on our dime? Or medical on our dime? Help us understand!

    1. Tom says:

      They don’t have anything to say because they know they are a CRIMINAL. They’re just lucky that MD is recognizing them. But O’Malley is on his last term as Governor. Their time is running short.

      1. maryland21108 says:

        Exactly!!! Because if they do file for citizenship, work like normal citizens and pay taxes, they wouldn’t be here! They want it for free! They want to steal from those who are busting their ***. You are illegal-we owe you nothing and you are not entitled to ANYTHING!!!!

  41. bob says:

    Sí, se puede means yes we can get it done. The Bandito can’t even tell us his name.

  42. Tom says:

    All, write INS and tell them that MD is giving illegals drivers licenses. That’s a VERY easy way to track them down!!! Do it with me and help us get Maryland back!

    1. No es posible says:

      Let me guess… the written part of the test is administered in Spanish.

      I wonder how much that cost us!

      Funny thing is, si, se puede thinks he speaks good English.

      1. Ken says:

        And this post is on here at least 3 timeas. WJZ you are a piece of $hit.

    2. Tom says:

      @no es possible – Yes, they have a Spanish drivers license test.

  43. maryland21108 says:; You can also call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE to report suspicous activity..

    To contact ICE leadership, please write to

    Director John Morton
    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    500 12th St., SW
    Washington, D.C. 20536

    To contact DHS leadership, please write to

    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, D.C. 20528

  44. Robert Long says:

    Why dont ICE get off there butt’s and go after these Dream ACT rally’s and Casa Rally’s? No joke. They could send all these idiot’s back to where ever they are from in one swipe. I think i will have to keep tabs on there rally’s and send the info to ICE. I bet they would love that. LOL getting like 100 of them at a time =P

  45. Robert Long says:

    I think they should make a new bill for illegal immigrant’s. If you want illegal immigrant’s to go to college and school they will take an extra 200 buck’s a month out of each person’s paycheck. And not make the people who have made it clear! that they are sick and tired of paying out of poo hole for them to get a free ride!

  46. Debbie says:

    It is time for a change in our government when people here ILLEGALLY have rights of citizens. Instead of letting them sue, send them back where they belong and let them come back the right way. If our elected officials can’t uphold and enforce our laws it is time for new officials ones more concerned with the wants and needs of legal AMericans instead of pandering to illegals.

  47. Larry says:

    Illegals have no stanidng at all in this Country. I am a Viet Nam Veteran and I abhore what they are doing for illegals. The Dems cater to them as potential voters. They and the people that support them are in violation of every statute on the books for Immigration in the United States and State Statutes as well. The time will show in the Nov elections what we feel about this bill. If your parents came here illegally and did not bother to register, the children are illegal as well. No anchor babies. The 14th Amendment has been perverted to extend to the illegals. It was to make citizens of any person born a slave in this Country. I would hope that the attorney representing Casa de Maryland would be disbarred and charged when this election is over. Again, illegals have no standing in this Country whatsoever.

  48. Robert Long says:

    Alright everyone. I started a nice webpage about this. Support a Recall on this idiot and get him out of office!!!!!!!!

  49. Sharon says:

    Before any of your forefathers came to the United States, the native american indians were here. The mexican indians are descendants of the people you consider illegal. The government stole all of their land and put them on reservations. Sounds to me like all of those immigrants would have been considered illegal at one time. Maybe you should go back where your people came from. If everybody with the exception of the native americans went back to where your ancestors lived, only the indians would be here. THAT’S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT ! So who is really illegal, you or them?

    1. Robert Long says:

      Thats hog wash. The native american’s where not of mexican blood. They where of Native blood. You are thinking of The aztec and sorry to say they didnt start sneaking over until the west was established and then they where known as pedro’s and shot for invading american and also killed by the native’s also. And by the was the natives traded there land for things so it wasn’t stolen. I am part native american and i know my history that was taught to my by my 100% full blooded grandfather who was born and raised on a reservation. Thats why they where granted reservation’s because the government had to honer the old trades. So yea dont start trying to make stuff up to support these illegal immigrants.

    2. Irate in MD says:

      Mexican Indians are descendents of Aztecs, the native people of Mexico. The Spanish obliterated the Aztecs when they took over Mexico. Most Mexicans are descendents of Spainish origin when Spain invaded their country. Sharon – you need to go back to school and learn facts. Most Natvie Americans (and I am a descendent) came to this country via the Bering Strait when there was a land bridge between Russian and Alaska.

      The point is (that you seem to be missing) is that we have laws. They and the idiot govenor of Maryland are violating Federal law.

  50. Citizen says:

    This is nonsense. Immigrants, legal and illegal, have been coming to America for hundreds of years now.  The underling issue here is why are they coming illegally, have you see how difficult and expensive it is to become a citizen. Honestly, what should happen is a citizenship qualification change up completely.  Why should you be a citizen just because you were born here?  If you truly want to be a citizen, the decision should be made at adulthood and citizenship should be earned. To be truthful with you, and I’m sure other Veterans can back me up on this, I have met and know immigrants legal or otherwise that are serving in the military that are more American than most.  Furthermore, their patriotism to America is strong and deeper that most citizens.  I agree, Citizenship benefits should go to Citizens, and Citizenship should be earned by service to country, not a birth right.

    1. another citizen says:

      So are you saying that a child born in the United States of America (to U.S. citizen parents) should not be a U.S. citizen? To which country should such a person be a citizen?

      You say it is expensive to become a citizen here. It is also expensive to already be a citizen here. Part of the reason is that the U.S. citizens are paying for the illlegal immigrants to be here… For example, it is costly to educate these people. Who do you think is paying for this? Yep, the tax payers. Though, many citizens have lost their jobs and illegal residents are getting those jobs–cheaper labor.

      No one has denied these people an education. They receive free public education through high school as do citizens. However, if these individuals want to attend our colleges, they should pay the noncitizen rate…

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