BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Marylanders bracing for big toll hikes at the state’s toll plazas may get a little relief.  Thanks to the public outcry, the Maryland Transportation Authority is reconsidering those steep increases.

Kai Jackson has more.

Marylanders can claim a partial victory in getting the MdTA to review the proposed toll hikes.  Now the question is, what will replace the original plan.

The meetings were packed and the frustration had reached the boiling point.  Citizens gave the Maryland Transportation Authority an earful after plans to raise tolls across the state.  Apparently MdTA got the message.  The agency says it will delay the planned hikes.

It was a tough fight in a tight economy.

“I’m thrilled about that.  When I met with them last week, they said they were looking into those things,” said State Senator Nancy Jacobs.

Jacobs was among several lawmakers who opposed the hikes and were vocal about it.  She helped draft a list of items for the MdTA board to consider.  It included the size of the toll increases and commuter toll rates.

“Why should a car or a pickup truck with a trailer on the back of it pay the same price as an 18-wheeler,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs also fought plans to get rid of the Avi decal.  Harford and Cecil County residents use it to cross the Hatem Bridge.  The MdTA is now reviewing the decal issue and also the size of the E-ZPass Maryland discount.

“The proposal that I made was replace the AVI sticker with an E-ZPass, call it the Hatem E-ZPass, make it only for the Hatem Bridge,” Jacobs said.

The MdTA released a statement saying, “The board members will use the public’s feedback to help shape a final plan for approval later this summer.”

On the Bay Bridge, the MdTA proposed raising the toll from $2.50 to $8 by 2013.

Comments (5)
  1. Steven Cville says:

    O’Malley is trying to figure out another way to pick our pockets. What did he say , BOB A FEE IS A TAX! The Toll hikes are not gone just postponed so they will find a way to sneak them in little at a time.

  2. chris says:

    They say they want to raise to the tolls because of maintenence and upkeep budget shortfalls. $2.50 to $8.00 by 2013 if they do actually get to that toll, they ought to use some of the money to finance the teflon leprechaun’s version of the dream act not the rest of us.

  3. chearts77 says:

    Well, it’s something. A delay. I hope MdTA has heard our cries loud and clear. Is the Bay Bridge $2.50 in both directions or just one? The Hatem Bridge is already $5 in one direction. That decal comes in handy for those of us who must cross the bridge on a regular basis whether it be for medical or our jobs. The Hatem Bridge isn’t a “convenience” to get somewhere faster. It’s a bridge that connects a community together.

  4. Brian says:

    glad they are holding off with the increases. I havent been able to make a meeting due to other obligations but 2 questions I have had running through my head over & over again is this. #1 – the MDTA says the main reason for the toll increases is to pay for the new ICC that was built. The ICC helps to get around Montgomery & PG Counties better. As someone that lives on the eastern shore & works in annapolis I will hardly if ever use the ICC so why should I pay more money to pay it off ??? Montgomery & PG Counties should be the ones paying for it. After all from what I understand they are the most well off counties in maryland. Question # 2 – MDTA says repairs need to be done to the bay bridge & others that are very costly and have been held off for years due to lack of funds. Ummm every year they boast about how hundreds of thousands of people go across the bridge every weekend come summertime. Where did this money go and why wait until theres an accident ( example: mountaire chicken truck going off the bridge research showed jersey wall suprots were rotting away ) before repairs start being done. Recently I saw a report saying the MDTA was hiring a company from I think Michigan to come and paint the bridge at a cot of millions of dollars. What no maryland or virginia company could do it cheaper so we ( md residents ) wouldnt have to pay for room & board & trips back home during the entire job also ??? Had this conversation with a relative the other day & they said that someone did a research study and found out that there is a leftover surplus of funds every year after salaries & other bills are paid for the pay bridge. Where has the surplus disappeared to ??? Obviously its been misplaced.

  5. Francesco Croson says:

    Log into your account within 14 days after choosing to permanently delete it to cancel the process.

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