WASHINGTON (WJZ) — The last-minute wheeling and dealing on Capitol Hill has thousands of Marylanders worried.

Adam May has more reaction.

The deal is far from a done deal. Members of both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans say they don’t like it.

The debt debate in Washington is outrageous to many Marylanders.

“I want them to think about the people’s business, which is to make the country work, not to deal with specific individual and possibly extremist agendas,” said one taxpayer.

“I would like to see them quit bickering and do what is best for the country, not what’s best for the individual politicians,” said another.

Leaders of both political parties trying to shore up a deal to end the crisis are running into skepticism.

Tea Party Republican Andy Harris says he plans to vote against the deal.

“It doesn’t provide the permanent solution, which is a balanced budget amendment,” Harris said.

Congressman Elijah Cummings, also undecided, was flooded with negative emails.

“’Dear Congressman Cummings, I see absolutely nothing in the proposal, the debt ceiling increase package, for the Democrats. Where is the revenue increase? It’s a total capitulation for the Tea Party fanatics,’” Cummings read.

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin says the Tea Party is to blame.

It is “the Tea Party that brought our nation to the brink of a crisis, and quite frankly I think they need to understand how to compromise,” Sen. Cardin said. “The agreement represents concessions by both Democrats and Republicans.”

Harris disagrees.

“American people don’t want compromise,” he said. “They want solutions.”

But many voters are as divided as Congress.

What if Congress votes another deal down and goes back to the drawing table?

“I think they need to redo it,” said one voter. “I don’t think we’re going to actually default on anything. We have plenty of money coming in.”

“I think they are putting the money in the wrong places,” said another voter. “They’re trying to give their money to the top, hoping it will trickle to the bottom. That’s not the way it works.”

What’s going to happen in the House of Representatives is anyone’s guess. 

Congressman Cummings says he is concerned about how these trillions of dollars in budget cuts will impact working families and also affect Maryland’s workforce. More than 10 percent of Maryland workers work for the federal government.

Comments (5)
  1. Regina Williams says:

    I wonder how the government desides that we can live like this, I think everyone need to understand what year we are in, times have changed from slavery, you are putting tax payer back in feared time like when we were slaves unable to make decision, I am recovering from cancer i don’t know about anyone else but i am getting very sick stressing about will i be able to pay my rent and eat this month, which is something you guys are not worried about, my childs, sisable what do he do.

  2. Wayne Jackson says:

    Most Of America doesn ‘t know me but 25 years ago I predicted something like this . It’s called I don’t care syndrome.Everybodies got it ,from the people who govern us to kids as young as 2.And by this time tommorrow our legislators will do something that Al-queda,The Jihad and Every hater of democracy couldn’t do, financially ruin the worlds economy single-handedly.I hope it was worth it.Digging up and desecrating every US veterans memory.Making the freedoms ,changes in social structure voidless.Congratulations to the real terrorist,The president,The House of representatives and The Senate.

  3. NoMoreTaxesOMalley says:

    i am glad they finally cut some spending in this over bloated government.
    good work congress. time for more cuts in 2012!
    we cannot keep spending money we do not have. acknowledge the economy sucks and deal with the cuts. its reality! sorry welfare fools the free money faucet is being turned off!

  4. Steven Cville says:

    Sooner or latter the bill comes due!

  5. commonsense says:

    How is this a hard concept? The gov’t takes in plenty of money every month to pay their bills and run a good many programs. The sad part is now we have to many programs. Do you really need to a gov’t paid cell phone plan to give people FREE cell phones with FREE minutes? Where is that in the constitution?

    How about section 8 housing? I can drive through several section 8 complexes and there are 30-40k dollar cars parked in front of their townhouses/apartment. There are people on food stamps who has a shoe collection worth more then my savings account yet we still provide them free stuff.

    Department of Education, Dept. of Transportation, and the EPA are all wasteful spending that can be cut. Not one kid in America is smarter from the citizens paying state taxes, the state sending the money to the fed via Dept. of ED, then the Dept. of ED handing it back to the states under ” grants”. It’s their money to begin with.

    Why does 40% of Americans pay taxes? What are these other people doing? If you are capable of working get out there and work. There are plenty of jobs on the market I dont care what you say. People dont want to do the dirty jobs that might not pay as much as your 60k dollar a year I.T. job did…but I bet if the gov’t cut off your checks you’d be willing to go out there and work for food.

    Cut Entitlements and programs that arent needed. The money is already there…you just arent spending it proeprly you ilks.

    Entitlement programs is a modern day form of Slavery yet that social class is to dumb or careless to pick it up on it. Instead of working for you bare necessity like houses and food now they give you housing and food for your VOTE.

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