BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A big honor in higher education.  Loyola University Maryland made Princeton Review’s Best Colleges in the Nation list.

Mary Bubala reports some say this survey counts more than others because it’s purely based on student opinion.

Loyola University has been growing and expanding, and students like what they see.  The school is one of the best colleges in the country, according to the Princeton Review.

“It affirms for us the work we are doing to make sure we are giving a comprehensive, 360-degree experience for our students,” said Terrance Sawyer, Loyola University Maryland.

Students ranked Loyola’s residence halls as second best in the nation, and its athletic facilities ranked 10th best on any campus.  The school just built the 6,000 seat Ridley Athletic Complex, home to its Division I lacrosse and soccer.

For prospective students and parents touring the campus Tuesday, the Princeton Review rankings count.

Anna Goulart and her mother are visiting from Massachusetts.  They like a lot about Loyola—including the nice dorms!

“They are really nice and they are a lot cleaner than most dorm rooms look when you tour a school,” Anna Goulart said.

“Academics are certainly the primary reason you send your child to school, but it’s nice to know other things,” said Cathy Goulart.

“We really make sure that when students are not in the classroom that the education doesn’t just stop and so I think students really feel like they are at home and that they are experiencing community while in the residence halls,” Sawyer said.

The Princeton Review asked more than 100,000 students to rate their school on dorms, food, professors, academics and more.  The latest issue hit store shelves Tuesday.

  1. T.Thompson says:

    I do not see how, when they have a Confederate Flag hanging in their library amongst the American Flag. They said they serve a diverse population?? If they did they would have found another flag to hang instead of expressing such hatred!!

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