BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Across the country, animal shelters are looking for a suspected cat killer living right here in Baltimore.  They say he’s responsible for the deaths of five cats and kittens.

Weijia Jiang has the chilling charges against Ethan Weibman.

Charging documents accuse the young man of carefully choosing animals at various shelters before breaking their teeth, beating and cutting them up.

Weibman, 20, faces a host of charges, including mutilating an animal and animal cruelty resulting in death.

“We contacted the authorities immediately,” said MDSPCA Executive Director Aileen Gabbey.

The investigation was launched in March when Weibman adopted a kitten from the Maryland SPCA.  Two days later, he brought its lifeless body back, asking for a new one.

“That was a big red flag, interest in adopting another cat so soon.  We didn’t know what had happened before; we needed to find out,” Gabbey said.

Police say Lucy was beaten to death.  Within two weeks, Weibman got another cat from a Glen Burnie pet store.  Hours later, he brought the animal to a vet, bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Charging documents show Weibman is also a suspect in deaths of four other cats he once owned and for injuring a fifth one.

“Most people going to shelters are trying to rescue animals.  Seems pretty horrifying he would treat them worse,” said neighbor Chris Ritter.

The case put the rescue community in a frenzy.  Messages urging shelters not to adopt cats to Weibman are spreading on Facebook, Craigslist and other national websites.

“These cases are being investigated very zealously and being prosecuted very zealously,” said Caroline Griffin, Animal Abuse Task Force.

The city is dealing with three other high-profile cases where teens tortured or set cats on fire in the streets.  Advocates say this one stands alone because of its serial nature and who Weibman is: a wealthy student from New York who grew up in a million dollar home.

WJZ’s media partner, The Baltimore Sun, reports Weibman recently called in to deny the charges, calling them slanderous and false.  Wednesday, Weibman’s father said over the phone the family attorney has advised no further comments be issued.

Weibman is out on bail and waiting for a September trial.  Meanwhile, a judge ordered him to have no contact with animals and to receive counseling.

Comments (49)
  1. Laura Shenk says:

    “These cases are being investigated very zealously and being prosecuted very zealously,” said Caroline Griffin, Animal Abuse Task Force.
    I’m very glad that is finally the case in Baltimore City. I wish it were the case in Carroll Co.

    1. Sybil Martino says:

      Defenseless animals first…humans later. This b—–d needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. chris says:

    What does the fact that he grew up in a million dollar home have to do with the fact that he is f-in sick in the head.

    1. Faith says:

      Means mommy and daddy have plenty of $$$$ to pay off the right people so he can go a free man. No matter if he’s f-ed up or not.

      1. Justice says:

        That’s where street justice comes in. This piece of s–t goes to MICA. Plenty of people know who he is and what he did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he experienced what those kittens went through for himself. This is one time that I’m glad Baltimore’s such a violent city.

    2. get_pet_torturers_off_the_streets says:

      right faith, not only is he obviously accustomed to mommy and daddy bailing him out but he arrogantly goes out to shelters and rescue groups, pays and adoption fee and hand picks the cats and kittens he plans to torture, mutilate and kill. these are just the ones there are adoption records for! i cant imagine how many he’s found for free…oh and by the way, ETHAN WEIBMAN was also arrested in Mass. when he was going to college there after police caught him speeding. when they tried to pull him over, he tried to hide the car by turning off the headlights. he was busted anyway by Amherst Police. cowardly creep.

  3. Heather Row says:

    We have a horrible situation in Southern Carroll County going on that no one seems interested in stopping. At a trailer park on Woodbine Road there is someone living there deliberately mutilating and beating cats and leaving antifreeze out in pet bowls for any animal. A few weeks ago on of the residents lost one of his three pet dogs to this poisoning!!!!… Wish we could here about that on the news so someone might actually do something.

    1. NLP says:

      Have you contacted your local news about it?

    2. Dawn says:

      Call the cops and animal rescue. Also, encourage folks not to let their dogs out unless they are leashed and suoervised. Cats should stay indoors.
      That is pathetic.

    3. Christy Marie says:

      Thats the sign of a serial killer. once hes let out of councsleing he will start taking his fantasies to anonther lvl and killing off the comunity.. he should stay locked up. ut his balls off.. so when hes raoed he doest enjoiy

    4. Sheri says:

      Carroll County in what state. Be more precise please.

  4. Sikiru Damijo says:

    Id love to break his face and teeth



  6. andy botwin says:

    he must own a resturant

  7. Talking says:

    Talk About It

  8. james says:

    I wish they were this zealous in capturing murderers and rapists

    1. get_pet_torturers_off_the_streets says:

      get a clue james.

    2. Sandra says:

      I think they are about catching murderers and rapists, but the animals don`t have a voice so we have to speak out for them, just as we would for children.

    3. Dawn says:

      Folks like this can often go on to hurt people, so, in a way, the authorities are. I am tired of some people using an issue as a spring board for an arguement.

  9. susan says:

    Do the same thing to him plus hang him by the u know whats.

  10. KidsNPets says:

    This is certainly a serious and troubling case and it is great that it is getting this attention, but how about a little light shone on the situation in Carroll County, where a unintested animal control refused to do anything until being forced to put up a reward that no one knows about because they have refused to tell anyone. Certainly calls into question animal control’s motives and ingetrity. There are animals being mutilated and killed in volume with no one, but a handful of concerned citizens are willing to step up and do something. Where is the outrage about this?

  11. adraine says:

    he is a sick man who probalbly had a f&^%$ childhood.

  12. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Let me have him for just an hour. I can guarantee he wouldn’t want to ever touch another animal.

    If Mommy and Daddy get this P.O.S. off these charges because of their money, they should be prosecuted for giving birth to this worthless human being. I hope they lock this guy up for YEARS! It’s just a matter of time before he moves onto bigger and better prey. He would certainly get his justice in prison!

  13. Animal Advocate says:

    Here’s his Facebook page:!/ethan.weibman?sk=wall Let him know what you think of what he did.

  14. Lizzie says:

    I want to know why the MDSPCA itself never issued any kind of warning about this monster.

  15. Teresa Saul says:

    A serial killer in the making

    1. Debbie says:

      The sad thing is, this has probably been going on for years. Who knows how many innocent lives he has ruined. I’m sure Mommy & Daddy knew about this as he was growing up. Didn’t they notice pets disappearing? What is really scary is, that soon this would not give him the thrill any more, & then he will move on to small children. I hope he is stopped now, before something worse happens! RIP, poor kitties.

  16. RNinBalto says:


  17. Cathy says:

    The law need s to get more strict on animal abuse cases,treat like humans,except these little creatures cannot defenf themselves,they thought they were getting a home and instead beaten. I am so sick to of hearinf this go on and on,how did this guy get a pet,I have not heard anything about those 2 boys that killed that poor pit ,so I hop they really do something to this guy.I am so sick to my stomach just thinking abiut thismI want to cry,those poor little creatures.I guess the shelters are going to have to start to be a little more strict

    1. Heather says:

      Cathy, unfortunately, I can’t see shelters being more strict, especially since many are euthanizing so many pets a day. They are at capacity. It is really sad.

  18. WHY ??? says:

    “Weibman adopted a kitten from the Maryland SPCA. Two days later, he brought its lifeless body back, asking for a new one.”

  19. RNinBalto says:

    “out on bail”….this is the problem. And then he is going to go out & do it again, and again, AND AGAIN!!!! until he starts serial killing people.

    Shame on the Maryland SPCA for not thoroughly screening for these people. There should be a registry for animal abuse offenders or lock these sick people up for a long time because the behaviour WILL NOT CHANGE.
    So the judge ordered him to “have no contact with animals” and “to get counseling”….YEAH RIGHT!!! who is going to enforce that? I hate Maryland.

  20. skroo ewe says:

    i have a cat that I love…so let the fool know

    1. lovescats says:

      I hear ya…I’m glad my cat found me and my partner because she is the best thing that’s ever happened to us. Let’s all band together and look out for this 20 year old “person”…sick psycho.

      1. vicki says:

        I have eight cats that are mine and 30 kittens under five months that I foster until they are adopted. I don’t think the animal control that is run by the counties really care who gets the cats. They don’t even take care of them properly. Some of the people there are just collecting a paycheck and don’t really care about the animals.

  21. Janet Snyder says:

    Sick People that hurt animals should be lock away. It should be a felony.
    What goes around comes around God will punished those whom hurt
    other living things. Animals just want to be wanted and love like people do.

  22. Chris Cowman says:

    Well, we know what this guys name is and we know what he looks like. How about this: Instead of putting this guy in a place where he’ll get free food and protection and lodging and clothes and medical care, we beat this waste of a human being within an inch of his life and use him as an example of what will happen to those who feel the need to inflict harm on living creatures. Sending this piece of Sh!t to prison and allowing him to feed even more off of society is not the answer.

  23. get_pet_abusers_off_the_streets says:

    send your grave concerns about the ETHAN WEIBMAN caseS (he has more than one for animal abuse, mutilation and torture in baltimore) to: . LET THEM KNOW THAT THE PUBLIC DEMANDS THAT THESE CASES BE PUNISHED TO THE GREATEST EXTENT OF THE LAW! Let the Judiciary System know that we are watching and that the public will NO LONGER SETTLE FOR REDUCTIONS OF CHARGES AND SLAPS ON THE WRIST. thank you.

  24. katie says:

    he came to a party at my friends house before this case came out. we just found his personal journal and went through it and it says he did experiments with them too … im in oneonta, NY how do i submit it as evidence!?!?!? i dont want someone like him to go free

    1. katie says:

      it may be a rumor, which i hope its not but if its true i want to get this guy off the streets!

  25. Kate says:

    This man and his girlfriend, Jordan Donovan are a disgrace! They should both be charged and seriously punished. Anyone who could do this to a defenseless aninmal is pychotic and his family is just as guilty for enabling him! The shelters who allowed these animals to be adopted have paperwork that needs to be filled out and that paperwork usually includes previous pet ownership. I’m sure Weibman lied and the shelters should sue him for breach of contract and fraud! This guy has no morals but his horrible family has money – let them give some of it to the animals! And also, no person with any decency should associate with or hire anyone in this family! They deserve to die in the street – preferably after being beaten or raped!

  26. Fran says:

    I hope this nut case gets what he deserves. He should be thrown in jail and maybe the inmates will give him what he’s done to these innocent animals. This torture continues to happen all around us and needs to be stopped NOW.

  27. km says:

    you people don’t know the whole story. ethan weibman is a total stranger to all of you and he has been wrongly accused by outsiders who are too willing to assume the worst and jump on anyone possible. all of you need to stop placing horrible undeserved labels on ethan. Unless any one of you has 100% proof of him directly torturing and killing animals you need to rethink you comments. He is completely mentally stable, both him and his girlfriend are pure-hearted and grew up with dearly loved pets. It’s disgraceful the things you people have said on this thread.

    1. get_pet_abusers_off_the_streets says:

      so, km….whaddaya think of ethan weibman’s mentally stable, pure heart now?

    2. get_pet_abusers_off_the_streets says:

      btw km, it seems that it is YOU who has been fooled by Ethan Weibman, not the posters here.

  28. psycat says:

    Can someone please do unto him as he’s done to these defenseless animals?

  29. Ironhorse says:

    It must be hell to awake containing such a level of vitriolic that one will murder a defenseless sentient animal…

  30. mitzi c koehl says:

    I hope he rots in hell.And gets the same as he done to those poor little cats

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