TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)—Violence that went viral. The beating of a transgender woman in a Baltimore County McDonald’s that was posted on the Internet helped secure a guilty plea from the defendant.

Alex DeMetrick was in the Towson courtroom and has the details.

The beating of Chrissy Polis, 22, went on for minutes. Now the woman and teen who attacked her are both looking at years behind bars.

The beating captured on a cell phone last April showed repeated attacks on Polis by 19-year-old Teonna Brown and her 14-year old friend at a Baltimore County McDonald’s.

Now Polis, who is transgender and considers herself female, was in court when Brown plead guilty under a plea deal.

“The ordeal is not over for her. She continues to suffer on a daily basis, particularly because of the notoriety the YouTube video has caused,” said Mark Scurti, Polis’ lawyer.

Brown plead guilty to first-degree assault, which carries a 25-year maximum sentence, and to a hate crime, which carries 10 years. But under the plea deal, the state is only recommending she serve five years.

“Guilty pleas are good because the defendant admits their guilt. It substantially cuts off the right of appeal,” said Scott Shellenberger, State’s Attorney.

New video from a surveillance camera was also introduced. Polis is being dragged by the hair and kicked.

“The severity of the beating is much easier to understand when you see a video,” Shellenberger said. “They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, a video’s worth a million.”

Another customer, Vicky Thoms, stepped in and tried to help Polis. The teen, whose face is obscured because she is a juvenile, hit Thoms.

In court Thursday, her strongest memory: “How a person so young can be so hateful,” Thoms said.

Polis had little to say.

“I was kind of nervous being here today,” Polis said. “I really did not want to come. So like I said, I have no comment. I just want to lay low and keep my life as normal as much as possible.”

She will say more next month at sentencing when she will present a victim’s impact statement.

It’s the judge’s discretion to set the sentence. He can either approve the five years, add more time or reduce it further.

Comments (73)
  1. Anne Falstaff says:

    This brutal beating of a quiet civilian makes me sick to my core. Everyone has the right to freedom and the pursuit of their own happiness. Nobody has the right to hurt anyone for any reason. I wish I’d been there for the victim. I wouldn’t have shown the restraint the rest of the people have. How can you judge someone else for what they do to feel right about themselves? Didn’t they learn how to treat others in kindergarten? Those wild animals need a good, strong cage; and I hope they surely get it. If not………I’m right here.

  2. still white still care says:

    lets not turn a hate crime into a hate crime!

  3. Happy as a bee says:

    The system worked this time. Maybe she will learn a lesson from this. 5 years…..maybe she’ll serve 2.

    1. pmaria says:

      I was raised in the “hood”, I’m glad I made it out. God has blessed me. But when someone of a hoodrat-ghetto mentality reaches a certain age and is still perpetuating this lifestyle, he or she will always be ignorant and violent. These two females would’ve never amounted to anything anyway. they will not learn anything in jail or prison.

      1. BMore Safe says:

        pmaria, that’s not fair. these girls were still very young, and who’s to say they “would’ve never amounted to anything…” i could understand your statement of they were both full grown adults. i too am from the hood…poplar grove in west baltimore, and have also lived in flag house projects in east baltimore. i too made it from the hood WITH a master’s degree.
        people have to be given the opportunity to BE MORE. Jail won’t help them! We need to get into the hearts and minds of these young people to see WHY they behave in this manner, and help them to make a change within themselves. God bless the victim!

  4. sickoverit says:

    I personally wish they would send both of them to jail and let them rot. They don’t deserve to be on the streets for what they did to Ms. Polis. Amazingly people didn’t riot or cause mass destruction over this incident but I wonder what would have happened if it was turned around and it was a white girl beating a transgender black female. We know where that would have gone. I think she should not get ANY of the hate crime sentence dismissed. she needs to serve 25 years in jail. She doesn’t deserve to be walking around with human beings. She is lower than an animal.

    1. Dana says:

      Who is stopping you from protesting. That is your choice. Don’t get upset when the NAACP supports a cause. Get up off your a** and do the same if you feel it warranted.

  5. Scott's County says:

    II’ve totally lost all respect for the NAACP and most other so-called “civil rights” leaders. Where was the outrage over this person’s vicious beating? I’m mean, wow! The jumped all over the citizens on patrol group in Pikesville who were alledged to have beaten a black teen for supposedly peaking into home windows. It is so hypocritical that the black community never speaks out gainst blacks violently beating people like the horrible 4th of July animal rampage at the Inner Harbor.

    1. Guest says:

      Cant we just agree crime is bad and all criminals are condemned by all honest citizens?
      They dont have time to denounce every Individual crime you know

      1. Eric says:

        I agree with you. But in this day and age too many people pull race into it. On the other other hand how often does the NAACP stand up when black people are in the wrong and publicly say this is wrong for them to do and it’s time to stop the crime and give a more positive view of africanamericans. They stand up in outrage when they are a victim but not when they are the problem. Or the reporters just don’t show that part. I am not saying white people don’t have issues to but we just don’t have our own group to stand up for us. We are on our own.

    2. scott is a idiot says:

      Actually that “alledged” beating happened in the jewish section of park heights you idiot.And thats right the NAACP was all over that because who do you THINK police are going to side with? Stop playing stupid.You think the NAACP are hypocritical because they aren’t there to defend whites when a black person committs a crime against them.White people are always defended,and stop pretending like it isn’t true.What planet are you on.These black girls got caught and are being charged.Can you say the same for the jewish guy who brutally assulted the black teenager? STFU because your racist.If a crime is committed no matter what the criminal’s or victim’s race is,justice should be served.Frickin idiot.get your mind right

      1. JQP says:

        you may have been taken seriously until you started in with your acronyms…really, is it necessary to be so foul mouthed? I mean if you’re responding to someone who is rude, wouldn’t it be better to prove your point by rising above their ignorance?

    3. goddessblue says:

      The organization itself is intended to assist Colored People. Not white people, not asian people, not indian people, not transgender people… it’s out of their jurisdiction, if you will. What kind of stupid question is that??

      However, NO ONE deserves to be abused or beaten like that, regardless of the social norms they might have stepped outside of. Transgender people exist and people simply need to get over it… or hell, I don’t care, they can torture themselves and stay awake nights wishing it wasn’t so. I don’t give a rat’s a**, as long as they’re not committing horrendous crimes of violence against people.

      More from me on this story:

  6. Ticked says:

    So why do you suppose CBS found it ok to post a pic of the victim who “suffers on a daily basis due to the notoriety” and the criminals go unseen?

    1. ladyofargonne says:

      They run the photo of the person who is good looking. That’s why Casey Anthony’s face is all over. Not all the ugly parents who torture and kill their kids every day. It’s media and one way or another advertizing.

    2. Bmore girl says:

      They run the photo of the ‘transgender female’ because that generates more curiosity than ‘black females charged with beating’. CBS is a media outlet whose headlines, photos, and content must generate interest for one reason or another so they pitch the story in the way that will generate the most readership.

  7. Savage RIp says:

    Half the WHITE people that visits this site shows how racist they really are. People are so quick to get on here and judge Blacks but when Whites commit crimes like the prostitution ring on Overlea no one even commented on it. I’m black and isn’t racist in anyway bein as though my father was married to a white woman for several years. Why can’t we all keep our racist opinions to ourselves and maybe we could live in a better world. And that’s still a dude until he has his male parts removed. How do we know what he has down there and he should’ve never been in the woman’s bathroom Period. If a black Cross Dresser or transsexual would go in the woman’s bathroom in white marsh mall the people would be outraged.

    1. Melvina says:

      Savage, I AM an African American and quite honestly I agree with most of the comments on here. It is sad that so many turn every occurrence into a ‘race’ issue but this clearly was. I was appalled that it happened, to this person or anyone for that matter. I believe what some of the people who have commented on here are referring to is the fact that there is a ‘reverse discrimination’ of sorts. And I do believe that if this was a white person picking on one of my brothers or sisters, the NAACP would have jumped on it, it would have had much more attention that it was given, there would have been rioting and picketing and the attacker would have served more time.

      And in regards to your comment about Ms. Polis still being a ‘dude’, you have no idea what you are talking about. I can’t imagine what she would have gone through if she did use the men’s room. I hope and pray that you never have to experience the ridicule and persecution that this young person has.

      1. Tom says:

        @Melvina – Are you from Africa? Then you’re not African American. You’re black.

      2. FLgirl says:

        @Tom, your an idiot…African American means your American from African might want to learn your history before insulting people

      3. Red says:

        To Melvina,

        Thank you.

        To Tom and Savage,

        EF OFF!!!

      4. Tom says:

        No, I’m not an idiot. (some nationality)-American means you immigrated here and became a naturalized US citizen. AKA Japanese-American, Polish-American, etc. FLgirl, you need to get a clue and learn how the world works.

      5. Tom says:

        @FLgirl – Also, didn’t know being black was insulting. Honestly sweetie, you need to get your story straight before you go calling strangers idiots. You in turn make yourself look pretty dumb.

      6. CLEpost says:

        I am an American of German descent but I don’t call myself a German American. I’m an American.

      7. Tom says:

        @CLEpost – Exactly. Political correctness is out of hand. Just like “Native American.” They’re Cherokee, or Iriquois, or whatever. America was not in existence during their time, therefore they’re not native Americans.

      8. Confused says:

        I’m from Africa and I’m Caucasian… I an African American???

      9. Tom says:

        @Confused – If you’re a naturalized US citizen, yes.

      10. Peter Tosh says:

        “No matter where you come from, if you’re a black man, you are an African” -Peter Tosh

        Tom, I know that you think it is your place to enforce how the rest of the world identifies themselves, so in keeping with your train of thought, let me suggest that you identify yourself properly. The word is TR0LL. A person who posts deliberately spiteful comments to draw others into a little battle is called a TR0LL.

      11. am says:

        agree with you 100%

    2. Eric says:

      I agree with you on leaving race out of it. But at the same time I feel if it happened the other way as you stated in White Marsh someone would have gotten security. I could be wrong but I feel that is what would happen. On the other hand what happened at the McDonalds we don’t know if the transgendered person did something to start it.

      1. whatnow says:

        And if they had gotten security because they weren’t sure and wanted to make sure it wasn’t a pedophile is that worse then just beating the snot out of someone? Is that racism?

      2. steppin' razor says:

        I think I would rather make the judgment call and face the embarrassment of a mistake rather than injure another human being and go to jail. There is a bit of a difference in the repercussions, don’t you think?

    3. Fiore says:

      Guess you should of started the comment idiot there is no more black and white act like a human being for god sakes

    4. Robert Long says:

      Its like this. Its not that people are attacking black on black stuff. But its when you see a black person attacked or something done to them by a white person. It makes head line news and every one looses there mind. But every single time black’s attack whites. its kept quite and no one cares or says anything. This is one of the 1st time’s this type of hate crime has made the big time with attention. And of course people are going to be mad and outraged. Just look at the video and see what these 2 girls did to this human being for no reason what so ever!. I remember when rodney king went down. It started riot’s so yea dont act like you guys are innocent.

      1. Crazy says:

        The hate crime had nothing to do with her being white. It had everything to do with her being transgendered. That’s what made it a hate crime.

    5. Ron Kemp says:

      That’s a double-standard if ever I’ve seen one. For years, decades, I’ve seen women use the Men’s bathroom whenever they need to go and the Women’s is occupied. Ever go to a concert? A ballgame? Any type of event where there’s a large number of people. It’s perfectly acceptable for women to JAM UP the Men’s room. Yet, you’re telling us that the reason this poor girl was brutally attacked was because it was a man in the women’s bathroom? Obsurd. She was attacked by these small-minded, hate–laden hood rats solely because she was a white transgender. If you don’t see that, take off your blinders. It’s the mentality of the hood rats.

  8. Jane says:

    Whatever your ethnicity, religious believes, or your sexual preference, we need to keep them to ourselves. People need to live and let live.

  9. Chris says:

    Bottom line, this was a situation totally mishandled by the defendants. If they felt violated because a male obviously mentally ill violated there right to privacy in a public bathroom, the police should have been called for starters, right then and there. The crime here, is that they took the law into there own hands. These people are sick, freaks of nature that need treatment, but our society and around the world cater to this. It is more than a matter of religion, it’s totally unnatural, in nature as well. Something has gone drastically wrong in the womb, and needs to be corrected or treated early on, not when there 20. As for the Black , White thing, it’s not about the color of there skin, it’s about how there rasied, there culture does the pooriest of all jobs in that arena.

    1. austinbikergirl says:

      Your ignorance is showing. Did you teach yourself this philosophy about transgendered, or did your parents and/or religion indoctrinate this in your childhood?

    2. Tom says:

      @Chris – So because someone is transgendered, they’re automatically mentally ill? Go back to 1950.

    3. Jen says:

      You are an idiot!! There is NOTHING wrong with a transgendered person. Nondefensive violence is NEVER okay. I feel very sorry for your offspring, neighbors, friends, etc that have to deal with you. Oh, and by the way, the word you meant to use is “their”, not “there”. “There” is a location. “Their” is a multiple person possessive noun. Go back to school, and keep your hate to yourself.

      1. Tom says:


      2. I am, you are, he is says:

        Jen – be careful when you start trying to go Webster (as in dictionary) on someone. Yes, “there” means a location, but “their” shows possession of something as in “their car.” They’re is a contraction for they are, so to say, …they are automatically mentally ill is actually correct. It’s the wrong thought process, but grammatically correct. So, in other words, when someone goes there (location), it’s their (possession) choice, to use they’re (contraction) for they are.

      3. nit picky says:

        Was the word “nondeffensive” a passive way of saying “offensive”? or how about “violence is never OK”… because a true pacifist (if that is how you think if yourself) would not have had to qualify the use of violence. Just mentioning it.

  10. Connie says:

    Nice job raising your daughters “mom.” Who knows…she might share a jail cell with the “body” that raised her.

    1. Robert Long says:

      whats funny is my step mom lives next door to them. and her daughter’s are always causing issues in the apartment complex. They are always attacking white kid’s and insulting white people. And spitting in white peoples faces. And messing up car’s from white people in the complex. They are very very racist and im glad they got time. Im just sad they will only do 2 year’s if that =( they need to do the full 35 or at least 20. because they dont need to be loose. They are going to do the same thing again in 2 years after they get out. Next time they will just be worse and they will make sure it isnt caught on cam. =(

      1. Doug says:

        Bust her AZZ and break it of in her.

      2. Doug says:

        White people just need to start acting like animals and this BS will stop. Round up a bunch of your friends find these girls and give them a beat down of there lives. Problem solved.

    2. Robert Long says:

      Oh and not to mention there mom was like. They love white people and gay’s and so on. They have friends that are white and gay. Thats total bs. They only hang out with a lil group of them. It’s normally 6 or 7 of them. And they sit out front all night and cause issues 24/7. And there mom dont care at all. Cus they tried to get into a fight with me and my girl and her younger sister. And talked to her mom about it and she just shut the door. This is why people who cant and dont know how to raise kid’s should be banned from having kid’s!

  11. FLgirl says:

    This is truly a sad thing to see, I don’t care if white black pink or purple being beat senseless for no reason is ridiculous. No one even tried to help her or call police, they all just sat around and laughed. Both of these girls deserve to spend more than 5 years for what they did to this poor woman. Some of you says she may have instigated the fight but if you watch the video she clearly doesn’t and it was 2 against 1. She couldnt defend herself

  12. Fiore says:

    Why is it that Gangsters and thugs are the only ones who play the race card now. Were I live we all get along and there is no divide and if a gangster came here he would probably get laughed out of town for being a idiot!

  13. Robert Long says:

    honestly people need to grow up on both sides with race issues. they both happen all the time on both sides. but the reason it looks like it happens more with whites attacking blacks is because 90% of the black on white crimes are never given any attention. Because we dont have a NAAWP or a NAN or any of those other things that people jump on a band wagon and take it to the edge

  14. shawn says:

    it doesnt make sense she wasnt ghetto she doesnt know how to respect the fact of freedom of speech or freedeom of the way u express ur self damn why that girl didnt deserve to get treated like that

  15. MDresident says:

    That’s all Maryland does: reduce the sentence….so that they can walk again and repeat the offense. This dumb broad will never learn her lesson-she ought to stay there for a LONG time to think about what she did.

  16. Babysnakes says:

    Growing up in Baltimore I have learned that hate is a taught emotion. Children who are raised to be tolerant and understanding grow to be respectful and caring adults. It doesnt take money or an education to raise a child to care for others, it takes love and compassion. Unfortunatly Baltimore is lacking loving and compassionate parents. Another missed lesson is claiming responsibility for your own actions. No more excuses for all of this violence. It’s very sad to see how this chain keeps going generation after generation. Hateful people are not happy people. If you care about your children’s life long happiness you will teach them from birth to love, respect and protect their neighbor. I hope the girls involved in this beating learn from this and do not become more hateful and vengeful because of the time they have to serve. I believe that people learn and grow from positive experiences learned from community service hours. I would like to see our court system hand out more community service hours especially for young adults. It’s never too late to make a change. Hopefully this is the case here.

    1. Owings Mills says:

      Hate is not a taught emotion. It is an emotion of experience. I’ll give you a prime example. I live in a very diverse area. My 3rd grader came home from school one day and said “How come black people always act so tough and talk so tough?” There is no hate taught in our house. This comment was based on his own observations of how black kids act at school.

      1. Steppin' Razor says:

        My kids are home schooled and have friends in bodies of every size and color and they refer to them as people…not black people (that doesn’t make sense because very few people of color have skin dark enough to be considered “black”) or slightly beige people or people with orange hair or people in short bodies…. you know…it starts with how we, as parents describe other people or groups of people. It shouldn’t be about categorizing human beings by their physical characteristics and embracing or rejecting them for it….it should be about seeing people as people and weighing each person’s compatibility with us based on who they are and how they behave. If you don’t appreciate or agree with how someone behaves, then you walk away and find someone you can get on with. I assure you, my hair color has nothing to do with who I am as a person. By the way, what color am I? Can anyone tell?

  17. est 1988 says:

    This story is ridiculous.I saw the video on and was really shocked to find out that it was the mcdonald’s in Overlea.I live in White Marsh so that Mcdonald’s isn’t that far away.But the problem is these stupid kids hang out at whatever fast food restaurant that the bus can drop them off at,they never have money to eat,they’re just there to start trouble.What 19 yr old hangs with a 14 yr old? She’s a lame on that note alone.I really hope the victim files a lawsuit and wins against Mcdonald’s because those stupid employees sat back and watched the whole thing go down without helping her.They were mad because she went into the woman’s room? Now what do you think would have happened if she went into the men’s room and someone saw her? This is a hate crime and her a$$ should be punishment to the highest degree.

  18. Savage RIp says:

    It’s MD LMAO the corrupted azz police beats Blacks up all the time. I’ve had it done to me before. Thrown in a under cover car handcuffed took to Eastern District beat on the way there and beat in the district only to be let go. NONE OF THOSE OFFICERS THAT DID THAT TO ME WAS BLACK. What about the harassment of law biding citizens by under cover policE. What about the Killing of their own at select lounge. AND HOW DO WE KNOW HE’S TRANSGENDERED HAS ANYONE LOOKED DOWN HIS PANTS. THATS A DAM MAN FOR GOD SAKES. I just moved to Arizona and the WHITE people here are racist as hell. Y’all people in MD don’t have a clue.

  19. SanFordNSon says:

    Anne Falstaff ,scotts county and eric,you 3 couldnt have said it any better you all took the words rite out of my mouth,I also think its funny how blacks get all mouthy when people like you 3 speak the truth lol,fact is blacks hate to hear the truth,even though we all made up our own screen names on here I can tell who is black just from the nasty getto words they use smh,as far as these african american animals go hang them from the nearest tree branch dont waste out tax money locking them up ! ! ! I would love to get my white hands on both of these fat wild animals who beat this white girl both at the same time.

    1. SanfordNSon yanking your chain says:

      just so no one bothers to respond to SanfordNSon…he ‘s a tro11 paid by the network to get your dander up.

  20. MyAfroItches says:

    Here is a little something for you pavement apes to read even those you animals make breaking news everyday ! ! ! !

  21. SanFordNSon says:

    Here is a little something for you pavement apes to read even those you animals make breaking news everyday ! ! ! !

  22. Tranny kisser says:

    that tranny looks like she is on meth

    1. Ha ha says:

      …and yet (s)he’s prettier than the thug that beat her up. HA!

  23. Leonard says:

    I believe most people here are color blind for the most part (racially speaking) and are grounded in reality. The bottom line is I think we can keep the racism to a minimum if we simply don’t respond to it when people inject it into the forum. I really don’t know what to say about the transgender person using the ladies room. I think there should be some protocol for this situation. If it were a black transgender person and white girls attacking it would still be as wrong. I fail to see where the NAACP would come into play if that were the case either. The do not speak for black people nor do we look to them for leadership. They’re more about civil rights than shaping and guiding the black community. That job belongs to us as parents, and friends, uncles and aunt’s, big brothers and sisters.

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