SUITLAND, Md. (AP) — Federal workers and their union representatives are expressing concerns about how budget cuts will affect federal jobs.

Federal employees filled a library at the U.S. Census Bureau Complex in Suitland on Friday to listen to Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin talk about the deal brokered this week to raise the nation’s debt ceiling to avoid federal financial default.

Cardin said the pressure is off on the initial proposal, but he says future budget reductions will be addressed in the
appropriations process. He also says Democrats will be fighting to preserve jobs.

Johnny Zuagar, a union representative with the American Federation of Government Employees Local 2782, said he was
concerned about potential future cuts, including a proposal floated by Republicans to cut between 650 and 700 jobs from the Census headquarters.

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Comments (10)
  1. Mary says:

    The federal government workforce is out of control and has been that way for too long. It is time to cut the jobs. If programs like social security and Medicare are going to be facing cuts…than get rid of the newly hired federal workers (two years of service or less).

    1. Democrud says:

      yup, if you need a union its because you need a group of lazy people to threaten

  2. Steve says:

    The federal work force isn’t the problem. The problem is the programs that the government has enacted that haven’t worked or have been a total failure are still being funded. There are literally hundreds of them. The powers in the government (senate and congress) don’t want to take any program away without a 10 year study even though it is blatently obvious they don’t work. Congress and the senate are the problem. The average federal employee goes to work to do their jobs and want to serve the citizens, and yes, I am a federal employee.

  3. TJ says:

    ben this you think of this ideal or did the fat lady help you along

  4. Towson says:

    Ben you a lost soul how the hell did you ever get elected

  5. Parkville says:

    Cardin you and the fat ladys days are numberd before thrown out of office

  6. David says:

    The average federal worker is nothing like the ones in congress and should not be compared to those clowns. We must operate within the legal constraints imposed by congress and try to make things better for the country despite the bi-partisian actitivies in DC.

  7. Mary says:

    David…I agree that there is no comparison in regard to federal workers and congress. They are clowns but if you cut programs like social security and medicare, than do it across the board…cut the staff. Why should the elderly be the one to suffer. Everyone knows that the federal government is too big and to those who are federal workers, it is time to trim by cutting the waste. It is only fair to cut out employees who have only been there for two years or less. Steve, yes some programs in the federal gov’t, are a waste and need to be reviewed. However, you know as well as most taxpayers, the federal gov’t. workforce is out of control.

  8. Democrud says:

    cut these useless govt workers. 10 bean counters for every 2 tax payers no more free money maryland you got to cut your welfare state taxes and employees. oh thanks for the credit rating default democrats!
    we all pay higher interest rates now, ie another tax! so true to form

  9. Greg says:

    Keep the new employees and fire the old, you can’t train a old dog new tricks.

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