BALTIMORE (WJZ)– It was an opportunity of a lifetime for Ravens fans Saturday, many of whom got to see the team practice at a venue that made it seem like a real game day.

Andrea Fujii reports.

Let the games begin! Thousands of fans came to the Ravens’ first ever preseason open practice at M & T Bank Stadium.

After a four and a half month long NFL lockout and fans not even knowing if there’d be a season, Ravens excitement has bubbled over.

Because of the lockout, training camp was moved from Westminster to Owings Mills so practice was closed to the public. But that doesn’t bother fans now.

“It means a lot to come here, especially at Ravens Stadium, to really see what the 2011 season is going to bring,” said Ravens fan Emilio Puliti.

Besides watching the scrimmage, people got up close to the team and cheerleaders as some players got their first taste of Ravens fanfare.

‘It was a great turnout,” said Anthony Allen, Ravens rookie running back. “I mean, it felt good, you know, finally get to be able to see inside the stadium and it was a nice atmosphere.”

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” said another Ravens fan Andre Thomas. “All these fans out here and this is just the training.”

Fans expect it to be a successful season. And with all this Ravens hype, they could even make it on fanfare alone.

“They’ll be pretty good,” said Tyler Snapp, a Ravens fan. “I think they’ll match last year and do better in the playoffs.”

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    1. Mel Gibson says:

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