WASHINGTON (AP) — Charles L. Gittens, the first black Secret Service agent, has died. He was 82.


The McGuire Funeral Home in Washington confirmed that Gittens died July 27. A spokesman for the agency confirmed that Gittens was the first black agent, but said no further details would be immediately available.


According to an obituary in the Herald-Sun of Durham, N.C., Gittens became the first black special agent in 1956 in the Charlotte, N.C. office. He retired from the agency in 1979.


Danny Spriggs, vice president of global security for The Associated Press, calls Gittens “just an outstanding guy” and said he mentored young African-Americans like him who were coming up through the ranks.


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Comments (13)
  1. BIG DEAL says:

    why is this news? who gives a rats @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Spice Marlo says:

    Apparantly you do considering you are bothering to comment on it.

  3. theox says:

    stop the presses. a black guy died.

    1. howard grant says:

      Your an ass you Will die alone not even your mother will weep

  4. smash44 says:

    When did the first white Secret Service agent die? Or the first Indian? Or the first Irish? Or the first German? Or the first Polish? Geez.

  5. Robert says:

    The hateful comments shown on this website are absolutely ridiculous! Regardless of what you all may feel, this was an accomplishment due to the fact that he became a Secret Service Agent during a time when most African Americans could only be maids and lawn jockeys. Rather than commenting with sarcasm and derision, try to show some respect for the life that just ended. The ignorance of this city(of all races by the way, not just Black and White) never ceases to baffle me.

  6. whatnow says:

    I think this guy proved that Black people could be more than maids and lawn jockeys even back then. They could be more now too, they just don’t want to be. I wish Condy Rice’s autobiography was mandatory reading in public schools. It could change the world.

  7. Mike says:

    Well if Black people can be more than maids and lawn jockeys as you are stating, then why don’t they get off the social programs like welfare, Section 8 housing and food stamps and go get a job??

  8. Robert says:

    For the same reason that Whites and Asians and whoever else is still on those programs. I am so sick and tired of the ignorant people of this city assuming that it’s ONLY Black people who use public assistance. Trust me when I tell you that there are just as many Whites on them. I used to work at the Public Assistance Building and you would be surprised at just how many Whites come in.

    The main issue as always, is the constant and idiotic need to judge an ENTIRE race of people (millions of people) based on either the media or a bad experience. Judge the individual for themselves! I am African American, but graduated from one of the best schools in Baltimore, currently work THREE jobs while going to school for my Master’s Degree, AND I come from the very neighborhoods that most of the residents of this city look down upon (West Baltimore). Stop the ignorance and educate yourself on the individuality of people, rather than the misconstrued media perception

  9. robert=monkey says:

    oh robert….SHUT UP!!!!

  10. Mike says:


    You were the one that stated Black people can get meaningful employment.
    I am just challenging the ones that don’t. They need to get off their lazy buts and do what you say they can do.

  11. Robert says:

    Mike, how do you suppose I go about proving you wrong? Shall we take a trip down to the Unemployment Office, stand on a soap box, and give some type of cliche, Hollywood-esque speech of empowerment? Shall we take cans of graffiti and go to all the “hoods” and spray messages on the walls? Shall we run a special on the news?

    I’m really not understanding how you would make a comment that vague and quite frankly, impossible and then have the audacity to end it with “or STFU”. I’m assuming by your access to the Internet that you are somewhat of a literate man. With that being said, was “STFU” the best way that you could articulate yourself?

    And to the young gentlemen/lady who felt that the most meaningful response to the article was “Robert=Monkey”, here’s a brief question for you: how can you tell anyone to shut up when you responded in such an immature, uneducated way that you’re not even worth my time after this BRIEF acknowledgment? Do me a favor though: take a trip to the library, read a few books, and THEN comment. In the mean time, stay out of grown folks’ business

  12. Mike says:


    I am also assuming that you are educated and literate. If you would have read my 1st comment, all i said was if they are able to get these jobs than get them and get off the social programs. I didn’t mention any other race because you made a point of makine sure everyone understood that you felt offended about the previous comments and you brought up the fact that Black people are able to find employment other than as maids or lawn jockeys (your words, not mine).

    Now if you find what I am saying offensive, I say to you…TOO BAD!!
    You seem to think you are entitled to express your opinion and you did. I may not like what you have to say but you can say it.

    I stand by what I said. if Black people can become employed, then let them get our of the housing projects funded by Section 8 and spread out all over the city, get off welfare and medical assistance. When these social programs are removed from the books, than maybe our tax money can be spent on the debt the city/state owes and society can get into a better place.

    BABY MAMA needs to become productive and not continue to be REPRODUCTIVE

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