BALTIMORE (WJZ)– “Flash mob” robberies. It’s a disturbing trend in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and right here in Maryland. Large groups of young people swarm stores, take what they want and leave just as fast.

Derek Valcourt explains how police are trying to get the problem under control.

These flash mobs organize quickly, which is why some cities and counties are hoping curfews can stop what police can’t predict.

A security camera captures images of the latest flash mob crime at a Northeast Washington convenience store, where 10 young women enter the store, load up shopping bags and then run out in a pack.

“That’s crazy!” a resident said.

Crazy and increasingly common. The latest flash mob crime comes just days after a similar incident in Germantown, also orchestrated at a convenience store. In that case, 30 teenagers grabbed what they wanted before hustling out. Montgomery County police already identified half of the suspects in the video.

“And we hope to put an end to it before it becomes a trend,” Montgomery County Police said.

Officials there now considering following in the footsteps of Philadelphia where the mayor recently enacted curfews in certain districts for anyone under 18 after thousands of teens flash mobbed in the streets with acts of violence and vandalism.

“If you are caught breaking curfew, you will be taken to a police station or another place where your parent or guardian will be contacted,” said Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia.

“I don’t think that there is any place that is immune from flash mobbing,” Rob Weinhold, a security expert, said.

Weinhold said laws and police must adjust to deal with this relatively new phenomenon.

“The ability to mobilize happens very, very quickly, and if not in a productive setting, devastating consequences can occur for innocent bystanders who happen to be in the way, or small businesses who find themselves being victimized simply because 20, 30, 50 or 100 people walk into the establishment,” he said.

Baltimore City police say they are keeping an eye on the flash mob problem in Philadelphia, and say so far, there have been no flash mob crimes here in Baltimore.

Montgomery County’s curfew is still under consideration though a decision isn’t likely until sometime this fall.

Click here for more information on how to protect your business from a flash mob crime.

Comments (22)
  1. Can believe anything says:

    Stupid and ignorant, what else do you expect from the ones doing this. They are proving once again that whitey is correct about them.

  2. Madman says:

    The mobs have no respect for the law, business owner or anyone else. So if caught and convicted send them away for a very long time. If under 18 the parents should pay for all items stolen and property damaged. If this continues and the family is on social services the benefits should be denied until all damages are paid.

  3. JIM DECK says:

    crime is down in baltimore city, i’am sure glad we do not half to worry about this, thank goodness for those great baltimore city police that are on the ball

  4. Essex man says:

    Jim…I’ll remind you of post when it happens in Baltimore City.

  5. senny says:

    They all belong in jail where they should be already…

  6. arnie says:

    I’m sure they are scared to death when they are told their parents will be called.. NOT. Look at the videos from these 2 robberies.. Do we see anything in common??

    Parents of these kids won’t do anything because they probably did the same thing when they were teens and don’t see anything wrong in it.. They should get the clerks out of there, lock the door and load the place with gas that irritates the skin, eyes and throat so bad that these kids will remember it forever. That will work more effectively than telling ‘mommy and daddy.’ I bet most of these kids don’t even know who their parents are.

    THESE barbarians are our future.. Wow, now that is something to be proud of.

    1. bob says:

      If this wasn’t Maryland, the shopkeeper would have a barrel at their face, and that would probably work pretty well to deter this sort of behavior.

  7. Crime down in BC says:

    If anyone thinks for an instant this is not going to happen in BC better wake up. When these people are arrested they should be put in a cage.

  8. T J says:

    police on the lookout for crimanals. It should read police are on the look out for 7/11’s

  9. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Straight outta da hood. what do you expect for them. They are well schooled that nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is going to happen to them if caught. The parents, wherever they are will sit back and laugh, council them on not getting caught the next time and send them back to the streets.

    Makes perfect sense to enact a full year school system to keep these hoodlums off the street and in the classroom for re-education. They claim crime is down but put this on the news….of course the police dpartments will classify this as 1 event instead of 20-30 seperate ocurrances of theft which it is.

    I say lock em up. That’s what they deserve. But of course we can’t put these little darlings in full fledged jails…..they are misunderstood not criminals.

  10. Think About It says:

    Once again, the site has taken a downturn to include racial charactorization of the accused individuals. What these teens did was wrong in the video and elsewhere. However, it is not because they are black. Rather, it is because they are stupid. Stupidity has no color; as the above comments clearly depict. You can be white, black, yellow, or red and still interpret it all wrong. These teens lack moral up-bringing, self respect, compassion for others, and common sense, no doubt about it. What I sincerely Do doubt, is that you would have any trouble finding teens that fit this description, regardless of which neighborhood you focus upon. This is not to say that all teens fit this description, mind you. To put it more explicatively: Show me a teenager that has healthy moral convictions, respects those around him/her, and exercises common sense in their daily lives…and I’ll show you a successful parenting style in their home. Lets get off of the racism, so that we can focus on the problem, folks.

    1. Poseidon says:

      White and Asian ‘kids’ never do things like this. Open your eyes. This is becoming common place, and due to the stupidity of this race of morons, our freedoms are being curtailed more and more every day. Because these fools are making headlines with flashmob stories, look for Big Brother to start restricting your freedoms more and more, especially when it comes to the internet. The internet is our last true line of defense against complete government control, and because these ne’er-do-wells don’t want to pay for their baggy pants and hats that they can wear sideways, I stand to lose my freedom. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BLACK AMERICA. I and my fellow brothers and sisters are going to defend ourselves by any means necessary, and you better believe that. You’ve awoken a sleeping giant.

    2. Can believe anything says:

      Apparently you must be a liberal democrat. What do you suggest is done about this type of behavior? It is obvious from this behavior that their parents or guardians do not give a sh1t what they do. How about you volunteering to help these youths. Open your eyes to the ones who always are behaving this way and you will see one color. Just look at what happened at the Inner Harbor on the 4th of July. Either you are in denial, stupid or a moron. These people or their parents (baby daddy and baby mommy) must be held accountable and responsible for their actions.

    3. fern says:

      Watch the video from the Inner Harbor brawl from July 4th and watch the 2 videos above.. How many whites and Asians do you see behaving this way?>? And if they are, then they too are trash. What I saw on those videos were 100% black kids. Face it, the kids in the videos are black. End of story

  11. Poseidon says:

    What is wrong with black people?

  12. Think About It says:

    It was predicted, long ago, that the world would continually spiral into ramped evil and chaos. It is of no surprise to me, to see this type of footage on the net, as I have been expecting it for some time now. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but it does not stop here, either.
    The point is this: We have the ability to control ourselves, not others. The very act of teaching our children to live promising and upward-mobile lives, is (in and of itself) control of ourselves, in more than one respect. It is important to separate ourselves from the trends that are dragging our societies down. One of these trends, indeed, is the perpetuation of racism; thus adding and fuelling chaos admidst the escalating evil around us.
    I am not interested in arguing with you, rather I would seek to point out that which a very wise man once uttered; “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”
    One thing that I have learned in my years of observation here, is that a facet of self control always entails accepting responsibility for my part in every problem. Whether it be an active role, regarding poor choice, or passive, as in the instance of lack of action to correct the problem, once discovered. I choose to look more closely at the problems that plague our world these days, and to respond productively; in a role of solving matters, instead of perpetuating them. I will loose eventually, as will we all, however, I will retain my self respect along the way. I encourage you to do the same.

    1. Angel says:

      You Truly said it straight to the point Thanks!

  13. julie says:

    Ive seen it happen in baltimore a few days ago….but he didnt call police becuz the kids were gone in seconds…im sure it happens all the time

  14. Veritas, Honor, Justitia, Sapientia, Scientia says:

    So what is the answer? Shoot first, ask questions later.

  15. jimmey says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    With very long term harassment, or the more correct description torture ,the FBI and DEA are intentionally creating their own terrorists and criminals when evidence of any supposed crime does not support their investigation/harassment of a suspect.

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