BALTIMORE (AP) — Attorneys for an inmate accused of killing a corrections officer are seeking a hearing that will give them a look at the prosecution’s case — and a chance to persuade a judge to take the death penalty off the table.


The Baltimore Sun reports that the hearing, requested by lawyers for Lee Edward Stephens, is now allowed under a rule enacted by the state’s highest court.


Stephens and another inmate, Lamarr C. Harris, are accused of the 2006 fatal stabbing of corrections officer David McGuinn in the now-closed Maryland House of Correction.


Five years after the killing, the co-defendants have not been tried, in part because of changes to the state’s death penalty law.


One expert said the hearing could allow judges to weed out some death penalty prosecutions.

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Comments (5)
  1. Death Penalty says:

    Give him the death penalty. Another life sentence means nothing. Liberal MD must get back to the death penalty. Bleeding heart liberals say it is not a deterrent….BS. The criminal should get one appeal then death. If they knew death would follow in a very short time they would think first. I know some would murder with or without the penalty, because of crimes of passion, etc. Don’t let them sit on death row for 20 plus years with TV, gyms, etc. Bleeding heart liberals keep your opinions to yourself, I don’t want to read them. Make trials swift and justice follow just as fast.

  2. Essexman says:

    @DP, I agree 100% with your post. The one part I would disagee with is: Once found guilty execute the next day. Mistakes would be made and the good Lord would sort them out. It doesn’t matter(me, brother, father, etc.) who it is justice would be the same.

  3. KottaMan says:

    Well, the state’s court system continues to bend over backwards for miscreants. Why should there be a “hearing” before a “trial?” The process of “discovery” has been around since God invented dirt. It forces the prosecutor to divulge all the evidence, witness info, statements, etc., etc. to the defense anyway. Victims’ families and us taxpayers have exhausted our patience with endless appeals, hearings, etc., ad nauseum.

  4. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Who and Why was the :death Penalty” removed or made special case out of? The LAW is the LAW, why are laws such as this enacted by legislative bodies and when needed to be applied it is immediately “APPEALED”? These LAWYERS that sit in the seats of power that make these law seem to always “APPEALS” when the LAW is going to be applies in the case such as this. WHY MAKE LAWS THAT ARE NOT ENFORCED. Laws are made to “APPEASE” the general public such as the FEDERAL GOV’T failure to DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS from the USA. The “LAWS” are on the books but no one can APPLY them because of an “APPEAL”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Madman says:

    Bring back the death penalty and use it. When an animal is already serving 2 or 3 life sentences what difference does it make to add another. The amount of money wasted on appeals for 20 years is outrageous. One appeal, then “Old Sparky”.

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