FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A Brunswick man charged with murdering his 2-month-old daughter is due in court in Frederick for what prosecutors are calling a status conference.

The hearing in Circuit Judge G. Edward Dwyer’s chambers is set for Friday morning.

Lawyers for Jason Zirinsky, 26, have filed a motion seeking to block prosecutors from introducing evidence of
Zirinsky’s conviction in New Jersey for child endangerment. That 2004 case involved another daughter who suffered broken bones from what Zirinsky said was a fall from a bed.

He was charged in November in the beating death of his daughter Lexi at their home in Brunswick.

Zirinsky’s trial is set for October.

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  1. letstellthetruth says:

    Ok so this guy kills a two year old child by beating the child to death and now he does not want the state to look back on his prior record where another i=one of his kids were hurt at his hand -This guy needs to go to jail and throw the key away,May God be with the poor little two year old that died because off the idiot father

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