Rawlings-Blake Leading Democratic Primary Race, Poll Finds

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The Baltimore mayoral primary is fast approaching, and it looks like the incumbent will be hard to beat.

A new poll from WJZ’s  media partner, The Baltimore Sun, finds half of likely voters plan to cast their ballot for Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in the Democratic primary. The rest of the field combined for only 32 percent, with many still undecided.

Voters will head to the polls on Sept. 13.

  • ali

    How sad that most voters will vote only because she’s a democrat and not because of the job she’s done. So far she hasn’t impressed me. I can’t vote for her at this point democrat or not. She’s not right for Baltimore – she’s making it worse. Spends millions and expects the citizens to pay for it and I’m so tired of paying…. Time for someone who will think for the city and not for money!!!!

  • http://news.voterfactory.com/baltimore_md/rawlings-blake-leading-democratic-primary-race-poll-finds/ Rawlings-Blake Leading Democratic Primary Race, Poll Finds | Local Voter News

    […] A new poll from our media companion, “The Baltimore Sun,” finds 50 % of probably voters prepare to cast their ballot for Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in the Democratic principal. CBS Baltimore […]

  • no vote

    Lost my vote when she allowed officers to get off for killing officer william torbit.that says alot this city is going well gone to the wolfs. Those officers should have been fired not for fireing their wepond but for the amount of times!!!!! N not because hes a officer but because hes human…n it could have been anybody,

  • pigDemOink

    ghetto votes for ghetto.

  • Mike

    People to need to realize that “citizens” of Baltimore City will vote for someone just because they are black. It don’t matter what political view they have as long as they have the right color on their skin. Rawlings-Blake has done a terrible job with this city so far so why keep her in office to continue to allow her to do it?

  • Jerry

    She’s full of BS. Double talking about increasing the police and fire departments when she want’s to keep the rolling closures and not giving the police and fire fighters a raise. She’s not even doing anything about the abadonded houses in the city.

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