BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Thousands of people are going to bed without power for the third or fourth night in a row. BGE crews are working around the clock but the outages are turning dangerous.

Meghan McCorkell has more.

BGE has restored power to 75 percent of those who lost it during Irene but as those without power wait another night, worries are rising.

For some, the power outages could be life-threatening.

“”The only thing that worries me is my insulin. I don’t have nobody to get me no ice or anything for it,” said Mary Larrabee.

Stacy Mowery also has health problems.

“I have COPD, I’m on inhalers and that’s what I really don’t like about it because if I get stuck in a breathing situation, I don’t have no relief to get me AC for it,” Mowery said.

She’s also worried about her neighbor’s generator, right below her.

“My neighbor, he lit his up and his fumes were coming up my apartment last night,” she said.

Carbon monoxide has killed one Maryland man. Won Koo Sung, 48, died inside his Ellicott City home. A generator was found in the garage.

“Generators should always be used outdoors and away from a window and people should have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes,” said Dr. Kinjal Sethuraman, Shock Trauma.

Sung’s wife and son were rushed into the hyperbaric chamber at Maryland Shock Trauma.

“You hear of a tragedy like this and it’s just really, really sad,” said neighbor Debbie Nesbitt.

At the BGE staging area, crews are trying to prevent accidents like that. Right now, BGE has 4,600 power crews on the road, including an extra 500 brought in from Alabama Tuesday morning.

“We’ve been working around the clock since noon on Saturday when we started experiencing outages on our system,” said Rachael Lighty, BGE.

But with a job this huge, for some, the wait will continue.

Emergency officials really want people using generators to be safe. Shock Trauma officials say they’ve already seen four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It could take until Friday or Saturday to fully restore power to the entire state of Maryland.

Comments (18)
  1. still without power says:

    BGE please consider implementation of a process that sets a threshhold for power restoration with a compensation to those customers that have to wait longer than the threshhold. This may encourage customers to be patient, to understand that everyone can not be first, and would help with customer incurred losses . It may also encourage BGE and their subcontractors to stay on task. Thank you for your consideration.

    I’m trying to remain positive and understanding but it appears that I will incur a large food loss; and, it is very difficult to maintain basic living when we can not get water from the well.

  2. Harford County Resident says:

    This article states that concentration appears to be on Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County with a number of outages in Baltimore City. Actually according to BGE’s web page, the percentage of outages is one of the lowest in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Calvert County, and Harford County are the top 4 with power outages. How about more assistance getting power restored in Harford and Calvert counties. No mention is made of them.

    When you are on a well and you have no power, it is extremely difficult to maintain basic living as you cannot flush toilets, wash clothes, take a shower, or most basic hygiene needs. And we are told that we will not get power until Friday-6 days without power or basic hygiene needs seems incredible considering our level of technology and underground lines. Our development has underground lines which was supposed to be better, yet we are told it will be Friday or Saturday before we get power back which is when they hope to have everyone restored.

  3. I'm out too, but... says:

    Count your blessings. You are not in upstate New York or Vermont.

    1. Harford County Resident says:

      I have a relative in upstate NY and they’re without power as well. They had 2 trees down, but thankfully didn’t hit anything. They don’t know when they are going to get power either and neither do I or other parts of my family in Harford County-we are on day 4 without power.

      I REALLY do appreciate all the men and women that came so far to help us out and gave up time with their families to help us get our power back. We would be days or weeks longer without power without them! I don’t know when I will get my power back, but I know it would be a lot longer without them.

      But can BGE send more crew to Harford County. According to BGE’s website, Harford County is in the top 4 counties with the highest percentages of customers without power.

  4. 21218Mommy says:

    STILL WITHOUT POWER!! We have been out of power since Saturday and at that time we even had the street lights, so we weren’t totally in the dark. Now there aren’t any streetlights. My block is like a ghost town. Come on BGE, I know that you guys have a heavy load but 4 days without power is utterly insane. I have 4 children under 4 I’m losing my mind!!!!

  5. Patience. Please says:

    I have a husband working almost round the clock trying to restore power. The damage from the hurricane was devastating, widespread, and deadly. Be thankful we don’t live further South or North where they will wait longer. At least your families are together. I will not see my husband until all the power is restored. Numerous crews are in from out west leaving behind their families also. Please be patient and thank the crews. They are working tirelessly.

    1. Koala Girl says:

      Please thank your husband for me. I, too, have been without power since early Sunday morning and don’t expect it back anytime soon but, unlike most of the complaining posters, I understand the magnitude of what your husband, and all of the crew men and women are facing, so I cannot be upset with them. They are facing a huge and potentially deadly challenge as they work day and night to restore power. Yes, it is inconvenient. Yes, there are losses to be had. My family is alive and well and our home is unscathed by Irene and I thank God for sparing us what our neighbors to the North and South felt from that storm. I will gratefully accept the inconvenience and losses in exchange. People, count your blessings instead of grousing about inconsequential things. Thank you to all of the power company crews what have left their families for days, especially those whose homes and families may have sustained their own damages from the storm, to come here to help us to get things back to normal.

      1. Patience. Please says:

        Thank you! Hopefully you will get your power soon. 1,000 more crews just came in late yesterday to help. You are a blessing!

  6. power power power says:

    “It’s driving me crazy. I can’t understand why the power’s not on,” said one man……………ITS CALLED A CATEGORY 1 HURRICANE, IDIOT!!!!

    The nerve of some people…I have friends who work for BGE, like the other reader stated, these guys have been busting their rear-ends since friday, coming in at 8am and not gettin off until 11pm, thats a long day and then having to return the next day and do it all over again…so your gonna lose food? That can be replaced, lives cant!! Be thankful that a tree didnt fall on your house and kill someone. So your inconvienced for a few days because you have to go a to a friend or family members house to use the shower to clean up…..its not the end of the world people….damn!

    1. bmoredaddy2007 says:

      Its amazing how u can talk about inconvenience but I bet you are one of the ones who didn’t lose power at all. Try having 2 childred one of which who is under a year who can’t eat his formula because his formula went bad and a 6 year old who needs the energy for school. Easy for you to say but u aren’t living in tue shoes that some of us are. Egotistical ppl make me sick

      1. You Big Baby says:

        You are obviously one of the people who CHOSE TO IGNORE the MANY warnings we were given that power could be out for a week or more. All of you who chose not to prepare for that need to shut your whining already. You had the same warnings and same amount of time to prepare as the rest of us. Deal with it!

  7. BGE Tech says:

    I am a BGE tech out with a broken ankle. Believe it or not, we are the same people who eat, shop, and LIVE in the same communities that you do. We pay the same INCREASED & INCREASING energy prices the you do. We don’t have any special number to call to get faster service for our houses. Which means after working 16hour days we come home to possibly a dark house. Sleep for a couple of hours and get up to do it all over again. IIt is uncomfortable but it could be worse your vehicle, your house, your loved one could have been loss. Food can easily be replaced. & oh yeah I have 2 children 3/9

  8. Lisa says:

    Some of these comments, are a waste of time. I’m sure us people without electric really cares if we live someplace else., or that they are working around the clock, or somebody does not see her husband. Who the hell cares????? Like that is suppose to make us feel better. Oh people get a life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This situation is getting ridiculous. So Shut Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. You Big Baby says:

      So you CHOSE TO IGNORE the MANY warnings we were given that power could be out for a week or more. All of you who chose not to prepare for that need to shut your whining already. You had the same warnings and same amount of time to prepare as the rest of us. Deal with it!

  9. Justine Mee says:

    THANK YOU BGE WORKERS! Where would we be without you. I’m on a well and am without electric also. I’ve been told that we should have service by Friday. Am I struggling, you bet . . .am I complaining, NO. Electric is not the most important thing in my life, my family is and thank God they are all safe.

    1. Be Prepared says:

      I agree Justine. Learn a lesson people and invest in a generator. I have been using one for days now and at least I have a working refrigerator, dry basement and some lights. Blaming BGE and their employees is a waste of time. They are doing everything possible to restore power. Take some responsibility and stop blaming others for a situation which is beyond their control.

  10. jacj says:

    I have never experienced anything of this nature before. I really am quite in AWE of the power of Mother Nature. I am thank-you that it was only my electric that I lost. It is not hard to see how difficult it must be for all the men and women working very hard to fix the problem; the number of trees that hit power lines, were abundant. I appreciate all of them.
    There is one thing I don’t understand, where was the preparedness from BGE? We had lost our power Saturday night. I was listening to WBAL on my car radio around 6 pm Sunday evening. This gentlemen called the radio station, got on the Air, and explained some of the situation that was going on around us. He was speaking with a BGE worker in a schol parking lot. The BGE worker was explaing to the gentlemen why he had been sitting there, with 10 – 12 other thrucks, for so long. (The gentlemen had been keeping an eye on them for about three hours). The bottom line is that the BGE workers could not get in touch with their bosses, BECAUSE of the NEW PHONE VENDOR THAT HAD RECENTLY BEEN HIRE. The workers were ON THE AIR asking for THEIR BOSSES to CALL THEM, because they could not get pass the new phone system. Imagine that. It appears that means there was approximately 18 HOURS before they were even able to begin working. I just know that every time I tried to get through to BGE, each attempt was cut-off.

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