BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One week from Tuesday, Baltimore voters will choose a candidate who is virtually guaranteed to become the city’s next mayor. The city primary is Sept. 13.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports on the candidates’ last big push.

Some had expected to see the field of candidates narrowed by now, but the determination to see it to the end gives voters a broad choice on Election Day.

The five Democrats running for mayor have a week left in the campaign and there’s no slowing down. The Rawlings-Blake campaign moves forward.

“Every day, more people endorse the mayor as the best choice to keep moving Baltimore forward,” says a commercial for Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The Catherine Pugh campaign is also picking up speed.

“I’m running because I know together we can do better,” says Pugh’s commercial.

Jody Landers hits the air and Otis Rolley prepares for another rally with Bill Cosby.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to talk to Baltimoreans with Dr. Hustable standing right next to me,” Rolley said.

The Sun polled 742 likely voters and the result was a 68 percent approval rating for Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

“First off, I didn’t believe that poll for one minute because they certainly didn’t pick up what I’m hearing as I’m going around the campaign trail. There are a lot of people dissatisfied with the current status of the city,” said Jody Landers.

One week to get tuned-out voters to tune in and turn out.

“I’m just encouraging people. This is an opportunity for them to change the direction the city is going in,” said Catherine Pugh.

The first stop is the polls. Voter turnout is expected to be moderate.

Democrat candidate Frank Conaway was unavailable Tuesday.

Comments (2)
  1. TaxUsToVirginia says:

    ghetto welfare voting base, never changes. you get what you deserve.

  2. lorenzo says:

    someone different who care
    s abo
    ut the direction this city la going in. they also need yo care about the young citizens and creating more jobs for the future .

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