BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the rain continues to fall over the next few days, more and more trees could come down.

Meghan McCorkell reports the next round of cleanup has already begun.

A tree was torn out of the ground and ended up on a car. Officials warn we could see a lot more of that over the next few days.

With the damage from Hurricane Irene still all over the ground, another storm is already wreaking havoc and taking out more trees in our area.

“If it hit a car, it could break the windshield or hit a person in the head and knock them out,” said Irene Forshlager.

Forshlager is calling everyone to try and get a tree branch cut before someone gets hurt. Several have already fallen.

“I’ve called the fire department, the police department, 311…and nothing,” she said.

Just Tuesday afternoon, Baltimore Police put out a warning about parking under some trees. Mildred Harris found out the hard way.

“I thought of the tree because I looked at it but I thought the odds of it falling…it’s not going to happen,” she said.

But minutes later, it did—right on top of her car.

“I’m just happy that no one got hurt and that no one was driving when it fell because that could have been pretty dangerous,” she said.

“You’ve got trees that are already not straight up but already leaning. You’ve got a soaked ground and then you’ve got the potential for wind coming along and just knocking those trees down on our lines,” said Rob Gould, BGE.

BGE has kept 200 out-of-state crews here for Irene in town to help with this latest storm but with dangerous leaning trees, customers who just got the lights back down could soon be in the dark again.

BGE says just Monday night, 10,000 people lost power due to this latest storm.

BGE warns trees could continue to fall even after the rain leaves our area because the ground is so saturated.


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