By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — On the heels of a gala promoting same-sex marriage in Maryland, a group of clergy announces its opposition and promises a game plan.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains their target is state lawmakers.

The headliners in support of gay marriage in Maryland include Governor Martin O’Malley and other statewide elected officials, but they do not represent all the voters in the state and opponents of same-sex marriage intend to make that clear.

“We want to send a message to City Hall, as well as Annapolis, that same-sex marriage in Baltimore and Maryland will not be,” said Rev. Errol Gilliard, Sr.

O’Malley is asking the General Assembly to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland next year, after it failed to pass last year, to the disappointment of supporters.

“We’ve been filing these bills for four or five years now and we got just short of full passage, which is a tremendous accomplishment that was sort of eclipsed by the final outcome,” said Lisa Polyak.

Opponents want to see it fail again.

“Yes, God loves all human beings but I do not believe God is satisfied or pleased when you take that love he has for us and use it as a weapon against His will and against His word and against his created order,” said Gilliard.

The ministers have also formed a Political Action Committee called “Prog ressive Clergy In Action” and allied themselves with the Family Research Council, a national organization that bills itself as promoting faith, family and freedom.

The group says its membership includes 35 churches in the city and in Baltimore and Prince George’s counties.

Comments (34)
  1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    The Clergy is against a legal union between adult persons of the same sex, but have no problem with the illegal act of molestation of minors, usually of the same sex. Go figure! Such Hipocrates!

    And no, I’m not gay. NO ONE has the right to tell you who you can and cannot love.

    The “Clergy” need to fix their own problems first. Of course, after handing out the donation plate.

    1. Everyone Can Be Fixed says:

      Once upon a time, it was common practice to “argue a point” by throwing additional “issues” into the mix, thereby “complicating” the matter. Fortunately, we are not living in the dark ages today, and “thinking individuals” are able to differentiate separate issues. For that reason, I address your points separately; and in the order stated.

      Regarding the idea that clergy “has no problem with the illegal act of molestation of minors”: I don’t believe that clergy supports, promotes, or encourages molestation. I also don’t know anyone that does, however, there are great sins in every corner of our world and clergy (being composed of imperfect men) are no exception, as disappointing as the truth may be. I would therefore, suggest that he, who is free of sin, cast the first stone. Those who do not belong in this “elite” catagory, would do well to take the advice of “Can’t Fix Stupid” and fix ther own problems first.

      With regard to the idea that: “NO ONE has the right to tell you who you can and cannot love.”: I would point out, that this sounds like your personal opinion and belief. Although I respect your right to your own opinion and the fact that it differs from mine, it must be understood that Christians believe in a devine creator, who instructs us to love all people, however He does indeed have the right to instruct us, with regard to sexual relations. We choose to believe this, in much the same way that you choose not to believe it. Clergy is not trying to tell anyone who they cannot love, rather, they are attempting to adhere to their beliefs, which prevent them from “joining man with man” in the eyes of God.

      With regard to “The Clergy need to fix their own problems first.”:
      Interesting that you mention this, since “fixing their own problems” is the will of God. We are then, on the same page. Obedience to God’s laws will indeed fix their problems, and right their relationship with their Maker.
      In summary, we “all” need to consider our flaws, and right them. As stated in the Bible, we are to remove the plank from our own eye, before pointing to the speck in our brother’s eye. Clergy does not condone sin, but is subject to it, as we all are. We are free to choose our own actions and beliefs, however, we are also resposible for our choices, as will be evident, come Judgement Day.

      1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


      2. to Everyone... says:

        Well stated.

      3. JQP says:

        Yes, life is very clear cut when you put blinders on and insist that there is only one answer to one question. Friend, if you have any ability to look beyond the easy question and the easy answer, then surely you can see that life is never that black and white. All questions have multiple answers based on myriad factors and simply ignoring the rights of other human beings because your religious beliefs say it is OK as long as YOU personally are saved, shows a severe lack of compassion and a stubborn desire to both be right and to place those with different beliefs beneath you.

        Since you are a fan of simplicity, I will try to make it simple for you: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Keep your church out of my government and I’ll keep my government out of your church. You can’t have it both ways.

    2. marsha says:

      First of all its not about telling people who they can love. Its about what the word of God says. I don’t know of one true man of God that would think it is alright to abuse. Those that commit these acts their minds are corrupt and not of God. Its said these individuals actions have scared so many churches and jaded peoples views about the church. Comments about people judging gays a lot of times people aren’t judging they are agreeing with God’s word. Genesis 1:27-28 speaks about marraige. This is why it is important for people to study the Word for themselves and stop conforming to this world and what people say.

    3. Kimberly Blackwell says:


      1. go forth and sin no more... but he was Jesus, not you. says:

        see? judgement, anger and dismissing the beliefs and rights of others causes nothing but more anger and hurt. I haven’t seen anyone try to understand or even accept either side’s concerns…. just a whole lot of defensive posturing. I would love to see Marsha try to research and debate FOR the opposition, just to see if she can try walking in her brother’s shoes, or MD_LA research the rest of the story of the prostitute who was saved from stoning by Jesus. Let’s see if you can.

  2. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    This is probably the same “Clergy” who believe that illegals deserve the same rights, services and benefits as LEGAL citizens.

  3. Better Ideas says:

    As I begin to write this comment, on 9/10/11, there are three comments showing on the counter, but only two are on the page. As always, one has to wonder if one’s comment is going to be “erased” by WJZ (as is often the case) or simply sent to “cyberspace” if it does not support the influence that WJZ intends for its readers. But, here goes:

    As the story states, this bill has been filed repeatedly for “four or five years”. Each time, the bill is not passed. Without predudice toward Gays, in general, it is clear that the majority does not want what the minority wants.
    The issue, in my humble opinion, is that the minority (gays) are pushing for legislation that links a religious ceremony with a sacreligeous practice, by definition, as accepted by the majority of religious practitioners.

    A perfectly reasonable alternative to forcing churches and Christians to accept, perform, and tolerate Gay marriages in their teachings, is to simply pass a new law that recognizes the term: “Same Sex Union” or similar, as a “Legal” union. The couples would then receive equal consideration by law, without infringing on the “separation of church and state” guidelines.

    This way, Gays would be permitted to marry, be recognised at the state and federal levels, and be equal in the eyes of the law. Of course, they will not be accepted by the church, or God, however, this is the core purpose of “free will”, as it allows each of us to choose our destiny. There really is no reason for the state or federal government to insert its will into the beliefs and activities of Christian followers.

    This proposed resolution would only be feesable, if the minority is seeking only legal recognition. If, on the other hand, the goal is to undermine the beliefs and practices of religious organizations, a “Special Recognition” by government will not be “enough” and they will push forward in the interest of their underlying cause.

    It is well-understood that anything that is repeatedly attempted, will ultimately wear its opponents down. This is evident in the “closing of the gap” , with regard to the number of votes needed to pass the bill. For those like myself, that oppose “same sex marriage” in my hometown church, stepping up the opposition to counteract this effect is key to preventing the infringement upon our belief system. Offering an “alternative” law, for alternative lifestyles, prevents biased an unfair treatment of Gays, while confining the practice to governmental control; therby separating church and state.

    What say ye?

    1. JQP says:

      My friends Karen and Janet are not having any effect on your “belief system”. They don’t attend your church, they don’t even know you. You don’t know them, yet you are attempting to have a direct impact on how they live their lives. Now, It seems like you and your ilk are trying to take over the playground unless people like Karen and Janet play the games your way. I think you are a bully with just enough intelligence to make the less intelligent think you could be right.

      It reminds me of the Klans-people who have recruited intelligent, charismatic and well spoken people to blur the lines between “logic” and hate, thereby making it easy to dismiss the human rights of other people just because the color of their skin (or their way of life) offends them. Bullying is just as ugly no matter how pretty your words.

  4. jj says:

    can’t fix stupid needs to step into a church instead of making such stupid comments. Yes there are clergy out there who make a mockery of religion and make it look bad. That is not the church’s stand however. The church would never condone such behaviour. As long as the clergy is not harming anyone they have a right to their biblical beliefs. You do not have to agree but don’t judge individuals just because they don’t agree with you. THAT is the problem today, people seem to think everyone has to think the same way they do

  5. Will Jones says:

    There are no gays in Heaven and anyone who supports gay marriage is Godless and sorely lacking in moral character.

    And as for Governor O’Malley, I believe that his support for gay marriage; his desire to keep illegal aliens in the country; and his sponsoring and signing a bill that allows illegal aliens to get a free college education has cost him the support of the vast majority of Maryland’s voters. As a result, I belive that his political career will end with his current term.

    1. MD_LA says:

      Will Jones, have you ever heard a little story about “he who has never sinned shall cast the first stone?” Well, your comment was chock-fulla stones.

      I’m so glad you are so incredibly “virtuous” that you feel you have the authority to judge and pass laws that limit the civil rights of other TAX-PAYING US Citizens!

      1. don't be fooled says:

        Will is a troll. don’t bother.

    2. paula says:

      yes Will you are correct.
      this world has become as sodom and Gomarrah
      read Genesis 19 see what happen to them.

    3. Bernard Long says:

      There may be no gays in heaven, but there are a ton of them in the priesthood.

  6. Patrick OMalley says:

    Catholic priests, stop raping children and stop telling everyone else what to do.

  7. Mike says:


    You are so right. The problem is everyone feels that people need to feel/think the way they do!!

    Just because a bunch of religous leaders say gay people should not get married in the state of Maryland does not mean that everyone has to also think/feel that way.
    The Bible is a book written by man and until you can actually prove any of the words written in it truly happened, than it is a work of fiction.

    Have a nice day!!

    1. Mr.Rite says:

      there is more evidence for the bible than any other historical book of ancient antiquity. Read the Rocks cry out , evidence that demands a verdict, the list is endless and book s written by Sir William Ramsey who is a Well noted Historian or if you are like me and like good debates go to apologetics 315 and hear POWERFUL respectful debates helled at Harvard Yale Princeton Etc. by people such as Richard Dawkins Vs. Dr. William lane Craig Dinesh D’souza Bart Ehrman just to name a few I find that although the Christan’s are always respectful they slow that the christian faith is a reasonable thought process and leave most of the secular humanist starving for reason.

      1. J everlovin' QP says:

        OK…I will ask you how rational and reasonable this is….mind you, I have asked before and have not yet been offered an answer that is either rational or reasonable….so, Mr. Rite, I would like you to show me where this is reasonable or rational:

        According to the various and sundry “churches” who have each come up with their own interpretation of a book that was written by men many years after the fact, then translated by persons paid by powerful leaders (I.e., King James, etc.) so long ago, there is a Creator. This all powerful, all knowing, all seeing…well…let’s just go with omnipotent — being created a planet that could sustain life, populated with all manner of little beings and the means to sustain themselves. Then he thought, I will play a game with these little beings whom I have created to be as they are. The result of this game will be the following scenario….

        I will let them develop all sorts of methods of worshipping me. I will whisper to random little beings in secret and tell each one that their way is the right way to worship and that anyone who worships in any other way will be condemned to an eternity of agony. I will encourage certain little beings to write books about me in cryptic language, then just sit back and watch them destroy each other. Won’t it be a laugh-riot to see them judge people and kill each other because I told ALL of them that their way was the right way and everyone else was wrong!!! LOL!!! (as much as God would “LOL”).

        Now, Mr. Rite, there are certain levels of truth in EVERY religious text (not just the Judeo-Christian types). History and the causes of major events have been explained by every cultural society, not just the Judeo-Christian types. You see, Christianity,specifically, gained such BROAD and stubborn superiority because they murdered and tortured members of nearly every culture they could get their hands on until finally they all promised to say that they believed. So, let’s not go tossing around the words “evidence” unless you can prove that a flood took place and it was a man named NOAH who built a boat (*see story of Matsaya, the fish avatar of Lord Vishnu written in Sanskrt….before the Old Testament was written).

        You don’t OWN history, you don’t OWN morality, you don’t OWN me or my sister or my father or my neighbor… you are one person that belongs to one group who would use their “God” to threaten their brothers into behaving the way that is most acceptable to them. That is not love. That is a massive superiority complex and it has nothing to do with reasonable or rational.

        Thank you for allowing me to go on and on and on….ad nauseum.

      2. ha ha says:

        people at Harvard and Yale know how to spell “held”. hmmmmm…slip up much?

  8. MD_LA says:

    Nice title… LOL… “Clergy Announces Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage”
    What a shocker. Next you’ll be telling me that the clergy has opposition to safe sex and divorce, too.

    To hell, you say! Oh wait, that’s what they say.

  9. MD_LA says:

    “All Boys” Catholic Orphanage… The Catholic Church’s idea of “White Sex Slaves”.

  10. MD_LA says:

    I’m so glad the Catholic Church feels they have the incredibly “virtuous” authority to judge and pass laws that limit the civil rights of other TAX-PAYING US Citizens!

    Especially since the Catholic Church DOESN’T EVEN PAY TAXES!

  11. george says:

    no one has the right to force their personal religious beliefs on another person. this is the “land of the free” and yet there are groups who are constantly trying their best to deny the same freedoms to other individuals or groups just because they dont agree on what they say or do. all legal citizens in this country should have the same rights as each other. whatever happened to separation of church and state? there is entirely way too much religious influence preyed upon in our politics today. why is it that these supposedly “christians” are always the first ones to “cast the first stone”?

    1. Patrick OMalley says:

      The Catholic church thinks its their job to tell everyone else what to do, telling gays not to be gay, telling married couples not to use condoms.

      Meanwhile, they raped thousands of young boys, covered it up, lied about it, and ignored or berated the victims.

      They are a hypocritical, horrible, dangerous institution.

      Catholics – go drink from the cup of shut the hell up.

  12. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Patrick, The Catholic church never raped thousands of little boys. A few bad apples have given the thousands of priests who have dedicated their lives to God & church a bad name. If you get a bad meal at a restaurant, you don’t stop eating out but you find a new eating place. My relationship is with God & not any priest.

    1. Patrick OMalley says:

      Bernard Mc Kernan,

      Wrong. You minimize child rape. It wasn’t “a few”, although that makes you feel better when you lie about it. It was thousands and thousands and thousands of priests in the US alone.

      And it was “the Catholic church”, because those 4000+ bad apples were hidden by the Catholic church and were moved to places where they could rape more children, and were then moved again. It was a coordinated, evil conspiracy, and God is letting the truth come out. You can fight for the Catholic church, and you are part of the problem. You’ll be shocked when you see what God thinks about your “relationship”.

      If you get a bad meal at a restaurant, and it makes you sick, and the restaurant took it back and gave it to someone else, you’d complain at the top of your lungs. Priests rape children in your church, and you try to minimize the scandal, just like the Catholic church does.

      Wait til you see God, and find out He is on my side of this fight.

      1. t r o l l z -r- us says:

        hey Patrick, just so you know, Bernard, Willie, sheriff, will jones…. they are trolz paid to make you mad. don’t get caught up with them. cheers, friend.

        hey, if anyone out there notices someone saying things that are clearly meant to be obtuse and inflammatory, call them out and move on. it keeps the forum clean and respectful….unless you just like the fight, in which case, carry on.

      2. Patrick OMalley says:

        t r o l l z -r- us

        These are actually comments I hear all the time from the Catholic League, which is famous for distorting the truth to make Catholics angry. They use “just a few bad priests” all the time when the truth is that the number is 4000+ in the US alone.

      3. T-r-u says:

        right on. I just know that these particular commenters are paid by C B S to grab you by your emotional hair and yank so that you will keep checking back…their advertisers pay them by the hit. check the other comments on other stories and you see the same names (or variations of them) and they are all either the most obtuse, morally bankrupt, and disrespectful sociopaths ever, or they are getting paid. LOL!

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